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Dotw Fellfang application Sheru by ShishiNoSeirei Dotw Fellfang application Sheru by ShishiNoSeirei

Name: Sheru (meaning Lion) 
Nickname: Sher
Age: Young Adult
Height: 35,5"
Weight: 120 IBS 
Gender: male
Sexuality: Hetero
Pack: Fellfang
Delta Sage
Voice: Ardyn Izunia ( FF XV)

Build: Heavy and musculous body, thick and yet elegant strong legs to carry the weight. Long tail and slightly crooked nose bridge.

"Knowledge without love is worse than ignorance. Action without love is madness..."

                                                ~Edgar Maass, Don Pedro and the Devil

"Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten."

                                                    ~David Ogden Stiers



When Sheru was born, his breaths were so weak his parents thought at first that their son was dead. His body was small and fragile, always at the risk of getting an infection or be attacked by deceases. Expecting their son to leave them the same night he came, his parents waited for him to take his last breath while they took care of him the best way they could. When their son ended up surviving his first two days and his breathing slightly improved they decided to name him Sheru (meaning lion), in hope of giving their only pup the strength and the courage to continue his fight for his life.   It took a long time to nurse him to health again and by the time Sheru could walk out of the den on his own, his body was strong enough to keep him standing. He was still underweight and lacked - as his father would say - "true strength of a respectable packmate". Sheru was allowed to play around with other pups, even when he didn't fell up to it; his parents wanted to make sure their son knew all pups that he would be growing up with that one day would become his pack-comrades. Sheru wasn't always up to talk with the others, or even play; he preferred to spend time with only one or two pups rather than an entire group. Knowing his parents wouldn't allow him to distance himself from any pup he forced himself to spend time with all the pups, but managing to convince his parents to allow him to meet them in smaller groups to "learn to know them better". 

The only pup he was interacting with on daily basis - besides his best friend - was Sheranee, a pup his parents were very fond of. She was always somewhere around them, sometimes staying nearby during the night whenever her parents were away. They weren't always on good terms - Sheranee was always causing trouble, with forced Sheru to keep an eye on her and if needed, get her out of whatever fight she ended up in. Unfortunately, that meant that he got himself in situations where he got beat up by pups that were bigger and stronger than him.

While his parents were strict with their religious beliefs, they never forced their view or lifestyle on somebody else. The only thing they asked their son for was to believe in something that he could confide in. Curious about the world and the world his parents described as "faith" and "religion", Sheru ended up asking questions about them, trying to satisfy his need to learn new things. He spent the evenings with Sheranee and talking about everything he has heard or wanted to know; the female pup was the only one he felt comfortable with to talk about this things.


When Sheru finally reached the juvenile age, his father started his training. His mother trained him in the art of herbs whenever Sheru got a day off from his training sessions. His father has never accepted the fact his son was not only nearly died when he was born but also easily defeated in brawls thanks to his old condition. To make sure his son had the strength he demanded his son to have made him train his son in the deep sand nearby the only water source nearby, making him perform different tasks and pushing him until Sheru was too tired to stand and move. While the training was harsh and often brutal, his father made sure his son had the needed nutrition to be able to withstand it, and from time to time gave him a break to recover before their training started once again. During this period, Sheru was pretty distant from others and too tired to interact with wolves he usually didn't hang around on a daily basis. While the training itself seemed brutal to some wolves Sheru himself was happy to discover his weakness, and how this weakness disappeared thanks to his father's training. During one of their sessions Sheru fell down on his face and injured it, the scar on his left side of his face is his personal reminder of what happens when you don't take care of your body the right way. It was by this time Sheru discovered how he himself wanted to gain the strength he had been robbed off during birth, and inspired him to train on his own to keep his body in shape. The progress was slow, but the results were pleasing both him and his father.

Despite being too tired to be socially active, Sheru was still keeping in touch with Sheranee enjoying his little shadow. Wherever he went, she went; she was his constant follower, always trying to please him and the others. He was watching her in amusement, seeing how she failed to fulfill certain tasks and always ending up being the one being scolded even when she wasn't responsible for doing something wrong. They had their own smaller brawls for fun with he usually won or ended before they went out of hand. He knew that despite her gentle temperament Sheranee could be a violent ruffian whenever she wanted, and dealing with Ruffian-Shera was nothing he intended to do in this or the next lifetime. 

Few days before Sheru became an adult, he decided to part with his family and pack to go on a self-discovery journey, hoping to learn more about himself and where his true place but also to discover how the world outside his birthplace.

Young adult

During this time period, Sheru ended up traveling across the wide domain, meeting up with strange wolves. His knowledge about the world outside of his pack expanded, but the more he learned the more he felt homesick. From time to time he ended up dating one or another female, and when it got serious ending up being around only one of his female friends. Unfortunately for any of the females that tried to win him over and invite him to the pack they belonged to, Sheru ended up leaving sooner rather than later.While the chemistry between them wasn't exactly wrong, he always felt empty and alone. 

Growing up in a loving, close-knitted home he learned early on the importance of having a mate and family. Having all this knowledge was a total waste if he didn't have someone to pass this information on, someone who was related to him. He wanted more than being knowledgeable and provider for the pack. His fathers lessons about what was really important in life followed him no matter where he went, and despite being miles away from his home he ended up trying to live after those lessons and honor his father's wishes. Despite that, he managed to lose view of what is truly important and breaking them with brought heavy guilt onto his shoulders. 

While Sheru can come across as social and talkative whenever someone asks`s him for help, Sheru is a wolf that prefers to keep his thoughts to himself. Even when he shares his knowledge, he keeps it as simple and small as possible, usually ending up just confirming or declining someone's worst thoughts, helping them to get through rough times or stop the possibility of raising conflict. The interesting thing is not what Sheru says, but rather doesn't say; certain wolves noticed that he was very secretive about what, who and why he shares his news with, in some cases refusing to say anything at all. His preferred audience is young juveniles or pups, or wolves that have serious life-issues that lead them to live a life full of agony and self-destructive behavior.

At the end of his life as a young adult, Sheru starts noticing that his body is "off". His shoulders seem to have lost a small part of their strength, while the rest of his body is still up in good shape. 

At the late age of young adulthood, Sheru decides to join a pack to learn the structures and behavior of each individual wolf that are part of it. His interest drags him off to Fellfang, a pack that comes across as rough and intimidating. He wonders if there is anything beyond their strength than the reputation and ones eye can see. Hoping to find out the answer himself, he decided to join their ranks and try to discover this on his own while gaining new experience as a pack member.  Sheru is interested in finding out for himself where this pack is gaining its strength from and how. And most importantly; this may be the last pack he visits before he starts his journey home. Before that, he hopes to find out the reason why his body seems to be slightly "off". His shoulders have once again lost another part of their strength, making it difficult for him to travel on steep roads heading down. Sheru notices how his upper back seems to have lost a small portion of its strength as well but for now, it is still strong enough to keep him up and walking.



He is overbearing and sometimes impossible to explain. Sometimes he interacts with wolves on his own, and sometimes he ignores them all. Certain wolves have better chances at approaching him than others, and from time to time you may be able to follow him for a while. And then there are those who are not allowed to come close to him no matter what, and if a certain invincible line is crossed, teeth will tell you to back away.

There is no explanation to why Sheru is like he is; the only thing that can be said about Sheru is that despite his overbearing appearance he still manages to come across as a pretty neutral stranger you can talk with when you want. 



/ secretive/
Want to know something that Sheru can answer? Want to take a peek at his secrets or hear a story about his travels? Enjoy talking to the tail. Unless the curious one catches Sheru`s attention, Sheru will keep all his information hidden no matter what. Knowing the strength of the words and their power, this guy is very cautious what he shares with who. Getting to know this kind of info or getting a peek at the information he possesses is much easier if you are his BFF or a close relative. Such information is to be shared only with those who are close to you.

Sheru`s personality has given him an image of being pretty mysterious. Since he never explains his actions to anyone it is nearly impossible to understand why he does certain things the way he does them, making him into a mystery. 

/ knowledgeable /
Knowledge and strength are the two most important things Sheru is valuing highly, besides family. He is prepared to do almost anything to gain more knowledge about matters of life or the smaller things, and with each new knowledge comes greater responsibility to keep it hidden from ears that are not ready to listen. While Sheru sees knowledge as strong as well, he prefers to keep his physical strength separated from his mind and makes sure to keep his body as strong as his mind.

/ righteous /
No matter how difficult the situation is or how hard it is to make a certain decision, the most important thing is to do the right thing. Whenever it is to help someone to take it by themselves or let them find the answer by saying as little as possible, Sheru won't stop poking and pushing the subject until it is resolved in the right way.

 / overbearing/ 
Sheru easily comes across as overbearing due to his musculous, big body but also his stern expression. It takes a while to learn that this big, serious guy is not as dangerous as he seems to be - unless you give him a reason to attack first and ask questions later, that is. 

/Serious /
Whenever he ends up being involved in a situation or has a task to fulfill Sheru will become serious and interested only in completing the task he had been assigned. While he may put in a joke here or there to lighten up the mood once he realizes his seriousness is making others nervous, Sheru in work-mode prefers to keep ongoing tasks straight to the point and suppress anything that doesn't have to do with the task itself at bay.

/self conscious/
Despite his still troubled view on how, when and why to date, Sheru is aware of how he affects the females around him and if he finds someone he likes or catches his attention he won't hesitate to use it to his advantage to learn to know said individual. In other cases, he will use his self-awareness to influence another wolf to tell him what he wants and needs to know in order to gain new information.



Sheru has Juvenile SMA (Type III), the symptoms will be progressing slowly. For now, he is still unaware of how much this will affect him later on.

Favorite toy: big branch
Dislikes: Egoists, deep water, seaweed, 
Hates: Weakness


Pre-Group History
Sheru was born and raised in a pack that lived out in areas that resembled wastelands. Both food and water were hard to come by, and only the strongest ones survived. The pack stayed always close, keeping itself in one place and not moving unless it was necessary; he and his friend Sheranee split up once her mother decided to take her daughter and find a life that was suited better for her. Once he reached young adulthood he leaves his slowly falling apart home pack to go on a self-discovery journey. His travels take him across the domain allowing him to strengthen his spiritual bond with his birthplace and his religion but stay open for influences from other wolves to see if their ways of living would fit him better. He constantly challenges himself to challenge his view of where he belongs to make sure he isn't limiting his option to only one place he had just discovered and makes himself move forward no matter what it takes. His travels around the domain lead to the discovery about himself, with inspires him to give himself another challenge to complete in order to find out who he really is.

Group History
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