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Dotw: Entertaining the enemy

Mon Apr 30, 2018, 9:02 AM

Shiru Medallion By Wynbird-db4d79k by ShishiNoSeirei

A lone silver, shimmering shadow was walking slowly nearby the medical den. White paws hit the ground softly, the sound disappearing before anyone had time to notice it. Her smooth, muscular body moved swiftly, dark ears moved back and forward, seeking the source from all the sounds around her. Green eyes scanned the area before her, her head kept low. Relaxed and happy with her days work so far, Shiru was heading back toward Vektrens main den in hope of finding some of her brothers or sisters around there. she was hoping to find someone to go with to put out false leads for certain very unhappy with Vektren and the guest they took from them. 

The medical den was not as quiet as it usually was when their Magisters was out and collected herbs. Her ears caught a sound as if someone was either resting or just enjoyed their stay in the den. Since it wasn't exactly a place one would go to just for the heck of it, Shirus curiosity grew. stopping for a second, the silver pelted female changed direction and went to the den instead. Without realizing that, she kept her stance that kept her hidden in the grass, her ears barely poking above this long and wild grass that was growing around. 
As soon she got closer to the medical dens opening she saw a dark she-wolf. She recognized her the same second she saw the dark coat. she has met her before once.
Standing silently where she stood, Shiru tried to decide what to do. On one hand, having a shade with her would be a good idea. On another hand, this shade was in the medical den for a reason. 

Seraph Medallion By Naviira-da92h0m by ShishiNoSeirei
Nodding as Kiero began to dip out of the medical den, she didn't move to follow. Her injury didn't exactly leave her hungry for anything, so she opted to simply lay there, contemplating how her injury would impact her further work. Perhaps fighting would be something out of her future for the time being... Besides ambushes, that is. 

An hour or two of silence streamed by as she allowed herself to rest. It was annoying, not to be doing anything when she could have been out there working the traps, but she supposed it was better to not have a injury nagging at her for the entirety of her foreseeable future. However, a familiar pelt crossed her vision, and she couldn't help but have her interest peaked. 

"You're not doing any good just standing there, Shiru, but I do applaud your initial silence," she said, her voice musing and airy as she watched the silvery wolf standing stone still just outside the medical den. If it weren't for the fact that Seraph had nothing to do in that moment but simply stare and watch the world around her, she probably wouldn't have noticed the quiet and lithe Vektreni. She was doing well with learning how to be quiet. 

Easing herself to a stand, she padded to the edge of the medical den so she wouldn't have to speak any louder than she wished. Still not entirely better, but it would take more than a few hours to have her injury not annoy her. Probably a few days. Great. 

"Did you need something?"

Shiru Medallion By Wynbird-db4d79k by ShishiNoSeirei

- I was just curious who was in the den. Its usually empty around this time of the day- Shirus heart made a small leap of joy when Lady Nightmare gave her an compliment. If Seraph was happy with her silence, then it meant her training had paid off.
- I was on my way to the main den.Trying to find somebody to take with me. was planning to leave some false clues to for our... follower.s..
Shirus gaze went to Seraphs wound. It looked fresh,but well taken care of. It couldn't be more than few hours old. Frowning at the wound, the silver-coated female decided against the idea of dragging her packmate with her. Not because of Seraphs skills - Shiru was certain her sister was more than capable of handling this little game faster than anyone else- but taking someone who was injured was to ask for trouble. If anyone discovered them and attacked them, the risk of her getting injured even worse was too great. 
-I see you need your rest. I apologize for disturbing your peace, Lady Seraph. 

Turning slowly around, Shiru put some distance between herself and the den,leaving the shade behind. Maybe someone else was at the nest, if not, she could always do it herself. But since she was so used doing things alone it made her almost invincible and made her social skills rusty. 

Seraph Medallion By Naviira-da92h0m by ShishiNoSeirei

It was true, Seraph had come at an odd time. It was easy enough to extrapolate how wolves would come seeking medical attention in the afternoon, after their tasks were done and possible injuries were obtained. Shiru's second remark, however, was a bit less direct. 

Even just referencing the Arynians at this time left a bad taste in her mouth. She hadn't planned on getting injured, and how her own lack of caution had left her in a sorry state. "That's quite alright," she said, watching the young wolf keenly as her eyes curiously moved down to the indentation in her chest...

Her voice caught itself slightly when she initially debated stopping the silvery wolf, but continued on right after. A little walking wouldn't hurt, surely.
"Shiru, if you want me to accompany you I'd be happy to oblige," she called out after her, "I can still walk." Of course she would still work, just as she always had, but perhaps she would take it a bit easy on the running.

And the fighting. 

Shiru Medallion By Wynbird-db4d79k by ShishiNoSeirei

Shiru stopped for a second and allowed Seraph to catch up with her, light concern showing up in her eyes. On one hand, she had no doubt that Lady Nightmare new her limits. This small task wasn't hard or physically challenging, on another hand, if they were spotted or attacked by someone, the other female would risk getting injured even worse.
-As far you are sure...I can take care of it myself if needed.
The small female started moving toward Vektren boarder again. She wouldn't try to stop her sister from coming with her. Setting out two different tracks was better than doing it by oneself; the more different tracks they had to follow, the better.

Seraph Medallion By Naviira-da92h0m by ShishiNoSeirei
The last thing she wished for was to cause concern to blossom in the hearts of her sisters and brothers. Although she didn't display much deep care outwardly, it did come through in her unwillingness to let fellow Vektreni worry themselves over her too much. 

"I'll be fine, don't worry yourself over my injuries," she replied, ignoring the dull hum of pain that came with a healing wound while catching up to Shiru. Doing something with herself would likely take her mind off the injury, and ambling along while leaving false trails was far from strenuous. 

"Any particular routes you wish to plan out?"

Shiru Medallion By Wynbird-db4d79k by ShishiNoSeirei

Shiru nodded and used the time that took to get to their destination to tell Seraph about the routes they would work with.
- Leaving some paw prints and broken branches nearby should do the trick. I have used this route before, so any "lead" we give them will make them run in circles. Just as if they were chasing their own tail- she said with cheerful voice. Her smaller injuries from the fight have healed up, the only souvenir left was the scar on her right shoulder. In a way, SHiru was happy to have it. 

Seraph Medallion By Naviira-da92h0m by ShishiNoSeirei

The way that Shiru talked about creating misleading trails with such joy nearly made Seraph crack a smile. Arynains chasing down fake trails amused the Nightmare, especially after her own experiences with them. They weren't an unintelligent bunch... but they were nowhere near close to catching the "nefarious members of Blutwald", or whatever they had taken to calling Vektreni in the aftermath of the shadowy pack's success. 

Although, it hadn't exactly come without cost, and while stopping to crack a few branches or leave obvious paw marks in the damp ground Seraph had noticed the few healed over scars Shiru had sustained. At least they weren't going to be permanent. 

Pausing, she laughed for a moment. "They're clueless, aren't they. Helplessly clueless," she remarked as she returned to Shiru's side to continue along their path, satisfied with their work thus far. 

Shiru Medallion By Wynbird-db4d79k by ShishiNoSeirei
-they are for now. And when they figure out what happened to their beloved it will be too late for them to do anything- she replied while stroking her tail against a bush, leaving some light hair straws on it. 
- At least they will get some needed exercise. Maybe it will help keep in shape until next time. Think they will be entertained as much as we are?
Shiru went over to a new, smaller path and broke one of the twigs, trying to make it look natural. Hopefully, this would be enough to keep Arynians interested enough to follow their tracks, but never come closer than needed. Sooner or later they would have to give up the search,especially when all their leads ended up in dead ends like this one.

Seraph Medallion By Naviira-da92h0m by ShishiNoSeirei
"Entertained? Hardly—their idea of entertainment seems to be... dissimilar to ours," she remarked, focused on the path ahead as she occasionally stopped to dig a paw into the softened ground and remaining snow. As she did, she took care to point it away from Vektren, just as Shiru did with her own false-leads. 

Once the wind began to carry not one hint of Vektren's scent, she turned back to Shiru. "I suppose that would be enough for one afternoon, lest we get ahead of ourselves," she suggested while walking back towards Shiru. Although Seraph disliked the idea of cutting their physical lies short, she couldn't neglect the fact that she was, to some degree, injured, and she wouldn't want to worry anyone back at Vektren. Times were tense, and it could lead anyone to think the worst. 

Shiru Medallion By Wynbird-db4d79k by ShishiNoSeirei

Shiru stopped in her tracks and turned around . Being around Seraph allowed her to be relaxed, and for whatever reason it was, it felt like being around a friend rather than just a packmate.The silver-wolf never said the friend-word out loud, for now content with having a buddy to hang around.
- Yes.Let us head back. You probably should rest- she said and started moving toward Vektrens grounds. The dark female looked like sheneeded to go back to the medical den to have some space of her own. 
- If you return before magister returns and sees that you have dissappeared. I doubt they would be happy about their patient walking off like this.

Seraph Medallion By Naviira-da92h0m by ShishiNoSeirei
Huffing, she smiled a bit while striding along Shiru. "I suppose so, but I would almost be disappointed if they didn't see this coming." 

With Seraph's habits, it shouldn't have been a wonder that she went out as soon as she could stand. Yes, she understood the importance of healing, but her task at hand was always a pressure that she felt the need to release. It was ingrained in her habits by this point, and such habits were difficult to break. 

Once the duo reached the majister's den, she paused. "Lady's blessings upon you, Shiru. If you would like any more assistance, let me know," she offered. Of course, she was a bit... exhausted... from this afternoon, and she couldn't help but sigh slightly as she laid down, relaxing upon the cold stone. 

Remember those prompts? Well me and :iconc3lestialwolf: finished ours for not long time ago:rofl:

Shirubafurea (c) by: :iconshishinoseirei:
Seraph         (c) by: :iconc3lestialwolf:
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