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Kawanakajima by shiyuki01 Kawanakajima :iconshiyuki01:shiyuki01 0 0
Rainy Night
Rain falls into my drowsy mind
as I jump into the dream, leaving the day behind
Peace fills the holes in my mind
as I dream sweetly, freed from my life confined
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The Loner's Bop
The Loner lived in the mountain
Day and night he saw no one but his shadow
He smiled all day without knowing why
But when he saw the merry group in the valley
His heart ached and he stopped smiling
All day and Night his heart felt heavy
Tobacco and alcohol will be his consolations
The Loner climbed down the mountain
Day and night he followed the merry people
Doing his best to laugh along with them
His tearful smile was buried under their laughter
Not even their shadows smiled for the Loner's tears
The Loner stopped smiling or laughing in the end
He smoked and drank, drank and smoked
Until hallucinations drown his sorrow
Tobacco and alcohol are his consolations
The Loner walked back to the mountain
Day and night he saw no one but his shadow
The defeat and rejection filled his heart
But when he no longer saw their merry laughter
His heart eased and he started to smile
All day and night, his heart pounced in joy
Tobacco and alcohol are his consolations no longer
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Mature content
The carjacker :iconshiyuki01:shiyuki01 0 0
Infinite Dreams
"So tell me about your dream," Ophelia asked casually. "You said you've been having it for a week.  Maybe I can figure out why"
"well... I was a Roman. I was wearing centurion armour, I understood what those damned Latin meant, and some German barbarian called me a Roman. So I must have been a Roman."
" Maybe it means that you want to travel to Italy and experience another culture" Ophelia said in a calm tone but I could sense a condescending air in her voice.  Her blue eyes waited for my approval or exclamation at her insight but I had to disappoint her.  But I could not help smiling to see her so eager to show her intelligence.
"But the problem is," I saw her lips twisting in disappointment but continued anyway. "I felt like a Roman. I wanted to eat some fish sauce I never seen before; I was worried about that road we had to build etc. etc.  It was as if I really was living that life.  Every time I dream there would be some progress w
:iconshiyuki01:shiyuki01 0 0
John Milton, the CEO of Olympus Inc., received the recent error report of Z.E.U.S.   Milton was puzzled because when he built Z.E.U.S, he made sure Z.E.U.S fix itself automatically in case of conflict or any other possible malfunction.  Ever since Milton and his crews of programmers developed Z.E.U.S, Zone Environment Unification System, 10 years ago there has not been any report of serious errors that required his attention.  
Z.E.U.S was the computer built and designed to reorganize and restore terrains which were considered unusable (such as wastelands).  For the part 10 years, Olympus Inc. recovered greenness in many polluted lands on the Earth; the lands touched by Olympus Inc. and Z.E.U.S not only regained trees and water, but also became fertile and rich.  The company was creating oasis in every land it went.  The company's deeds won itself the fame as the saviour of the Earth, and many ecological thinkers regarded
:iconshiyuki01:shiyuki01 0 0
The death of the dictator
They removed his blindfold.
The dictator blinked as his eyes adjusted to the environment.  He was tied to the chair, and the bright light in front of him made it difficult for him to see.  There were several people around him, and he could make out the shapes of guns in their hands.  Large desk was in front of him, and there was someone sitting on the opposite side.
"Hello, Senor.  I hope you're not too terrified right now"
The voice rang across from the other side of the desk.  The dictator felt his feet growing cold, and his bladder felt full.  He fidgeted vainly, but of course it would only hurt his wrists and ankles.
"Senor Alejandro, I have always believed that you retained some love for your country even after your long  tyrannical reign of our country.  If you still do, I wish you could make a deal with us."
"Who...who are you?"  The dictator's voice shook.  He was frantically try
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Togon knelt in the middle of the Golden Tent of the Khan.  Although he tried to remain serene, the image of the Khan's wrathful face brought shiver to his spine.  He cursed his own compassion.  The Khan's order was clear: kill everything that walks on two feet.  Yet Togon spared one family and left them free, although he knew deep inside his heart that disobedience meant death.
Togon was a pure Mongol: his father was the soldier of Temuchin Khan, and his mother was from Kereit tribe.  Bur what made him different was that he was born in China.
His Father Bayan Temur participated in the Campaign against the Jin Empire and served under the experienced general Mukhali.  When the Khan entitled Mukhali as the king of Norther China, Bayan settled with his newly wedded Kereit bride, and soon Togon was born.
Although the Chinese hated and feared Mongols, Mukhali's open minded treatment of the conquered Chinese people helped in reducing
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A Night in the Library
The city Nercianus lived was a peninsula. The great city of Alexiade was the spike which sprang out from the continent. The city used to be the capital of the great empire, which was gone about 700 years ago. But the city's cultural heritage continued to grow, and eventually became the home of the University of Alexiade. There Nercianus, the foreigner from the far away nation of Byzan, lived as a student.
Nercianus worked in the University library mainly because of two reasons; he needed money, and he did not like people. Well, he used to be reluctant in social situation until he made a trip to the other side of the city. By working in library he conveniently positioned himself in the place which had minimal contact with other human being. There were students whom sought his help in finding books, but with such a superficial contact, Nercianus was not stressed at all. When he had to go beyond that line, he became agitated. Nercianus thought that it's because he was a foreigner; it is n
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Problematic short comedy
Early 1200's, Eastern Europe.
Two priests were talking in their church.
The first priest, who was known to be aggressively devout(there are many ways to be religious, but some people think that being aggressive is the only way) said, "Hey, I heard that there are the men from the East fighting Muslims now."
The other one, who was quite opposite from his friend, remembered something and said.  "Yeah.  Actually, i heard that they are coming this way."
The first priest slapped his knee in joy.  "Great!  Oh, what a joy.  We've got allies now."
"What makes you so sure that they're on our side?"
"Don't you know the old saying, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend?'  Of course, they must be our allies!"
"Well, I'm not too sure about that."
"Oh, don't be too doubtful.  Why don't we go meet them?"
At this the quiet priest frowned.  Obviously he heard about notorious reputation of these Eastern hordes.
"That doesn't so
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Mature content
The Sphinx :iconshiyuki01:shiyuki01 0 2
To Silenus
Silenus, you were right
The best in the life
is to not be born at all
But since I missed the best
Should I go for the second best?
I wish I could be gone
with the scent of wine
in my mouth, without knowing
that I am gone from this world
But now wine is too bitter
Should I wait until it's sweeter again?
:iconshiyuki01:shiyuki01 0 0
I'm drowning in the sea of my slumber
while I'm dreaming of your smile
the only way for me to reach you
is to be surrounded by dreams and illusions
:iconshiyuki01:shiyuki01 0 0
The model princess
Few years ago there was a princess who wished to be known as the exemplary princess.  She announced that she will marry any worthy man in her kingdom and of course every man in the kingdom thought he had the worth she was looking for.  Thus about thousands of single men and men who were about to divorce without consulting their wives rushed to the palace.  I’m not going to talk about the story of one girl whose heart was broken, when her boyfriend left her to seduce the princess.  Apparently he thought that he could seduce the princess surrounded by rich and handsome noble men.  If I started the story of this poor girl, then there would be too much social and political satire.
In the first day, about thousands suitors came, and when they got to see the princess with their own eyes, only few hundreds remained while others left.  According to the loyal citizens, some said that the princess was “too flat”, and some
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She used to follow me wherever I go, without saying why.  i went wherever I used to go, not really considering her taste; it was one sided relationship in many ways, you see, since I have never asked her favorite places, and she never said why she followed me with that smile of hers.  That smile, that mysterious smile that made me blush and turn my face away from her.  But I would glance back at her to see if she was still smiling.  And my heartbeat quickened whenever I saw that her everlasting smile was fixed, and she was watching my curious glance.
I never held her hand, not looked straight at her eyes; I was not bold enough to risk rejection.  I did not know why she followed me, nor how close she was to me.  I did not dare, never dared.  Her presence became dearer and dearer to me, and I never wanted to go forth while leaving her even few steps behind.  She was already the most dear companion I had.
:iconshiyuki01:shiyuki01 0 0
Here comes the Sun by shiyuki01 Here comes the Sun :iconshiyuki01:shiyuki01 0 0


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Writer. Just a writer.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I have no idea what the hell I'm writing but at least it makes me feel good
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about 10 years ago, I was heart broken, afraid of future, and bitter.
Now I'm heart broken, afraid of future, and bitter once again(for different reasons though).  I should add that I'm rather disillusioned as well.

But all the complications in my life helped me to realize how much I enjoy writing... at least I can forget the world while I write.  

I'm really glad for this phenomenon


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