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Shi'vali Vocabulary - ARPG

Thu Jul 21, 2016, 1:34 PM by tulua:icontulua:

The following is a comprehensive list of terminology you will see frequently used in Shi'vali ARPG.

COU: Ceremony of Unity, the set of "trials" a Shi'vali must complete in order to be eligible for breeding.

DAM: Defined as a mother to a litter.

EP: Empire Points, points earned by completing art for your Shi'vali.

FERAL: Term used to encompass all four breeds of the Feral Shi'vali: Yase - Yana - Yanin - Yemashi.

GENO: Term for a strand that tells you what genes a Shi'vali has, or what someone uses to describe a specific cub from a litter.

HINSHU: This is what we call our standard breed of Shi'vali.

This is what we call our smallest "show breed" Shi'vali.

NPC: Term used to described Non-playing Characters. These can be Royals or our Human NPCs: MeiMei - Tsune - Dou'jin - Kuan'ti who provide different activity bonuses.

RAG'ORAN/RAG: Term use to encompass all three breeds of Rag'oran Shi'vali: Hitotsu - Futatsu - Mittsu

ROGUE: Term used to describe a wild Shi'vali requested by the Khan to be captured. These Shi'vali can be obtained by players through Rogue Bonding.

ROYAL: This is the term we use for "starters".

STARTER: A Royal Shi'vali used to introduce new genes or mutations. Can also be used in certain group art activities in lieu of Riders.

SIRE: Defined as the father to a litter.

: Used to describe how many times Shi'valis can be bred. For instance, once your Shi'vali is Trained, you earn five breeding slots that can be used personally or sold/traded.

TRACKER: Term used to describe a journal or st.ash file where your Shi'vali's EP progress is listed and where admins may comment your activity results.

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