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Damasca application Sheranee by ShishiNoSeirei Damasca application Sheranee by ShishiNoSeirei

Name: Sheranee (meaning Lioness) 
Nickname: Shera
Age: Young Adult
Height: 34"
Weight: 98 lbs
Family: 2 (half) sisters, Lucy, Herculia  
Voice: Shadow Tempest (Emily Blunt) 
Revelan ("neutral friend", Revelans shadow)
Rank: Gamma
Task: Ravager

Soundtrack list


[link] "Ready as I`ll ever be"
[link]  "Hall of fame" by The Script

Sheranee playlist:
[link] Hourglass - AmaLee
[link]    Glassy Sky - AmaLee

"They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but us sheep know, true beauty is not in the eye: it lives in the mind." 

                                                                                                                                                      ~Craig Stone



Shera is pretty determined once she has been given time to take a decision for herself. Unfortunately, due to her doubtful nature, her determination ends up coming up at the worst possible time when whatever opportunity she had is already no longer available. Her gentle but fiery temper is her strength and her weakness. While being a follower may make her look obedient and for others weak, for Shera it's a way to unnoticeably learn about the surroundings without anybody's interference, and find clues that can lead to treasure or information that can be traded for something she herself finds valuable. While trading information - or items for information - isn't what Shera herself finds amusing or fun to do, she is ready to use that skill she learned from her mother to find Sheru.


  Seeker (a person who is attempting to find or obtain something.)
To become someone great, you need to seek it out...and then grab it when the chance comes. Shera is constantly searching for something, sometimes its information, sometimes its just simple training session to become stronger or new skill. Her mind is always full of plans but said plans seem to come to a stop when she gets distracted by other things like helping a friend or other packmate. 

   Acquiescing (accept something reluctantly but without protest.)
While knowing the difference between right and wrong, Shera`s need to provide for any member within the pack pushes her into doing everything that is possible to keep all her packmates happy, even if her inner voice and mind are screaming no. Almost any request she gets ends up being fulfilled even if she is hesitating about the true motive behind it. 

   doubtful (feeling uncertain about something.)
From time to time, Shera can doubt herself about many things that she sometimes shares with those that she has known for a while. Her inner doubts are usually closely connected with her habit of taking requests and fulfilling them without questioning the other wolves motives unless the request is too morbid or 


While this may look funny or really bothersome for others, this trait helps Shera to study and take in her surroundings, overhear interesting conversations between the one she is following and the wolf they are meeting - most of the others see a shadow as either a silent follower, slave or helper who isn't worth to pay attention to or be worried about.

Despite her fiery character Shera is pretty well-mannered ( most of the time). She will greet and treat other wolves in a very neutral, respectful way until they give her a reason to either a) pummel them into the dirt and rip their neck-fur off or b), when they give her a reason to be openly friendly with them on a more daily basis.

While being doubtful about a lot of things, Shera is pretty confident once she has taken time to both explore and understand a certain task or skill.  Once she reaches the point of being able to take care of said job herself, she makes sure to put those skills in a way that will help the pack gain something

  Once she is pushed into a corner, or she meets someone who is threatening her pack and her comrades, Shera puts her gentle side aside to take care of whoever is creating problems. Her rough side comes out only when she feels pushed into a corner and forced to accept a task or request against her will, and her own doubts and worries are ignored. One thing Shera cant stand is when decisions are made for her by others "for her own good". This usually triggers memories of her mother and her own agenda in this world, with Shera has learned to hate with her heart.                                                                                 

While determination can be seen as a good thing, in Shera's case determination is what gets her in situations where she needs outside help to get herself out before it becomes too much for her -or the others to handle. While this trait is easily seen in everything Shera does - 


Pregroup history

Sheranee was born in a pack that lived in a wasteland, where only those who could navigate and were strong enough survived. Food was scarce and being on one's own was a disadvantage, with lead to Sheranees mother to make a deal with another family to have her daughter become Sheru`s mate once the time has come. Believing she has secured her daughters future Sheranees mother Vikreta( meaning "Seller"), decided to name her daughter Sheranee as a reminder for the other family about their plans and the underlying promise behind it.

Growing up Sheranee was fully aware of two things; one, her future was already planned and if a better option came up it would be used to make sure she was able to survive and keep their family line in check, and two; if better option besides Sheru came up, she could easily be "traded" and promised to someone else as far her possibility of becoming the Mother of "the great lineage of great Traders" was intact.  Vikreta`s plans to ensure her worthless blood became valuable one day knew no limits and if keeping it intact by selling her daughter while gaining security in their lawless wasteland pack, it was exactly what she was willing to do.

Vikreta managed to keep herself and her daughter well-fed thanks to her ability to steal things and trading them for food, unfortunately, this trading meant that she had to travel long distances during the night, leaving Sheranee behind with Sheru and his parents. Sheranee herself wasn't too concerned about the plans -with full meaning still escaped her mind, and what kind of sacrifices came with them-, ending up befriending Sheru and becoming his friend and at times brawl-buddy. Her need to engage in fights with other pups made her strong but also led to her mother's decision to train away from her fighting needs. Unfortunately, her mother's training led to Sheranee losing her strong will and self-confidence and changing her Ruffian-side into a partly suppressed problematic trait. 

Once Sheranee became a juvenile, Vikreta started training her how to steal and trade things. Long walks back and forth between the pack and other places that had those shiny, interesting things were necessary with limited her playtime with Sheru who was undergoing his own training. Despite that Sheranee managed to sneak away from the borning lectures about the true value of things and look after her stubborn friend who - outside his training sessions with his father- loved to train outside of those sessions to stay in shape. Meeting up with Sheru was also the only time Sheranee could openly let her ruffian-side go loose and ended up brawling with her stronger friend almost on daily basis, and following after him like a shadow whenever she could with led to her developing a smaller crush for the serious Sheru.

Unfortunately, once Sheru left, his lack of knowledge about his parents and Vikretas deal was out and Vikreta was sent into rage. Taking her daughter with her she took her away from the pack that was slowly falling apart, ending up in another pack - comparing to her old one- ruled by tyranny. Fearing for her life Sheranee decided to make a clean break with her trade-crazed mother and left that pack before something could be decided. Her escape became possible once another member of that pack called Revelan decided to leave Sheranee took this opportunity to once again become someone's shadow and followed him out from the territory, leaving her mother behind. Shera was pretty old juvenile when she joined Damasca, and once she ended up there she stumbled upon interesting rumors about a wolf that sounded like her father. Knowing he was dead, she tried to track down the source of those rumors and ended up finding her half-sister instead. Gaining new family to interact with was a pleasant surprise, giving Shera someone to turn to when she needed help and gaining a friend for life. 

Once Shera was comfortable with Damasca and its land she got some time over to try to figure out what she herself wanted with her life. Her "helping" others has always ended up failing in her birthplace no matter how hard she tried to fulfill given a task, entertaining her friend with being the most scolded juvenile and pup before she and her mother left. Knowing more about the world and how it worked gave her the opportunity to check out different fields of work she could pursue rather than following in Vikreta`s pawsteps. Taking her time with finding her purpose in life. 


*Watching the sky, especially during night, dawn and dusk
*Big branches
*Digging holes

* being dominated
* have decisions made for her by others
* being seen as weak
* not being able to brawl/sparr

Group History

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