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AQW | Thea (and stuff)

By ShiroxCloud
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For :iconlocketshoru: and for fun. :D

At first, it would be just her OC, Thea, along mine (Lance), but it quickly got out of hand and now there's Mirror Drakath, bandit!Drakath, Dan Escherion, chibi!Stratos and Exos (sorry, it's such a sh*tty preview), and Thea's awesome Shadowscythe cape (seriously, it's awesome.)

Characters (c) Artix Entertainment LLC.
Thea (c) LocketShoru.
Lance, Art (c) Me. :3
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Whoa there ShiroxCloud, your art is amazing! :0000 How long have you been drawing?
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That's about all I can say, really. There is nothing in this picture I don't like. You've got Thea down perfectly! And if that's Exos singing Call Me Maybe, that's plain adorable. Chibi!Stratos is making me smile, too. Mirror Drakath looks so innocent. I love it. Bandit Drakath actually looks less hateful than Champion Drakath - that's actually really nice, he's angry but not Champion-angry. And Dan... Dan is great. I love how you draw Dan.
Lance is really well done too - those two would probably team up against Ledgermayne and do a good job of it, I'm sure. The cape, too, Thea probably killed a man for it. Okay, I would kill a man for that cloak.

I love this. This is great.
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But Bandit Drakath is more angry with life than Champion Drakath is. It's just that here he's probably at a bonfire, lost in his thoughts, so not too angry for the moment... or something. xD
And Dan got a redesign since my first Chaos drawing. I'm definitely happier with his look now. xD
Anyone would kill a man for that cloak -- including me, even though I always lean towards "good" rather than "evil" (...and I'm a 'Evil Hero' in-game xD)

Really? :iconhappyderpplz: I'm glad.
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Bonfires are good. I mean, Bandit Drakath would be angrier, that makes sense, but he doesn't seem so angry. It's nice to see him not angry.
He looks great, and his staff is just as cool as he is.
I would kill a man for that cloak, although I have a plain black version in my closet. It's velvet and bigger than I am, but I'd kill for a second one, haha.

I'm really glad you did it, so. :iconimhappyplz:
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Yay, bonfires are the best! ...unless you get burned. xD
Well, Champion Drakath has DA POWAH so that's why he's not so angry. (Then again, I'm not sure what exactly happened to him and/or what the heck was he expecting from the Queen of Monsters - what could he gain from her? If it was power, he did get it, but in DF/AQ, there was a reason for such ambition: He wanted the throne that is his by right. In AQW, however, we don't see any of that. He just goes and does what the Queen of Monsters wanted of him; he never states what he wants to do-- he never takes back what he wanted, there isn't any real joy in getting his revenge on Sepulchure or Alteon, neither in his continued successes... [Originally there was a rant here about the story, but it was uncreated because you don't need one of my rants. xD] Maybe the Queen brainwashed him or something.

Give me that cape. :iconraepfaceplz:
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Bonfires are great if someone's getting burned and it isn't you. xD

Drakath should be on the throne. It's his by bloodline, by right, and he should have it. Don't even get me started on "Prince" Brentan and why that's wrong and that's Drakath's place. (angry face)

The Mother and Chaos brainwashing him would entirely explain why he never goes for the throne. He could have taken it. And he could have killed Gravelyn too, but it seems he didn't feel like it, or, he was brainwashed. I know Iadoa says chaos takes over your mind, and I think we lost Drakath to it entirely.
If he wants power like Chaos without having it taken for him, he needs to go to a god or someone who is more powerful than the Mother and less concerned about what happens in Lore. It wouldn't take many favours, I don't think.

You're my friend and I love the drawings, but you're gonna have to kill me before I hand over the cloak. I'll see if I can get you one, though. Friends deserve good cloaks.
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You're evil. :iconshockplz:

I love Drakath. I really do. But many of the things that happened to him, he brought them upon himself. He could have done things differently and he'd gotten that crown...

OK, I don't think it'd be easy for him to gain power in the Swordhaven court after being exiled, but...

(Taking cues from Shakespeare's "Richard II"...)
In my headcanon, Alteon comes from a low-standing noble family that is related to (read: descended from) the royal house of Slugwrath, but their claim to the throne is pretty unlikely (like, the king has a heir apparent in his son). After one of Slugwrath's tyrannical actions (???), Alteon Alden challenged him, and then the court took sides -- some supported Dinkelheim, others supported Alteon. In the end, it was a civil war of almost French Revolution proportions, and Dinkelheim started to lose. In the final confrontation, Dinkelheim was finally killed, and Alteon's supporters wanted him on the throne. But oh, (not-so-)surprise! Eight-year-old Drakath is the heir, not him. Some loyalists (*coughValenand/orDariusLionfangcough*) decide it's better to finish off the line, but Alden decides against it, just as the others think of him as too soft. Nevertheless, one of the family servants who's like a mother to Drakath, gets the boy out of the castle with a few valuable things (such as the Marquis Sword that he'd inherit from his papa when he got older) and tries to protect him.  But there's an unofficial manhunt kidhunt (NOT sanctioned by Alteon) for him, so he can never set foot on Swordhaven again... It ends in Drakath joining the Bandits, and overthrowing an obstrusive/tyrannical leader guy, etc.

Now expanding on canon, I don't think Alteon would be adverse to abdicate and return the throne to him. It's not like he ever even wanted it (as in, like Henry IV) -- he just though that what Dinkelheim Slugwrath was doing was morally wrong and stood up against him... and a considerable part of the Swordhaven court had their own political agendas and decided Slugwrath had to fall, but they needed a new monarch. But the prince was only a child*, with no political standing and, for all that Alteon knew, innocent unlike his father. So he thought in returning the throne to him or at least act as his regent for the time being, but his disappearance forced him to rule as the sole king. Like many others, he also wonders, "Would he be a tyrant like his father?" (If he was, then heck no, he won't let that be.) Years later, Alteon is informed of Drakath's activities as a Darkwolf Bandit and one of Sepulchure's servants later, and he no longer believes he can abdicate in favor of the exiled prince. Ten years since then, he now firmly believes he cannot let him be.

Honestly, the one moment he decided he wanted supernatural/magical powers (instead of the frankly less insanity-inducing political power or yeah, Alteon's support), he fezzed up. Badly. Like, who expects an Eldritch Abomination guy bent on reigning supreme in Darkness to 'help' a pathetic, exiled prince regain his petty throne?

(*) Also, in Earth Terran history, there aren't too many cases in which a kid was a king and ended up well [Richard II, for example].

...Anyway, I think you must be tired of my wall-of-text posts by now. Sorry. :iconahahumplz:

Maybe, we haven't lost him completely... but the Mother whispers in his ears. Your throne... your revenge... everything you ever wanted... it shall all come in due time. That is my blessing and my promise... Now, go and free my children, dearie. They shall know your despair...

Nah, I don't need the cape. I wouldn't be able to use it - ever. xD (...Unless I went to a Con, but we don't have those here. xD)

edit: And then, I forgot to speak about Brentan, which I think was one of the main points of wall-of-text, but yeah...
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Well, maybe that bonfire wouldn't be so fun if it was the bonfire that we sacrificed Dan's family to.

How old even is Drakath? Ignoring the events explained in the finale, I honestly think he'd be 27-28. The way this sounds, it's like he's 40 or something. He doesn't look that old!
Okay, he definitely brought a lot of that on himself. Wait, if the players are dragons of time, then can't we go back in time and tell him what'll happen and what he needs to not do? I feel so bad for him. He made stupid choices and he didn't know what he was doing, and now let's see what happened. If I can get him into a different timeline, I'm giving him a happy childhood and I don't care if it messes up the flow of time. He deserves a break.

He was exiled and that would come back to bite him, but people tend to like people who save them. If Drakath had saved Swordhaven from Sepulchure in the prologue of AQW, he would have had a better chance at the throne. It would have at least helped - besides, no reason why he couldn't have faked Alteon's death and just gone, "Well, as the only person of age with royal blood, it seems I'm the only one left to rule." I mean, there isn't really an argument against that.

Wait wait wait. Alteon declined killing Drakath and finishing off the line? And he didn't expect Drakath to show up in twenty years and overthrow him? I don't think he thought that through too much. It's true Drakath didn't really have any standing, and he couldn't exactly be the king; but he did disappear, which, considering the events, made sense. After he disappeared, having everyone on his tail to kill him would really mess him up - I'm not surprised he is the way he is now. What happened to the servant, though? Did they kill her?

And since Drakath turned to Chaos, Alteon won't let him rule. But maybe Brittany might, if it turns out he was indeed brainwashed and actually regrets what he did. But it's also Drakath, so the chances of him regretting it are pretty low. But I doubt he'd let her live, due to her being Alteon's daughter. Mind you, Queen Elizabeth is the only queen whose husband died and she remained on the throne without remarrying, so all Drakath would have to do to take her off the throne is kill Brentan. Take out the "king", and if the queen does not remarry, she will fall in civil war.
And while we take Terran history as our reference, I asked my brother (who loves history), and he said that Drakath is the rightful king and Alteon is a usurper, and then asked why another king didn't just take Drakath in, make him grow up to be this king's lackey and then have Swordhaven and Shadowfall both under Drakath's adopted-parent's rule through Drakath? I mean, surely Alteon's warriors weren't the only ones hunting Drakath down. He has blood claim to Shadowfall and Swordhaven, the two biggest cities of Lore. That makes him really valuable to any king he sides with and doesn't betray. Sepulchure obviously didn't use Drakath the way he should have.

Actually, the walls of text are really nice to see. I'm tempted to hand you one over why Brentan isn't royal and should not in any way be king. I really dislike Brentan and everything he stands for, but I'm holding back on that one, because you really don't need that rant. xD

Wait. If we haven't lost Drakath entirely, I'm stabbing the Mother and bringing him back and giving him the smack and hug he needs. And also parenting. He needs that too. xD

The capes work nicely for keeping rain off your bags. And also for looking really cool. I love my cape.
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Aww, poor thing. xD

When you said wall-of-text were nice to see, you don't know what you were getting yourself into.... :iconhappyderpplz:

(Just in case, EVERYTHING I've said are just conjectures, canon and headcanons mixed up, so yeah, don't take them too seriously. They're just hypothesis I wish were stated in-game. Once you do the finale, you shall know what I added, which is a lot, and what is 'true'. lol)

Anyhow, about his age: I like to think AE's chronology (combining AQ/DF/AQW's dates all in one) that AQ is [in the "Galian" calendar*, as I call it] 1000 a.h.c., which stands for "after his coming". DF occurs five years in the past [i.e. 995 a.h.c.] and AQW, five years into the future [so 1005 a.h.c.] So always think of the ten years between DF and AQW. xD

In DF, Drakath looks like he's in his 20's. Also I like to think he was 8 when the 'Alteon revolt' happened [he's old enough to remember how his father was slain in front of him] and it's implied [in canon] that all of Alteon's daughters were born after he became king. So was Gravelyn**.
...So I think Drakath is 24 in DF***, 29 in AQ and 34 in AQW. Brittany was born the same year of the revolt [in 979 a.h.c.], and Robina one year later (Tara was ten years later). Now, how does he look so young? Between DF and AQ, he somehow became a full dragon and stopped aging, in a sense. Dragons age MUCH more slowly than humans. (Take half-dragon Nythera, who's 200 in dragon years but looks 17 in DF. [DF canon])

*There IS a Battleon calendar, in which AQ happens in 2002 [AQ canon] or so, but I prefer using the Galian calendar of my own 'invention'.
**You know, Gravelyn's age is still kind of a mystery to me. In DF, she looks like a toddler (1-3) or, AT BEST, four.
***He'd be almost nine years older than Victoria, lol.


We doing good deeds as the Eternal Dragon of Time, huh? I wonder how did that go. *whistles suspiciously*
And no, he wouldn't take the throne, not anymore. The Mother did something to him, and he no longer seemed to crave for his throne. Perhaps, he only wishes revenge, but even then.....

Anyway, even IF he had only killed Sepulchure then, I doubt he'd have any political allies--he never had the chance and/or never put the effort to gain them (OR lost them doing something stupid since he was in king Tralin* of Deren's court for a while [AQ canon/most likely not applicable to AQW]).
Even if Alteon agreed to abdicate by faking his death, the whole incident would be suspicious as heck - the exiled prince comes back and suddenly (or in the following months), the usurping yet beloved king dies mysteriously? Yeah, not suspicious. It'd likely earn him enemies inside the court, even if he has the right. (Which he doesn't quite have considering his ancestor, Drageth Slugwrath, first king from House Slugwrath used some 'unsavoury' means to be on the throne about 900 hundred years ago [AQ canon].) And then, there are Alteon's daughters, whom the Alteon loyalists would defend, so there ARE arguments against that.

*And Tralin is well-regarded by EVERYONE. In fact, I'd say Alteon would like to be friends with him, and would be after he went past Tralin's stoicism.


[Headcanon:] Alteon allowing to Drakath to live is something I picture him doing and then, thinking he'd rather be just the prince's regent rather than king, too. But it's not that he didn't think it through enough-- it's that he hopes the prince won't be like his father. Anyway, Alteon cannot control all that his subjects do, so his loyalists (e.g., Valen or Darius Lionfang) wanted the boy dead. And the servant... who knows? (I have some ideas, but well, I'm not sure. Her death is likely, but I'm not big on female character's death, so.)


I-- I don't know about Drakath's redemption or, er, Brittany's rule (so you haven't done the Swordhaven saga yet...?) We can only wait.
Regret? He probably regrets everything. He's just way to proud to admit it. xD In any case, he's quite unpredictable at this point, yet I REALLY doubt he wants the throne now. (He needs to do some 'soul searching' at the moment.)
Um, I don't think it works like that, though... unless Swordhaven is an extremely patriarchal society, but considering Denara must have a position in the court, and most of Lore seems to be quite less sexist than our society was back in the medieval era, I kind of doubt it. I don't think the people will revolt if they end up having only a queen, instead of a king. xD


Indeed, Alteon IS an usurper and if someone took Drakath in, it could work. But it couldn't be. Dinkelheim Slugwrath [name = MQ canon] is a tyrant, he's "the Monster King". If he has any alliances, then they're uneasy. Now looking at other kingdoms/nations revealed in other games [MOST of them are not applicable to AQW canon, but I'll list them all the same because headcanons]:
-RENND (somewhat geographically closer than most others) is 'morally' connected to the Paladin Order to which Artix belongs, so they likely don't find his behaviour funny. They're also busy with their long-standing conflict with Stormfallen, and hating on demons. I don't think they want the boy, who might turn out like his father?
-STORMFALLEN is a demon fortress hell-bent (;D) on conquering the rest of Battleonia (and za world!?) to achieve peace with humanity. Queen Tyranna ain't no tyrant herself, so she -like the king of Rennd- probably didn't like Dinkelheim. They're also busy in their war against Rennd and, yeah, the rest of the world. Anyways her influence doesn't quite reach Greenguard Forest (where Swordhaven is located [DF canon]), and the Kaer Sterra mountain chain (I think?) makes it difficult for her people to go beyond it... just to retrieve a human boy? Nah, she doesn't care for petty human politics -- she's just too awesome for that.
-DEREN is in another continent (Deren*), so unlikely to do anything about it. As of then, king Draynor is busy establishing relationships with the Drakel, getting to know Tralin better and, I think, having a war with Neld at the moment. He'll achieve peace in a few years...
-NELD is also in another continent (Neld); for hundred years, the royal line of Valesti ruled with an iron fist, the country was affected by the 'elemental war' and they were at war with Deren. So yeah, same as Deren.
-VANDAR is a thing. It's actually not a kingdom; a few years back, the people overthrew the tyrant king that ruled over them and it became a republic. Now they kind of want to preach about their freedom and anti-religious ideas (which will cause a lot of problems later on.) It's also in another continent.
-GRANEMOR doesn't exist yet. xD Anyway, the royal family that has recently taken control of it had a small kingdom, but it was destroyed by Stormfallen.
-DARKOVIA has the Vampire Queen, Safiria, and the Werewolf King, Constatin Petyrovich. Both have been battling for the control of the forest for centuries (nine, in fact [AQ canon]), but as of Alteon's revolt, Safiria is taking a nap that lasts for 200 hundred years [DF canon]-- she could be interested in making a new nest, but eh. And the werewolves have no use for aristocracy [AQW canon]. Constantin couldn't care less.
-DARK LANDS: there, the Tyrant King rules supreme and the nice, animal-lover Vephoma hasn't been able to do anything about it yet. The Tyrant King's just a greedy bastard. It's on the east side of the continent, and it's just a jungle.
-STONERULE is a thing. I think there's a kingdom, but I think that's in the future... Idk, it's time travel, okay?
-ICEFALL (or alternatively, Frost Kingdom) from the North is where King Frost [AQ] and/or the Frost King [AQW] has ruled for centuries and is biding his time to recover Ice Orb thanks to his son, Jack Frost. [headcanon: they're obviously scared of Aisha, so they waited until she was stopped to do their thing xD]
-SANDSEA has a pharaoh (*coughSek-Duatcough*) who, yeah, couldn't care less about anything other than himself. He's too busy killing all opposition and ruling forever. xD
-The NORTHLANDS are also the home to half-Ice elf, half-Ice dragon Queen Aisha who rules over Ice elves who's been conquering the Northlands. So yeah kinda busy, since she wants to expand coldness so that her people may live freely-er.
-DRAGESVAARD [DF] surely is the home to Johann Wryce [AQW] and his family. They're not kings, but nobles who protect the human settlements on the north.
-AKIBA has the Emperor Daisho, but they're too far away. They're in an island on the other side of the continent...

...Then there's the Drakonus continent, which I know nothing about... other than it'll be important in the future.

So, in AQW, well, you have Akiba and... well, okay, just Akiba.
So, I guess there aren't really monarchs who'd be willing to waste resources on looking for an exiled prince, and then no one would really know where he was. He's on the run, and he's scared.....

*Deren, Neld and Vandar are known as the Maritime Provinces, and they are all located in small continents with same name as the nation. They're east of Battleonia (i.e. the dragon head-shaped continent ;D)


There's a small detail, though. Shadowfall didn't exist back when Alteon becomes king. In fact, it was unthinkable that someone like Sepulchure could appear and bring along with him the Shadowscythe (name of the empire). And Drakath cannot have any kind of blood claim to the Shadowscythe because he's not related to Sepulchure in any other way than Drakath being a servant of his in the past; only Gravelyn can (and has) become Empress... only she can be his heir. (Also, Shadowfall was just known as "Sepulchure's fortress" about ten years ago, when he took interest in the Elemental Orbs.)
And in the end, most kingdoms are content with the territories they own. Aisha and Frost King were, at the time, really interested in conquest, but they won't partake in human politics-- they'll just crush them (and all opposition).


Hey, after inflicting this post to the world and to you, you can rant all you want about Brentan. (Note: I don't hate him at all, but I'm interested in your opinion, of course! Also, it shall be payback time! xD)

Oh, parenting! Drakath needs that, too. He's fine, though. Angry, but fine. He'll get better, I'm sure.

Awwww, that's cute! :iconohdarlingplz:
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