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DOTW: The roar of doom

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 10, 2018, 3:30 PM



One of the necessary elements to survive for any organic being. It gave life, it kept one alive, it played by its own rules. It made the grass grow with fed the prey the predators hunted down; it made sure the life kept going. Quilo has witnessed waters gentleness during her late evening walks when the surface was as still as the sky, creating the perfect illusion of two worlds merging together. With other words, water made their home to thrive. It was so easily forgotten their home was a constantly changing place on the much deeper level than just the seasonal change everyone was used to. It was much more than that.

Their home itself, and everything else was like a living being.


When it came, it looked as if new mountains were being created right in front of her. The only thing separating them from the ones that were standing there for as long as Quilo could remember was the roar filled with the promise of death. The blue-hued wolf froze there she stood, staring at the incoming mountain of death right at her. Her grey eyes stared at the landscape trying to grasp what was going on…


...and once she realized she was supposed to run...


…it was too late.


Unfortunately, most have forgotten this waters other personality. The raging monster that showed up to either recover or remake the ground it swallowed. Quilo didn’t know why she hasn’t noticed any changes or any warnings prior to monsters arrival. When the water swept her with it, its force making her feel as little as a small seed ripped out from the ground before it could settle its roots in it, it reminded her why; those who witnessed waters rage usually ended up paying for that with their lives. The stories surrounding this kind of events were always made as a hymn for the lost ones who died, not to warn one from waters destructive power.



And when she was fighting to keep her head and gasped for air, the young wolf didn’t know if it was her or if it was just her or the world that was spinning. She lost count how many times she had seen the sky and then faced the depths of the water, rocks, and branches hitting against her body and leaving marks. Was this how a deer felt like when they were hunted? Small, weak, unable to avoid their attacks? She figured out quickly it was pointless to fight against the current, her strength – or anyone else’s- was pointless. A small reminder of how weak they were when it came to nature’s true power. They were just small flowers blooming until something decided to come and claim their life and change their life for something else.


Panic rose inside her clenching her throat until she could`nt breathe no matter if her head was above the water or under it. The sun was shining, its stillness taunting the chaos beneath its rays. Her claws tried to find support to keep her steady for a second and failed, over and over again. She was nothing more than a leaf that was being eaten up by a deer. Today she was the prey and if she survived, she may have a chance of analyzing it for future. To predict it, maybe even stop it… but then again, this was a natural disaster. Water was here to claim lives and the land for itself spreading its own domain and make a statement.  


This reminded her of why her mother told her to not jump head first in the lake when she was a pup. To always make sure she could see the ground in it that her paws always had steady grip and support before she dared to wander off toward the deeper ends of the lake she was playing in. This was one of the few reasons why she was sure of it. As far you could keep your balance, as far you could jump out of it when the water became unstable you were safe and would live another day.


Water may be their friend, but it was not their ally. It would kill and consume anything it wants whenever it decided to whip out a current life for its own purpose.  The question was with purpose did it serve other than the pure amusement of creating mass destruction. Was there someone…something…. has she missed the signs? Did she overlook some higher power that was right there? Did she…offend itQuilo didn’t believe in gods. But today she had a clear vision of something rising up at the horizon, the roar forever branded in her mind. The world went blurry when her head hit against something hard in the water, pain spreading through her body as fast as the wave that came to swallow her.


Once the water changed its color to red, her world went black. And then there was nothing.

No roar of impending death.

No cold, nor pain…

Just silence.

Reaction to  Highvalley: Ice Dam Break by Naviira
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Yup. Quilo learned something new. XD 
Naviira Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018
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Is she dead...?
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Wait and see >3
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