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This piece is dedicated to my growth as an artist. Just as this Zebra steps out of the shadows curious and full of hope, so do I enter the art world with hopeful expectation. Despite the darkness, the zebra is vibrant with color. This shows my worldview and desire to enhance the beauty I see around me and, where possible, protect and save it. 

Love how this turned out, packed in way more meaning than what described above. What meaning do you see, what do you feel? 
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Aaahhhh how have I been missing all of your art recently? I keep hitting that watch button and it keeps ignoring me D: Sorry!

Wow, this is stunning. I really love the blend of darkness and the glow where the light hits. The zebra's shy expression really brings out the theme of emerging, growing, changing, and the courage needed to embrace those changes!

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So glad to see you back! When I saw your name pop up as having watched me I was confused, thought you had haha! You totally caught the meanings I was portraying <3

XD yes, me too! I was so annoyed when I realized you weren't on my watch list x.x But now you are and hopefully it will stay that way this time!

Ah I'm glad, all your art is full of depth and heart and it really shows through. *-*

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I’m glad you are on this art journey with me and thanks for the compliments ❤️

Aw, you're welcome 💚 I am honored to be here!

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Beautiful! Love the high contrast, almost rainbow dreamy kind of feel.

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Glad you like it! The colors and lighting turned out very cool, yet still remained realistic!

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The contrast between the white stripes and the complete darkness did give the impression of stepping into the light. Great job, this is simply beautiful :D

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Thanks very much!

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I love the shadows and lighting in this piece, so beautiful! :love:

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So gorgeous. The detailing and color design are amazingly beautiful. Superb work. Come take a look at my page.
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Thano you very much ❤️

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He’s so pretty! You really did a great job on this, and the shadows add a cool contrast :) I can definitely see your meaning in this, the zebra’s face just has the sweetest expression you can‘t help but have positive feelings.

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Thank you, I love how it turned out ❤️

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This is awesome! I love how you played with the light to make it so exciting. :love:

More, please ;)

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I love using light and shadows! I’ll happily oblige to your request of more :)

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I love this one! Used a new textured brush and love it!

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