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tiger and bunny

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I thought it would be nice to intruduce my Wild Tiger. And I like the shot.

This is Work In Progress so dont hate on the casual clothing!


Please do not take our cosplay pictures and repost them elsewhere. It doesn't matter if you find them on DeviantArt or Twitter or Tumblr, or if you add proper credit; all of our pictures have already been posted on the websites which we'd like to share them on, if you'd care to take a moment to look for them there's a big chance they're already around. And if they aren't it's most likely because we don't wish to share them on that particular website.

If you want to reblog our cosplays on Tumblr, please have a look at Cosplay Cruizers; you'll find most of our pictures there.

By making a new post with our pictures, we can't partake in the comments we may receive on our work. Not only are those comments a great way for us to receive critique, but it's also the only way we have to get any kind of "payment" for all the hours of work we've put into those cosplays and pictures.

Thank you!



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Wigs styled by:

Costumes made by:

Go to Ace of Sweden or Cosplay Cruizers for more awesome cosplays!

I do not own Tiger & Bunny, nor it's characters

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raingelcuteHobbyist Photographer
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Thank you :)
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LoveOJStudent General Artistär...svenskar!!! *dies of happiness*
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jepp, Såg på din tumblr att du var på Närcon du med. Hoppas du hade lika kul som vi :)
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LoveOJStudent General Artist
:D fick as ont i ryggen dock D: så vi åkte hem och blev osams med en av våra kompisar..XS btw Älskar att i cosplayade dem....är så glad att det finn svenskar som har eller cosplayar dem...hittade tre Tiger & Bunny cosplayers på Närcon...två Kotetsu och en Barnaby
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Inte bra alls. Varken med ryggen eller kompisen. Hoppas ni kan reda ut allt till slut.

Efter några år på konvent har vi börjat boka hotell och vandrarhem så vi vet att vi mår bra under vistelsen på konventet.

Jag såg också dem, tycker det är kul att se fler cosplayare, men det är synd att serien inte blev större :)
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LoveOJStudent General Artist
Hoppas det DX hon e skyldig mig 45 kr XD

Vi hade tält XD

Vet....skulle ha älskat en andra säsong....hur Kaede lever upp med sina krafter och on Karina säger till Kotetsu att hon äslar honom OwO faaast det kommer ut en ny film nästa år
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Vi får hoppas att filmen ger lite svar. Kanske, om man har tur, så gör de en live-action :)
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LoveOJStudent General Artist
skulle va nice, jag gillar inte den nya karakrären i den filmen...han tar Kotetsus plats som Barnaby's partner
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awesome cosplay!!! :iconilavplz: Barnaby looks so hot!! :iconkokorox:
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SOOOOOO perfect!
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DeviousAkumaHobbyist Artist
Nice cosplays
DeviousAkuma's avatar
DeviousAkumaHobbyist Artist
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I say fruits names instead of "thank's". Been kind of fun :)
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DeviousAkumaHobbyist Artist
Ah I see
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BUNNY-CHAN! Wow, this is amazing. Truly.
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Thank you ^^
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Pirate-AnnaHobbyist Photographer
Hello, nice to meet you!

I really like this cosplay picture, so may I ask to have this one of your cosplay pictures in my album? I will include your name and link along with the picture. And so is your partner.

The link for my album is posted below: [link]

The purpose of my album is just for personal interests and not for any business use.

I understand that there are concerns with portrait rights, so I'd like to have your permission first.

If you do not want your picture to be in my album, please don't hesitate to let me know :).

shisukoisa's avatar
If you could wait a month or so we'll have the whole cosplay ready instead of a work in progress. I think it would look better in your album and I would have no problem of taking pride in it being in there ;)

I can contact you when they come up? :)

Pirate-Anna's avatar
Pirate-AnnaHobbyist Photographer
You are really nice for me. And it's good to hear the news of your plan.
My email:
You can send me a message or just leave it on my dA :).
I wish you the best of luck and every success in this work :).

shisukoisa's avatar
Thank you very much, and I'll make sure to give you a heads up when I'm posting it :D
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Izzu-shiStudent Digital Artist
bunny looks perfect!!
shisukoisa's avatar
Thank you! I hope that my new more natural looking wig will look as good as this one :D
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