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Karabela Anna

So I had to contribute to that beautiful new outfit of Anna and of course giving her a sword! But since we are in 19th century I went with my inside teacher: she wields a karabela, a type of saber from Poland. This kind of sword is an evolution of turkish blades that europeans came to know with the expansion of Ottoman empire in  middle Europe in 15th and 16th century. In 19th century it was a pretty popular stile of sword among officers, in the most famous painting of Napoleon by David, you can see the type is very similar…

for the model of karabela, I used the awesome one with silver and turquoise (matches Anna's eyes :love: ) done by Szabla Polska…
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Elsa: anna how could you be so adorable and HOT AT SAMETIME!?

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It’s the specialty of Anna!!!!!!

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Magnificent! Breathtaking. The saber is exquisite, of course, and I love Anna's smile - just the glory of adventure in her eyes.

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Aawww thank you!!!!!!!

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I actually study polish saber and in Poland the Saber was their... I guess you could say katana since it had a high cultural and social value. in fact it was such an important part of polish nobility it was said "never leave the bed chamber without the saber" personally I like mine which has a knuckle guard and thumb ring but I like hers as well.
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Oh that’s so cool!!! Yeah I know that many cavalry sabers of that period have the thumb ring and the knuckle guard, but I suppose they have another name XD I’m gonna do one of those for the next drawing I have in mind for Anna :D

She looks kind of like a pirate. Maybe I'll make this her outfit in my fanfic before she becomes an assassin.

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Thank youuuu!!!!!!!

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G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Stunning!
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Awww thank youuu!!!!

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Anna: how do I look Elsa?
Elsa: * nose 🩸 * ...........😍
Anna: Elsa?
Elsa jump on Anna
2 hours later
Elsa: huff huff yeah I like it😊
They snuggle with each other for the rest of the night
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Elsa *conceal don’t feel conceal don’t feel conceal don’t turn on- “oh fuck it, COME HERE!!!” XD

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Stunning piece, luv💙 Anna looks awesome.

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Omg its sooo beautiful i am especially charmed by the sword i am a huugeee fan of swordcraft and oldschool firearm ornamentation 😍😍😍 aahh she looks like an awesome gorgeous outlaw My favourite kind of outlaw at that too ahahaha i just say pirates rule 😍😍❤❤

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Yeah, she has a pirate vibe ❤️❤️❤️

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