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Large Clean Weather

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A simple weather skin, using large, clean text.

The "Today" forecast automatically switches to "Tonight" after 3pm, along with the temperature, which switches from the day's high to the day's low.

Update (23 May 2010): Fixed bug in which longer text descriptions were getting truncated

Update (21 January 2014): Updated skin to account for change in the way that reports temperatures

Update (13 February 2014): Updated skin, again, to account for change in the way that reports temperatures

Update (17 March 2014): Updated skin, again, to fix's feed change that messed up my Today to Tonight changeover

Update (16 May 2016): Old feed broke, fixed skin to point to new, working weather data feed
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beegfletchNew Deviant

Hi my skins been broken the last 48 hours despite restarting PC, reloading rainmeter etc. All it shows it "Tomorrow" and NOTHING else. I'm not sure what the issue or resolution is.

TimmyP123's avatar completely changed. Everyone is having the same problem if the skin parses

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beegfletchNew Deviant

Ah I see. I didn't realize that. Guess it's just a waiting game then

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I absolutely love this skin, but is there a way to adjust the size? I didn't see a Scale= in the ini file and I'm quite new to this.

Edit, I found the FontSize options and those are good enough for me.

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Any idea when the skin will be updated with regedits?

Many thanks, great skin!

hyspanico's avatar… is This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020

Solution ?
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See this topic:

The wxdata feed may never come back. That topic goes over an alternative using regular expression to parse the actual website.

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weather feed suddenly stopped working :/

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Yep mine is broken too :(

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Update: it just magically fixed itself. Working now

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mine is still down :/

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elorithrahStudent Digital Artist
would love to see current have a hi/lo for the day - the forecast, not just current conditions - great skin, thanks!
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If you are still having problems with this skin I have edited the code, so it may be of help to some....… ....look for the green apple!
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Yep is broken again :(
WhoxElse's avatar feed broke again.
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Ah, so someone did fix this skin. I only just figured out how to get it working after looking through some other peoples skins XD

Hm, more than just the truncation and feed change. Guess I'm going to have to rummage through your one
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I deleted the old one, downloaded the new one and I still can not get any temps.  WHY?
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Got the right location code?
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Instead of it saying "Tomorrow", can I make it say the day (like, Thursday or whatever tomorrow is)?
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Yes, if you edit the ini, near the bottom, in the ";[DISPLAY TOMORROW]" section, under "[MeterDay2]", remove the semicolon preceding "MeasureName=MeasureWeatherDay2", and add a semicolon before " Text="Tomorrow" "
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Awesome!!!! Thank you.
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thanks man, I love this skin, well done
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Thank you for fixing it, this is the best version of a weather skin. Simple and Neat!
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