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Icon Tutorial 03 (ArcsoftPhotostudio2000)

By shiruji
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Tutorial 03 (made in the year 2007) because I couldn't find the first two tutorials...
Long story short (the longer version is below), here are a tutorial for the program Arcsoft Photostudio 2000 (program is too old to function I guess), but it is fun to see the progress I've made from when I first started untill today I am a dummy!  

LONG STORY: Memories
Rantings from when I was shy and nerdy Clap  
Back in the days (year 2003 and later) when was the sh*t La la la la, my first photo editing program was a program that followed with the camera I bought, and it was called Arcsoft Photostudio 2000. That was my first attempt at making icons, tutorials and layouts and such, interact with strangers and learning from their tutorials. I could look at others layouts and learn about HTML for hours lol! I used to upload a lot to my site at Createblog. Later I found out about DeviantArt (I needed somewhere to upload .zip packs for my icontextures) and became a member here Heart . When Createblog got spammed/hacked, I remember I got really sad. Soon after I got introduced to Livejournal for icon contests and such (I then used Photoshop for my editings), and my main platform was over there, when it came to icons. I must have made over a million icons, maybe more, back in the days. Now Livejournal is not as popular as it was back then (probably has to do with how easy it is do use filters on your phone these days), so by chance I learned about DreamWidth. I can't believe I haven't known about that site, as it has existed for ages I think I've fainted.. So I guess DreamWidth has almost taken over Livejournal? And I know use GIMP for my graphics/editings, because it has really upped its game since last time I tried to use the program (which was back in 2006. I hated Gimp back then lol!). Now I love Gimp - and it's still free to use! +fav  Some months ago, I found out about Shadowplay platform.  I now like to use all these sites, but I do not know whether or not I should only use one site, as it may be too much to handle when it comes to being active on all sites AND still having a normal life with job, boyfriend, family, friends etc., or if I'll continue what I'm doing as I'm not as active anyway. It is hard to decideSweating a little... . But one things for sure, I'm sticking with DeviantArt as it is still up and going and is still wonderful after so many years! :)  *And it's not like that Photobucket that has copyright logo all over the imagesRage So hello Imgur! :D (Big Grin) *  
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