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by Emburne

Hey, my name is Caelie, Cae for short, and this is my deviantART page. I really don't mind what pronouns you refer to me or what name you use, I respond to almost everything! I draw a lot of things, mainly pertaining to fandoms I'm in or artwork for my story that I have no idea will ever get done. I mainly draw ponies or canines, so don't expect a lot of diversity. I try to get out of my comfort zone but it's really hard for me :'D

I'm graduated with a B.A. in general art studies, and hoping one day to pursue a associate's degree in animation to expand my opportunities, but right now I currently do freelance work! I really love horseback riding and my two adorable boys, Stormy--my ten year old cat, and Tucker--my terrier mix--and they mean the world to me. I'm going to eventually finish my story, PEACEBRINGER, one day, but I need to get in the swing of drawing that topic once again. A lot of my artwork is old and I hope to get new stuff up, soon!

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