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August 27, 2017
P| Willow by ShiyumiChan is such a beautiful piece you can't help but admire all the intricate details accompanied by the whimsical colors and soft tones!
Featured by KovoWolf
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P| Willow

<Kiriban 50k Winner>
Headshot Prize for: :iconvolkec:
Character: Willow | Designed by: volkec
Time: 28.07.17 | Tools: PaintTool SAI, Photoshop CS 6, Wacom Bamboo CTL-470

I've been streaming the colouring process of this for straight 3 days I believe LOL I just couldn't stop working on the hair. Once you get into the zone it's fun. Some of you who've caught my stream may have noticed some slight changes on the colouration. I got sidetracked and used too much blues and when I realized it was like ohh sshhhhh. I tried to adjust it to match a bit more to her original colours. As much as I'd like to lighten her hair up more the shading would look washed out and it also just wouldn't sit well with her skin tone. 

I went to play around with her personality and it also inspired me for the bg, a nice romantic setting and colours where the sun has set and the moon begins to rise. It's almost like a sweet confession scene > V <!!

Thanks for tuning in~ I'll be streaming again later today working on another headshot piece~

Please do not use, trace, alter, copy, claim, reupload as your own without my permission.

©Character belongs to volkec . Designed by volkec.
©2017 Artwork by ShiyumiChan

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EDIT: Thankyou so much for the Daily Deviation! like whaaatt!?!
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© 2017 - 2021 ShiyumiChan
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this is the very first photo i added to my favorites list back in 2017 when i first made my account.

and not i COMPLETELY remember why.

i loved your work when i first saw this piece and so grateful for artists like you to make me wanna work harder on my own.

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Thankyou!!! I'm glad you love this piece and it makes me happy to know that it makes you feel motivated with your own work ^^ ! I wish you the best with your work!

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Beautiful artwork!
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Such a lovely woman!

SerraFynn-ADOPTS's avatar
Ahhh the details I love them so much especially that hair!! aaand... 28 hrs?!?!? How patient can you be?!!
ShiyumiChan's avatar
I guess to me it's sorta fun? seeing the artwork slowly come together. 
a slow fun torture :'D 
LilaBun's avatar
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Thankyou <333 
Btw wondering where you got your icon from?
It's sooo cute and pretty o A o!
LilaBun's avatar
Np >O<
Aahh @/Shirouu-kun made it! They got inspired by @/shortcakiie who makes similar ^^
ShiyumiChan's avatar
Ooo Thankyou! 
aww both of them are closed atm Q Q I would totally commission them both >////<
LilaBun's avatar
Ye aw-- I know ^^"
//do you stream? :3
ShiyumiChan's avatar
I doo from time to time~ 
sometimes I'm very active with streaming for a few months and then sometimes I go on a long break q v q 
I stream on picarto (
but lately I kinda wanna branch out to youtube or twitch for stream u v u 
I plan to get back to streaming soon hopefully Q v Q 
LilaBun's avatar
Ooh <3
Me too xD
Was gonna ask if you wanted to multi,, but I don't have premium (I think you need premium to multi~)
Hm ok - maybe I should think about that too x)
//btw I love the icon you made for @/shelselle ////v///
ShiyumiChan's avatar
ohh haha i'd love too but yeah only premium members get to multi/invite people to multi with T v T
Thankyou! Shelselle's was one of my favourites to work with~
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Omgg this is so beautiful!! i love itt! *///*
ShiyumiChan's avatar
<3 Thankyou <3 
loveedreams's avatar
you are welcome! n_n!
ramyun13's avatar
She's so adorable (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ love you're work
ShiyumiChan's avatar
Thankyou <3 ^^ 
So pretty. I love your drawing
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I love the colors on this. 
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