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Awesomeguy's Wig Cutting Tutorial Part 1

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This is my first tutorial that I have made myself so please don't get angry if it doesn't make any sense ^^;

Wig cutting tutorial [part 2]

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I was just wondering... I'm designing a full costume part of which requires parts of a wig to be cut different ways. The costume I'm designing is a jedi costume with a 'somewhat' narrow strip of hair left long, right along the middle of the head, while the rest is cut probably into a pixie cut (I haven't gotten a chance to design the hair yet), save for a small amount behind the right ear. How would I cut the short pieces, so I achieve both a natural look, and the style that I want?
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That's hard to say when I don't know how you want the hair. What I would do is to separate the hair you want long and cut the hair in sections to have more control over how much you cut. The shorter pieces I would reccomend cutting as in the tutorial for a natural fall but as I dont know how you want the longer pieces to look I cant help you there.

I once told my cosplay partner that when you cut a wig you are basically sketching/ skulpting a form you want. to cut a wig is absolutely not like cutting real hair and he said it helped him a lot when learning how to manage a wig.

I hope this was sort of helpful and I'll be glad to help you further when you've designed the hairstyle you want :)
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I finally finished the hair design!…

The lighter brown piece is supposed to be slightly shaggy (I'm starting to think that I'm going to have the tattoo elsewhere), I just don't know how to draw something like that in Adobe Illustrator.
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Thank you so much! The reason behind me asking, is not only am I currently trying to design the hairstyle I'm looking for, is because I'm trying to decide if I want to go full wig, or try and mess around with a bald cap. Your advice has made my choice so much easier. I most definitely notify you when I've finished the design!
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Wow this is helpful, thanks!
Where did you get that wig? :)
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The wig I got from [Wig is Fashion] on ebay :) They dont have the wig anymore but they have similar ones :) I also recommend [Wig Glamour] if you want more options, but they have mostly longer wigs :)
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Awesome, thanks a bunch! :D
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Awesome tutorial, I'll be using it for my humanoid Peppermint Butler Cosplay!
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thank you for the sweet tutorial :)
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Thanks for this tutorial !
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You're welcome ;)
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thanks! my black wig came in the other day and it is not a boys cut at all like i intended :/ 
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I'm happy you can make use of my tutorial :)
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I'm also trying to make a Jack Frost cosplay so this is helping a lot XD
Thanks for posting these! :iconlaplz:
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I've always wondered how people got their wigs to look so natural after cutting them. This will prove to be very helpful :D
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I'm glad you will find it helpful. Good luck with your wig cutting!
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Nice tutorial. I'm still afraid to cut my wig though. Since I've never cut hair before I might mess up and all ^^; But I guess everyone's gotta start somewhere xD
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I was super nervous the first time I cut a wig but as long as you try hard and are being careful (not rushing anything) I think you'll be fine :)
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I'll keep that in mind xD Thanks~
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Looks good, just a little tip coming from someone who was trained as a hair stylist, spend the money on hair cutting scissors. Even cheap ones since you're using them on fake hair. Kitchen scissors or fabric scissors don't have the same quality and precision. [link] is a pretty good pair for a VERY reasonable price. I got my scissors for over a hundred dollars, those are the ones i use on real hair. For my wig scissors I use a slightly cheaper pair that I got while I was apprenticing.

Trust me, good scissors makes all the difference.
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I am a hairdresser/hairstylist so I know this. I have not noticed any big difference between using a more expensive hair scissor and a cheep, smaller kitchen scissor. I just find it unnecessary for people with a low budget to go out of their way to buy a scissor they cant use properly anyway.

But thank you anyway fro your input.
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So very useful! Thank you!! :D
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It's good that you think so.
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This tutorial is actually quite useful. :) When I saw the thumbnail, I was worried you were going to use the scissors horizontally (which is something you must never do with things like this!), but it's actually quite useful.

I sound completely weird, but whenever I grab a bit I move up with the scissors. This makes it easier for me to choose the length of the bang, and start off with the longest bit, and the longer buts (that I've already cut) usually fall down and out of the way to allow me to cut the shorter bits. I think it works out fine, but I will most certainly try this cutting down the bang technique!

I use one pin at the top of the wig, and another down at the bottom. This is to stop the wig moving when I spike or tousle the back up a little. One pin at the top is usually enough for me!
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