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Electricity-Ball Tutorial

By shishio9
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8D we finally finished it!!!!!
If you can't read it, download it to make it a bit bigger

*1: You can find Baseball-Displays at most Awards stores. Our awards store gave us the option to buy it without the base (after we told them we didn't need the base). If yours comes with the base, you should be able to unscrew the top.

*2: We got the material we used from a Colorguard Flag. During inventory in the band, the Colorguard was going to throw away the flag but let me take it instead.
We've checked at Joann Fabrics, and you can find cloth like this there. Though you may want to take this picture to try and give them an idea of what you want.

*3: The glowsticks we used in this Tutorial were Red. Usually, for photo and cosplay purposes, we use BLUE because it adds to the "electric" look. However, at the time of making this, we didn't have any blue glowsticks on-hand.
You can find glowstick bracelets (Which we use because they can be bent into circles) at WalMart or other stores like the Dollar Tree.


This Tutorial Supports NOSS Productions :iconnutsourshipissinking:! YOU SHOULD TOOOOOOOO!
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Thank you for this tutorial : )
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Rasengan from Naruto, possibly?
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Hmmmm could be o3o
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Lol, Yuan electric ball thingie.
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woot tutorial!! :D Whenever I cosplay as Zack, I should totally make one of those and call it materia. XDDDD lol!
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LOL MS Word for the win!
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