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DeSu: Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Atsubro Atsuro!


Atsuro Kihara, protagonist/Kazuya Minegishi, Naoya, and Yuzu Tanikawa from Devil Survivor.
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A song for the occasion: "Happy birthday to Otakuro! Happy birthday to Atsuwrong! Happy birthday to Nerdlinger! Happy birthday to you!!!"
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Poor Atsuro. Naoya, you're a dick.
Oh this is just awesome and hilarious! Love it!
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Which one threw that into his face ?
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I think it was Naoya
AmandaUng1428's avatar
Oh, he's evil all right .
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Totally canon XD
ChibiYouko's avatar
Awww... Poor Atsuro. xD;;
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kjhgjdfkjgdg very cuteeee <333
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Oooh poor thing xD
He's my fav <3 You know I played this because of you
your fanarts are all so cute I went and look what this was ^^;
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Yay! I'm glad I can make people join Devil Survivor fandom.
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oh, jeez, I adore the... texture? of this piece, and the colors and pretty much everything. you rock!!
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thanks! Glad you like it :D
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