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Blood Halo

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Blessed Mother by shizen1102    CM: Chaos and Order by shizen1102  Demon Knight by shizen1102  CM: Red Spider Lilies by shizen1102
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She cocks her head to one side, her highly attuned vampire senses going off like blazing sirens screaming in her head. Her nostrils flare, her mouth salivates in anticipation of the grim feast that awaits her. Humans have entered her domain unbidden - scrumptious, nutritious, foolish humans, such dainty morsels for her to devour! Ravenous with hunger, it will not satiate her merely to drink their blood but devour their flesh, even going so far as to crack their bones and guzzle down the marrow! Such is her unquenchable hunger.

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Awesome artwork!

mystically gorgeous