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Name: Jörmungandr 
Nickname: Kraken (used only by Selkie), Jörmun (family/relatives)
Height: 35,6"
Weight: 103 IBS (below normal weight for his height due to "special diet")
Age: Young Adult
Task: N/A (aspiring to be Kawa)
Dam : Nola  Sire : Arlan
Siblings: SelkieLatham, Ula , Anant ,Feisal , Genevieve
Voice actor: James Patrick March

"Why dont we just go with a bloody massacre,if we want to surprise people in their homes,huh?"
                                                                                                                             ~ The Letter

"Yes I have killed more wolves than I can remember. Nobody was able to find their bodies. Ever. What can I say,I prefer to keep it clean."
"Selkie is the only one i need to watch out for. She is slipping. And the Serpent is NOT happy about it."

Description: Despite muscular body, this male is slightly below normal weight for his height. His eyes are deeper than deep waters. His movements remind of a snake. Has an overbite with makes his upper-fangs stick out. He moves with ease and fluid motion. Expression and eyes are emotionless,even if somewhere in the deeper part of his dark eyes you can see 

Aura: Being around Jörmungandr is like being around the sea. It can be calm and somewhat welcoming and terrifying at the same time, or it can be violent force of nature and threaten your very existence. Problem is you never know when that deadly wave will come.

Scent: Cold wind and stormy sea.

Social:Pixel: Red Star Black Star Black Star Black Star Black Star 
Strength: Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star Black Star Black Star Black Star 
Agility: Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star 
Black Star Black Star Black Star 
Speed:Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star Black Star Black Star 
Endurance:Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star 
Black Star Black Star 
Intelligence:Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star 
Black Star 
Pixel: Red StarPixel: Red StarBlack Star Black Star Black Star 
Faith:Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star Pixel: Red Star 
Pixel: Red Star     (toward Selkie only )
Affection toward anyone else:           


Impulsive/Emotionally unstable/ Protective/ Controlling/Humorous/Devoted

His controlling trait is showing the most when he is around Selkie. Suspecting his sister isn't as invested in faith as he is, Jörmungandr has taken upon himself the task to lead his sister in what he sees as the right direction. No matter how hard it is, he is ready to do anything to keep Selkie away from the stained ones who don't believe in his God or have the same blood. his controlling methods include violence, threats, stalkerish behavior and in the worst case scenario, if his sister gets too distracted by something or even worse, someone, murder. He isn't concerned about hurting his sister's feelings. To protect his sister, he is willing to do anything.

Jörmungandr follows his emotions rather than his head. Whenever he feels an overwhelming feeling of anger he snaps, his teeth sink in the flesh of whoever angered him without any notice. Sometimes such outburst of rage ends up in inflicting heavy damage on whoever set him off even if he prefers to stay away from petty battles with someone. This guy prefers to keep his strength for tasks that actually matter, not an offended-pup battle. Thanks to his intelligence Jörmungandr is able to keep himself under control most of the time and avoid such attacks. Due to his low strength, any violent confrontation that involves fighting ends up badly for him. Unfortunately once the situation involves his sister or insults his Serpent God, this big male can snap for no apparent reason and throw any restrains he has to the side.

No matter how morbid his faith is to others- or how tragic the situation he ended up being involved in- Jörmungandr always finds something to be amused about. Whenever it is just the way the corpse before him looks like or the situation he managed to get into by accident, Jörmungandr always finds at least one opportunity to throw a joke just for the fun of it. Whenever it comes to talking about his belief, he prefers to keep it as simple and short as possible, not mentioning certain keywords as "murder", "sacrifice" or "ritual". He prefers to keep information about his religion clean from words that set others off.

His devotion to his religion and sister go beyond the word "Obsession" and "devotion"; in a way Jörmungandr is convinced that his faith is more than just minor belief or something you believe in to get good things in return. His  


Jörmungandr has a neutral attitude toward others. He will respect others ways of living and make sure he doesn't offend their own faith if they happen to have one, but in the end, the only thing that matters to him is to be able to please his Serpent God and keep Selkie safe. To keep himself and her away from harm's way and be able to find shelter in whatever place they end up being, Jörmungandr is willing to play by the rules for as far it is necessary. However, in the end, the only thing that matters to him is his faith and be able to fulfill a plan written by his God himself. 

Romantic detail
* Pick-up lines, mushy stuff and "dating" is only for those that have nothing else to give to their partner. Flirting with Jörmungandr is the best way to make him leave. Fast. And never see you again.
* Once the decision is made, it lasts forever. No "but" or "woops this was mistake". It never is. He doesn't make mistakes. 
* Romance can be...complicated. It's not decided by you, but by the Serpent God 

Pe-group History

Jörmungandr and Selkie where the only one who survived their parent's terror. Scarred at a young age by his relatives Jörmungandr is set on creating so-called "Royal Lineage" in order to let their God the Serpent and Serpents Mate to be reawakened again. To do that he is willing to do anything. 

Remembering the day he was sold off to a new pack by his own flesh and blood, Jörmungandr learned that he couldn’t trust anyone no matter how deep and close their connections were. Including Selkie. Despite being the best brother he could be, he noticed how Selkie got distracted by the new world they had been taken to. Feeling his bitterness growing with each second spent alone without Selkie, the dark male decided to investigate what was making his sister to slowly glide away from him. What he found out upset him greatly. However, because he didn’t want to hurt his sister by sticking his nose in her personal matters, he decided to have a talk with her too-close-for-her-own-good male-“friend”. When said male disappeared and Selkie seemed fine with the idea of leaving with him to find a new home, Jörmungandr knew his instincts to stop possible tragedy were correct. Where that uninvited male went next or what he did didn’t bother Jörmungandr too much. It was enough as far as he stayed away from his naïve sister.

After helping Akuto figh off a rabid wolf near Rain Gate, the pair was allowed to join Tentaka. 

Group History

Dotw Distorted reality
DOTW: Cold days are coming

DOTW: Santa comes to town
DOTW MSE: Leaking issues



*Everyday, Jörmungandr can be seen standing in either water of cliffs, howling over the water toward the horizon. It is his personal way to strengthen his soul and show the Serpent he is still there, following his divine plan.
*Water. He ends up swimming or simply running in water every day no matter the season. Even if he is sick and cold water may end up worsening his condition he feels the need to be either nearby or in it.
*Keep Selkie company, knowing how much she hates being alone.
*Rain and blood. Water and blood. They mix together nicely.
*Crimson color is his favorite.

*Unfaithful ones. Having a wrong faith is better than having none at all.
* Anyone who dares to try to take Selkie away from him. Splitting him up from the only family he has left is a death sentence.
*Dry areas, places with no open water, small lakes. 
* Summer. Too much sun, too little rain. 
*Pointless company. If they are not there to help with something, they can as well go away. 


WARNING! Some of the songs include heavy swearing and suggestive themes. 

Overlord II - 
Two steps from Hell - Crimson Death [link]
David Guetta: Dangerous
Death cab for cutie: I will possess your heart
Jamestown Story: Barefoot and bruised
Skillet: Monster
Blood on the dancefloor: Call me master
Caleb Hyles: I am the bad guy (cover)
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