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Jack Frost III

We had another photoshoot... barefoot in the snow!



Please do not take our cosplay pictures and repost them elsewhere. It doesn't matter if you find them on DeviantArt or Twitter or Tumblr, or if you add proper credit; all of our pictures have already been posted on the websites which we'd like to share them on, if you'd care to take a moment to look for them there's a big chance they're already around. And if they aren't it's most likely because we don't wish to share them on that particular website.

If you want to reblog our cosplays on Tumblr, please have a look at Cosplay Cruizers; you'll find most of our pictures there.

By making a new post with our pictures, we can't partake in the comments we may receive on our work. Not only are those comments a great way for us to receive critique, but it's also the only way we have to get any kind of "payment" for all the hours of work we've put into those cosplays and pictures.

Thank you!





Wig styled by:

Costume made by:

Go to Cosplay Cruizers for more awesome cosplays!

I do not own Rise of the Guardians nor its characters

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can I borrow the cosplay, it's so cool and beautiful

Peaceblossom262's avatar
how do you stand outside in the snow without feeling cold? Great picture
shisukoisa's avatar
I was barefoot even so I was dying on the inside XD Thank you :) It took a lot of willpower too keep that smile on my face XD
Peaceblossom262's avatar
wow, great job, I really like that movie a lot and you did a great job portraying him.
shisukoisa's avatar
Thank you very much ^^
Peaceblossom262's avatar
I think it's so cool that people can make themselves look exactly like movie or cartoon characters. I cosplayed as Kagome but I don't think I looked a lot like her :)
shisukoisa's avatar
Practice makes perfect ;) I've been cosplaying since 2005 so I've made a lot of mistakes XD And learned from them :) And it's all smoke and mirrors so to speak XD Get a good photographer and the right lighting (and with some makeup) you can look like anyone you want :)
Peaceblossom262's avatar
cool. Thanks for the advice.
WildPowerxJ's avatar
i don't normally like cosplay but this is awesome! Squee Bounce  it looks just like him!!
CosOtakuTi15's avatar
outstanding!! you look just like jack!
Jaggerwolf08's avatar
WOW that's amazing. Just gotta keep my little sister away from you, she'll stalk you for the rest of your life lol
This is amazing!
PotentiallyCute's avatar
you're still my favorite Jack ever <333
ADreamofAutumn's avatar
This the best and most believable Jack Frost cosplay I've ever seen! Amazing!
shisukoisa's avatar
Thank you very much :)
ZerosFutureWife's avatar
This is by far the best Jack Frost cosplay I've ever seen
moonymonster's avatar
Hi, I have a question! I wanted to know where you got your wig. It's the one thing you didn't cover XD I have a friend who wants to play Jack Frost but I can't find a wig anywhere. Thanks <3
shisukoisa's avatar
We searched for "white silver wig short" on ebay. The wig we bought is not up anymore but there are a lot of other good ones there. I cut and styled myself. You can see how I cut wigs in the tutorial I made. Just choose a wig that you like, Make sure it's heat resistant and then style it to your liking. Use a hard/matt wax and strong hairspray (I do not recommend Got to be's "glued" if you dont have experience styling wigs).
PeterSassyPan's avatar
WOW., awesome job! :)
yoshibuya's avatar
KahokoHino-EEVEE's avatar
Anne-Lies's avatar
you got that look in your eyes, that, that alone convinced me to actually believe in Jack Frost. How silly of me, though you got a really good cosplay in your favor. Keep it up, you are a great cosplayer.
And I see that you are from sweden?

Hallo nabo! Masse hilsner ifra Norge (;
WolfsGesang's avatar
hrrhrrr :3
It suits you very well.. One of the best Jack Frost Cosplays I´ve seen *_*
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