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Official Group Rules

Sat Jul 16, 2016, 11:48 AM by tulua:icontulua:

Shi'vali Empire Rules

Please read through the groups rules very carefully.

Relic by Shivali-Lorekeeper

Here at the home of Shi'vali, we like to keep the environment fun and inspiring. Please be respectful to all members, and treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Report issues if you see them, but please refrain from taking matters into your own hands.

If you do see an issue, feel free to compile a report with all the necessary links and usernames to be noted to the group. Do not make the issue public by posting the report on the front page or any other public journal, etc.

G E N E R A L   R U L E S

  • No harassing, racial slurs, or name-calling. If you have an issue with another member, please take it up with the group in NOTES and avoid posting drama publicly.

  • Do not copy, trace, or steal other artist's work and do not abuse usage rights for the official templates.

  • Do not reupload your imports anywhere other than your This includes your deviantart gallery!

  • Please don't mini-mod (correct other users mistakes or behavior) but you MAY offer suggestions/answer questions for anyone posting publicly on the group’s front page.

  • If you have a suggestion yourself, please post iton the front page of the group, as we lack a suggestions forum or journal. A good way to reach staff, however, is to join the skype group and post your ideas there OR you can simply tag one of us in a comment.

  • Building each other up is an important aspect of this group and while not all together required, it is encouraged for members to give credit where credit is due and to help each other out if another is in trouble. Compliments also go a long way!

S A L E   R U L E S

  •  Users CANNOT sell slots to a Shi'vali that does not have their CoR/CoP completed!

  • No money is to exchange hands until the CoR/CoP is completed and approved.

  • While not an official rule, it is still common courtesy to inform any potential buyers if a shi’vali you are selling has any slots promised to anyone. This is so the buyer knows they can opt out of a sale if they don’t feel like they want to oblige previous deals involving this shi’vali.

  • The only exception to the first rule is in the trading of a slot in return for a set of CoR/CoP images or literature.

I M P O R T   R U L E S

Import rules are rules that involve the use of our official import images. We allow members to use this content, but it still belongs to the group. Please respect our property, we provide it for you.

  • Try to keep commenting to a minimum on Import guides.

  • Each Shi'vali may acquire a maximum of four companions at once. (Five at Imperial status)

  • You may not add your own titles to your Shi'vali's name without purchasing a Title Document.

  • Trackers maybe be, and are encouraged to be, posted in the import comments.

  • Other useful information maybe posted in the comments as well, but again keep it neat and to a minimum.

  • Let’s also keep it clean of people commenting on the import complimenting the shi’vali. While flattering, it clogs important comment strings. This is especially true for Royal imports as well.

D I S C OR D   R U L E S

Shivali-Empire's private chats are monitored by official group admins. While we don't canvas every inch of the window at every given point we do have access to logs and frequent the chat windows often.

We have a Discord Commonplace (General Chat) and a NSFW Chat. You are absolutely not required to be in either of these chats, but it IS the easiest way to connect to other members!

The Commonplace is for everyone, regardless of age and any risqué content, including cursing and otherwise disturbing material is expected to be non existent here.

By entering the NSFW chat, you confirm you are of legal age. Talk of NSFW topics is allowed, but links to NSFW pictures/videos are prohibited. NSFW Roleplaying is also prohibited. We cannot control every aspect of the chat, but there can and will be content there that may not be appropriate for younger audiences and the staff are NOT responsible for what gets shared of viewed here.

One general rule for BOTH chats, however, is that all members are expected to follow all of the rules for both the group and the chats.

Do NOT send images or files to the chat directly. 

Please keep political and social justice content to a minimum. Be aware of other chatters' boundaries. If someone expresses discomfort with a topic, please be courteous and kindly change the subject.

Our Discord is equipped with an advertisement channel for Shi'vali based ads ONLY. Ads must follow the same rules as ads submitted to the group folders. If Shi'vali aren't mentioned, it cannot be advertised.

You can join the Shi'vali Discord Channel HERE

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