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DOTW: Dont chirp at night

Sat Jun 30, 2018, 1:48 PM



Small, green, and always happy to play a song. Whenever it was in the middle of the night or late at evening didn’t matter their happiness never seemed to end. Their happy nightly songs aggravated him to no end; five nights have he tried to go to sleep and failed. Five nights in row have he been lying down with closed eyes trying to find the dream world just to be interrupted by those annoying little bastards.  And whenever he managed to drift away into light sleep the music around him dragged him back to reality. So Koi took a nap here and there during the day when he found a moment to breathe. Knowing his brothers and sisters were out harassing Arynians on Mistress orders the crème coloured wolf made sure their healing herb supply wasn’t suffering. He knew it wasn’t. He checked every day and it was the same. The stock never ended. For that he was thankful; it meant whoever had to come by the den could receive the best treatment they could give without any interruptions.


At the mention of herbs and medications brought him back to the real issue he had. His work. His restrictions. The never-ending inability to leave Vektrens territory without having a babysitter with him watching his back. Hearing about Arynians and what they did was not the same as seeing it with his own eyes. Observation was the key to survival and he would love to check their enemy out. He had heard rumours and small talk about them but never seen one himself. He would love to get into a smaller brawl with one of them. Even if it meant his tail being kicked. Koi sighed and raised up to his tired paws, feeling how his body was screaming for rest and sleep. Sure he could use herbs…but even the idea of using medication to sleep made him frown. What if he overslept? What if he slept entire day? Who would take care of his workload then? Moving his ears back, the crème coloured wolf walked slowly away from his resting place. It was in the middle of night, silence and peace have spread through the swamps. Only to be disturbed by those little blasted singing crickets.


Growling in annoyance the big wolf desided to – once again – entertain himself. If finding peace within a dream was not possible for him he could at least find some enjoyment by squashing those little things. And while he was searching his small enemies in the grass his mind went back to the good old days when he wasn’t stuck within his packs boarders. Reliving his past life as a traveller who walked wherever he pleased, when he wanted to without needing any permission to leave. Adventures, new wolves, new challenges… and others need to have him to plan how to take down their enemy or whoever they decided to fight. He was someone. He was the one deciding how it would be done, and made sure it went that way. Koi was not born as a fighter but he could do one and other move that ended others misery. He didn’t care who died as far they weren’t his war-comrades that were on his side.


Once his travelling days were over insomnia became his best friend. Before it was because he worked harder than needed to do his job. Today insomnia came because he was bored out of his mind. He felt as if he was suffocating. Maybe it was how this poor little cricket was feeling when he was crushing its body with his paw, his eyes looking down at it without any sign of emotion or remorse. It was just a bug. The birds would eat its body up, and search for some more bugs nearby. He knew how it went. He had been keeping close eye on what happened to this little bastards after he crushed them. His mind dived deeper into the possibility of changing his task to something else. But with that change… didn’t he admit that he had failed to finish something? Wasn’t “change” just another word for failure? He refused to carry that word hanging over him or echoing in the darkness of the night.


Koi knew all too well what would happen if he didn’t find something to do. Something else than finding momentary talk with his packmates to distract himself or search for trouble that wasn’t there. Maye he should seek up Heel to request some training, or just talk about battles won and lost. Old days. Momentary solution he tried to avoid but was always popping out as suggestion in his mind. Or maybe he could challenge himself doing something he never did before but what could that be?


His ears twitched, his head turned toward the sound of another insect disturbing him in his little mindpit he created. Growling at the sound – as if he could make it vanish with just that!- Koi trotted over to the source of the disturbance scaring the small culprit away.

-Move it- he said with annoyed voice

- Or I make sure something eats you up.



Koi is a little bored right now. Excuse his wierdo behaviour XD
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