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Quest: Mikolai Awakens (Ends: June 3oth, 11:59PM EST)

Awakened Mikolai by Shivali-Lorekeeper
Summer is here marking the time Mikolai is considered up and about! Many take to the streets to celebrate the Solar Son, Canai offering him their gratitude for his acceptance of them while Shi'vali take the time to remember their wild roots.

Depict how your Shi'vali celebrates the time of Mikolai! Rather this be by a true celebration, spending time reflecting with their bonded, or sticking to the wilds where they appreciate all he has done. All entries are rolled for Scouting in Zhoushou and have a chance to find the following prizes:

Common: 500-5000 Jining
Uncommon: Vial of Uncommon (allows the addition of 1 uncommon mark to a geno)
Rare: Sun Stone (adds Sunkissed to a geno)

Good luck!

Literature: 800 Words
Art: Lined/Painted, Simple Color, Simple BG

Realm Status


Season: Summer

Spring is long gone! The Sun is blazing and some left over spring showers have created quite the uncomfortable humid environment 

Climate: Hot & Humid

The sun is blazing and the last place anyone wants to be is Sarnai Desert or the Jungles of Xia. This is the time to make way for the beach and cool down!
Literature Key Words: Hot, Arid, Humid, Beach, Sand, Sweat, Panting, Sun

Activity Bonus: Sarnai & Isle of Xia Compensation

This is a unique opportunity! Sarnai & Isle of Xia is open to ALL levels of Shi'vali! Due to the weather, the demand for Sarnai & Xia goods is high as less traders are traveling through the blazing hot sand or humid arid jungles. All activities taking place in Sarnai District and Isle of Xia have an increased chance of success and will be paid 500 Jining to the owner of the Shi'vali participating! That's 500 jining PER Shi'vali in an entry (up to 2,500 jining).

Lower level Shi: Please put (Activity Bonus) next to your LOCATION information in your form to ensure smooth rolling!

Shi'Vali of the Month

Brunhild 1612 by Shivali-Lorekeeper Anukis Nekhbet 1541 by Shivali-Lorekeeper
Whoa! It seems we have a tie! Congratulations to Brunhild owned by MuddChi and Anukis owned by xiThumper ! Brunhild has been making their rounds in the Underground Arena, their strength catching the eye and admiration of many while Anukis' unique design and unwraveling backstory has inrigued others! We hope these two Shi'vali don't mind sharing the stage with one another!

Vote for July 2021's Shi'vali of the Month here!

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All quiet here...

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may i note the group to ask some questions, or is there a better place for that (other than Discord, would like to avoid that if possible haha)?
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is there a way to remove strikes?

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