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Chandor Naiteru Kiri

Name: Naiteiru Kiri (meaning " Weeping mist")
Nickname: Kiri 
Gender: female
Age: young adult
Height: 34,5"
Weight:  95" 
Pack: V̶a̶l̶e̶  Moves to Chandor: 2019/02/05 Chandor
Task: Owl
Rank: Theta

Family:  Mother (dead), Father (dead), sister (dead), brother (dead), sister (dead), 

Son : murdered

Cruel world - Tommee Profitt
Sin Shake Sin - Cant go to hell
Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story - JudyPhonic (cover)
State of Mine - Rise
Audiomachine- My way out
"At night the fog was thick and full of light, and sometimes voices."
                                                                       ~Erin Bow, Plain Kate

"The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh"
                                                            ~Silent Hill 

"I met the devil, killed his son, and pushed back worlds desctruction. Your problem is just a sneeze comparing to my life."

    "There's no defence against the devil. There's no court of appeals in hell. The end times have come; not in bloodshed, but in mist.."
                                                                                                                                      ~ original    source: Stephen King, "the Mist"

                                                                                                                             (note:quote has been changed to fit the character)


 Morning spring rain and wet grass

Description: Long legs, only three of them are strong. The fourth leg (right front leg) is stiff and weaker than the others, damaged by different incidents in her life. A dark scar is covering part of her face. Well developed body, slightly unbalanced due to her injured leg. Her howling is unusually high-pitched, one step away from hitting soprano-notes. When she howls, she can be heard from long,long distances. 

Aura: It feels as if this female is dragging the surroundings into a pit filled with overwhelming negative emotions (note: main aura). On certain days this aura disappears and is replaced by a feeling of gentle, dreamlike, sorrowful feeling(note: appears only when Kiri`s old personality appears).


WARNING! Pre-Group History includes mentions of self-harm, mental and physical abuse, cult-related stuff.

Overall personality

Despite disliking wolf-species Kiri is not hateful toward them, and neither does she avoid them. Kiri has no problem with giving them a change -be it a pack or a loner- to show her that they are not like her old comrades. She dislikes packs that operate as a cult and have no respect for others emotional state. Her own painful background is a constant reminder of what happens when you break down a mortal being. While Kiri`s second personality that emerged from abuse to help her adapt and survive in her old pack, this personality is pretty unstable and flexible: it acts as a "barrier" between the real world, those who live in it and the pressure to fit in. The traits created to keep her alive during her time in her old pack may either change toward something else to fit in with a pack/ the new life she decides to lead. If it is better or worse traits depend on the circumstances and what happens. for now,her main personality is here to stay and maybe a huge turn-off for certain wolves. While Kiri is never aggressive without a reason, she may be showing - unintentionally- her negative sides first and the positive one later. 

Kiri is at her best and happiest behavior when she is in misty areas. from time to time, even during clear days with the sun shining and no mist around, the light coated female can be heard talking to her "son" as if he was right by her side. In her mind, her son never died but rather created a new shape to stay with her mother while he was fulfilling his purpose in life.

Main personality/traits 

Misanthrope/judgemental - her dislike toward her own kind is as deep as the open sky. Despite this deep dislike toward wolves and social structures, Kiri still manages to find wolves that she genuinely cares to call her "comrade", someone she wouldn't mind to keep safe to keep order and peace between packmates and herself. Kiri has learned to hide this trait in order to function normally with the others, as well to allow others to prove themselves and show her who they really are before she starts judging them. 

Nearly emotionless - Kiri`s feelings are very faint and barely feelable. At best, she can gain a somewhat clear idea of what she is feeling and why, but those emotions are never strong enough to change her mind, stop her from executing an idea or action. Unfortunately, this makes Kiri fail to see the real sadness in this life. Since her son is still "alive", and those who die always seem to end up being moved to a realm that someones God created, the pale female doesn't believe in death. She sees life as a transformative form of being if one's shell breaks then one's soul transforms into something else and moves to a place where it can live forever. If there is no death...then there is no real need to be angry or sad. The only emotions she sees worthy to keep away from any pack or individual wolf is sorrow. To Kiri,sorrow is the worst offense toward any living creature.

Dominant - When it comes to a fight, Kiri will make sure her dominance. Memories of her childhood where she was dominated by everyone are still an open wound. to make sure nobody gets an idea of creating a future for her or make her into something she isn't, Kiri shows that she doesn't intend to be dominated by anyone.

Ruthless- No pain no gain. In order to protect the others and show her own dominance, Kiri is not willing to back down from a fight no matter how bad it gets. She is used to living in pain, so wounds don't bother her as much as they would if she hasn't been abused so much. However, her blindness toward pain makes her also blind to how bad the injury really is, making her neglect her wounds she gains. Causing someone pain is her main way to discover how strong they are; a nasty habit she developed after the abuse she herself suffered. 

Twisted - Due to different teachings and her belief that one day the world will end, her view on the world is different. Anything that is positive for others - like love, light, kindness- is completely unnecessary for their survivor. In her eyes, Mist is part of her son, as well as being her sons current "Home", and her personal guide.


"Original" personality

(Note: rarely shown. Old Kiri, before she got re-trained. Can be sometimes spotted during misty days when she is talking to her "son", or just hangs around areas with thick mist.)

Loving and caring - she liked to help with everything. She wanted to make sure everyone was happy. She loved the butterflies and bees, and other bugs. Basically, she loved life itself and everyone she met.

Anxious -  others staring at her made her tremble, and eventually, it felt as if her lungs were crushed by the Devil himself. Being in the center of attention didn't fit her well and the pressure to be perfect made her often break down in front of her parents leading to her crying for hours. 

Emotional -
 Seeing anyone that got hurt or see them being angry at her caused Kiri to cry. She could cry over anything and everything. Her parents tried to get her emotional side away with abuse, eventually managing to do just that. Kiri was always crying when she arrived at the ritual meeting place, her high pitched sobs echoing over the lakes while her small light body was hidden by the mist. 

Weak - She was very careful. She didn't like to feel pain or push herself to get better at something. She wanted to stay the way she was, ignoring dangerous situations or at least avoiding them until they were dealt with by someone else. Unfortunately, due to all rituals, she was forced to learn how to inflict "acceptable" injuries upon herself to please the devil. The limp and the scar on her face are a result of her fathers' way to inflict these injuries upon her but making them deeper and more painful than needed to teach her a lesson.

Positive thinker - "No matter how bad it gets, it will get better the next day." She was trying to keep herself happy and telling herself that tomorrow would be a better day. Even during the first days of abuse, she was certain it would end soon enough and everything would be fine. 

Naive -
 She saw life as a butterfly. Always flying around, having fun, seeing new things, beautiful and free from danger. Kiri was sure she could explore the world, only to realize how strictly forbidden the outside world was. No outsiders were allowed to get in, and no pack members were allowed to leave even if it was for exploration sake. Whenever a pack member disappeared she told herself that they went on a journey. 

Pre-group history

Kiri`s birth and life were planned long before she was born. Born in a litter of four, she was the sole survivor. Just like her parents' life, and her grandparent's life has been planned by packs and cults creator several generations ago. Like any other young pup, she didn't question or struggled against the teachings of her parents. She ate and slept when she was told, she played with other pups when she was allowed to, she was part of rituals her parents performed in front of the other members of their pack.  Her light coat fascinated many. Most wolves in her pack had either dark grey or brown coats, the only light-coated members were Elders. While their belief that performing specific rituals - sacrifices, self-harm, drawing blood, inflicting pain on others mm- kept the devil satisfied and kept him away from their world, and the mist was their guardian as well as  a vail hiding a world where the devil would not be able to survive. When the mist was thickest, and the night sky enlightened by the full moon, entire pack gathered nearby the lake where the mist, was the thickest and performed a dance and a song with wounds covering their bodies. At this age Kiri was used to get into smaller disputes with her parents about what she wanted and didn't want to do, ending with her parents hurting her more than usual with - just like during her early pup-hood- made her cry more than usual. To avoid other similar fights Kiri learned to withstand the pain and her own dislike and inflicted those injury's herself.

Kiri`s coat colour resemblance to mist made her stick out from among the pups despite her own failure to see why she was so "abnormal" in their eyes. As she grew older she discovered how differently she was treated comparing to the others. Some of the other young ones, who decided they wanted to leave their strict and painful way of life, ended up being sacrificed to the devil. The day she became a juvenile her parents let her be the one who performed sacrifice rituals, making her a role model in their community. The older she got, the more pressure she had on her to live the perfect life as a faithful member of their pack. She was not allowed to make any mistakes. Having everyone's eyes on her made Kiri to seek shelter and isolation in the mist, from time to time either singing or dancing without harming herself. Those who discovered her small escapades when ended up being her personal curse; instead of being demoted to a normal status, it became a common belief the light coated wolf was performing this unusual non-ritualistic dance and song to keep their mist-guardian alive, making her stand out even more than she did before.  When she asked one of the Elders why he responded with a quote from their religious lore:

"And from the mist, she was born, leading them all through the darkness to the safety of the light."

When Kiri hit the age of young adult she committed the biggest sin - at least according to the Elders. Falling in love with anyone within the pack without her parent's approval was bad enough. Ending up carrying his pup was even bigger offense. In a try to keep her lover safe, she lied about her relationship and told them she never had been with a male before. Unfortunately for her, the Elders did believe her story, but it got a different result than she hoped for; instead of saving herself and her son from harsh punishment, the Elders demonized her unborn pup and branded her as devils mate, someone others should avoid and stay away from. They believed that only the devil himself could create another living being, while the mist was only a thin wall between their world and the incoming apocalypse. 

Her lie became her downfall. 

She was forced into her parent's den and stayed there until the day her son was born. After that, the cruel reality of what happened to those who went against her packs religion was shown to her in form of torture. Kiri can barely remember how many days and nights she had to endure the suffering before the world became "clear" enough for her to start register what was going on. When she was still in a state of agony and shock, and her own will broken, the elders had almost no problems at all with pushing her to submit to their will and sacrifice her son. However there was small detail Kiri was never told; her son was already critically injured, his body broken by neglection, and poison spreading trough his body damaging him further from the inside.  He died shortly before Kiri performed the ritual.  Both her Elders and parents had no issues with convincing Kiri that his death was her own doing. With her free will broken Kiri became a wolf that could be easily manipulated by others. Once she was done with her re-training,  Elders decided to accept her back to their community again. 

While they started to love her again Kiri decided it was time to escape this place where she was supposed to act as their pillar of hope. whenever she performed a ritual she could hear a voice coming from the mist. Believing she was just slightly insane considering the fact that she sacrificed her own son for "the greater good" she ignored them at first. But once the whispers grew stronger she could swear she recognised that voice. She could swear it was her son.

Her mist became her own, personal Savior. During the night, when the mist was thickest and everyone else was asleep - and thanks to her good behaviour she was allowed to choose where she wanted to sleep - Kiri managed to sneak out from her grounds territory. Not looking back at the only home she had since her birth, the young female left everything behind. On her long journey to DOTW, Kiri discovered the differences between her cult-oriented pack and a "normal"-pack. While not fully convinced these packs were any better than her old one, she was determined to find a community she could be part of. With her old teachings and pictures that have been painted by others slowly being pushed into the back of her mind, Kiri decided to seek up a pack she could serve in order to reverse her packs doing. If she went against the teachings and her packs religion, the devil surely would awaken and bring the apocalypse her pack feared more than death. 

On her journey, she heard talks about a strong and fearful pack that called themselves "Vale". Fully convinced that she could handle anything that would come her way if she joined them, Kiri made her way toward the pack's territory, hoping to be accepted as a member of the pack.

Romantic details

Kiri does not believe that love can conquer it all, or something that just appears once the right one comes in ones path. To her, partnership and romance is created trough hard work that both wolves need to do in order for it to work. If either of them cant handle this kind of work, then love is impossible.


Her son

Blood moon 
Obsessive packmates
Being overpowered

Naive wolves
Wars fought in the name of Religion/God




Group History: 

DOTW: Demons and mountains
DOTW MSE: Catalyst
New home
Dance of the owls
In the distance
Conversations we have
Past and present
Watch where you put your paws
Helpful introductions
Shocking revelations
Too far
The dancers
Golden Fields
Social Distancing
When the mist comes

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