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May 21, 2019
Angel of Fury by shizen1102
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Angel of Fury


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Artwork for a role-playing group ;-;b ~6 hrs PTS CS3

For commission information, please check my journal at: Commission is now [OPEN]
For sketchy commission info, please check it out at: Sketchy Commissions are now [OPEN]

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Love is like a black hole It pulls us in with no escape But in the darkness we see stars And feel the moon's gentle shape We walk under the arches Of the cloister where we pray We listen to the stories Of Canterbury's pilgrims on the way We dream of being a hobbit In a cozy hole with friends We marvel at the wizardry Of Merlin and his spells that bend We remember good King Wenceslas Who helped the poor in need We wear the mail armour To protect us from the greed We cry out stop the war And hope for harmony We pet the Spanish dog And share some churros with glee We taste the desert's harshness And thirst for water pure We sip the gazpacho cold And find some comfort in the cure We join the Trotzkisten's cause And fight for what is right We feel the wind machine's breeze And soar with freedom's flight We express our rage in music And turn turn turn to change We listen to the Byrds' songs And find some beauty in the strange We read Erich's letters From Jugoslavia's land We admire strong women's courage And hippies and zippies' stand We tune in to Radio Maria And hear the gospel's word We visit online And find some peace in the Lord We explore neuronal networks And how they think and act We be like children in wonder And learn to play and interact We build our lord a castle In the sky where dreams are free We visit Haus des Eigensinns And see the art of Wahn macht Sinn. http://peter.zihlmann.com