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Pokemon Type Meme

By Shivita
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Also check the new version of this meme!

I wasn't really into Pokémon games when I made this, so I based almost all my responses mostly in terms of design, so check the new version if you want a more complete response.

Scyther I've always liked this cool pokemon

Absol Absol looks like a Yinyang, and I really like that symbol. It also has a's a pretty cool weapon.

Reshiram This one was hard, I love all dragon pokemons. Originally it was going to be Latias or Dragonair, but after I saw Reshiram I had to change my mind. I think it's a beautiful pokemon.

Shinx With Ampharos these would be my favs, but Shinx's drawing turned out better.

Lucario Fight is not one of my favorite type of Pokemon, but Lucario is like...handsome XD

Vulpix I had to choose it because it's was my favorite when I was little, I thought Vulpix was the prettiest thing in the world.

Lugia It's a beautiful pokemon and I love it's theme song.

Froslass First time I draw her, she's a pretty ghost.

Shaymin Is so adorable!

Flygon Along with Numel are my favs in this type, but Flygons desing is cooler. Not sure why I like Numel so much, maybe it's their expression, they are so cute.

Lapras Another hard choose between Dewgong, Spheal, Articuno and Glaceon. I think that I choosed Lapras because of their gentle nature.

Eevee Do I have to say why?

Nidoran Now that I analyze its design, it's cute.

Cresselia This one has hard! I like Mew the same as Cresselia. I also like Unown and Espeon, but after reading about Cresselia's nature I had to draw her.

Larvitar Another of my last fav types, but Larvitar is cute.

Skarmory A cool metal bird.

Milotic Also hard, I had to choose between Vaporeon, Suicune and Piplup, but it the end I thought Milotic had the best design and nature.

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