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AQW | Aurea Draconis

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I thought about colouring this one but I can't, so...

They're all OCs of mine that would be characters in AQW story-thing that I'm too lazy to do? Yeah, that's all I need to explain.

See here for numbering ->>>…
(1) Lancelot - 16? - Healer - Derago Island
"Simply called Lance by everyone. A mysterious young man with a great destiny. Though shy and unassuming, he cannot stand others getting hurt."
(2) Claire Berkant-Bellerose - 16 - Mage - Swordhaven
"Heir to a family dedicated to the magical arts, she runs away from responsibility. Hot-headed and stubborn, she leads her friends, Lance and Dagat, into adventure."
(3) Dagat - 17 - Ranger - Sandsea?
"An arrogant, stoic ranger from somewhere in the Sandsea. He doesn't remember much about himself and accompanies Lance and Claire, claiming he has nothing better to do."
(4) Wes - 19 - Necromancer - Moonridge
"An incredibly powerful Necromancer despite his young age, Wes faithfully and honorably serves Gravelyn as one of her generals."
(5) Bahadir - 34? - Fighter - Surat
"Known as 'the Warrior of Dawn', Bahadir is a cheerful, carefree man of fearsome hidden strength. Though he enjoys being with others, he never speaks about himself."
(6) Skylar Agnarsson - 23? - Wizard - Battleon
"The devilish, but efficient manager of Aurea Draconis. Though he serves as a butler to the guild, he keeps everyone on their toes and guarantees everything runs smoothly."
(7) Aeron Agnarsson - 55 - Stormking - Falguard
"The respected guildmaster of Aurea Draconis. Father to Skylar by adoption and to the guild in a sense, his lazy demeanor hides great power, knowledge, and responsibility."
(8) Alexei - 17 - Knight - Citadel
"Son of the late Captain Havar, he is a young Crusader with interests in magic and an odd friendship with Murry, despite the likely enmity it may cause in the Grand Inquisitor."
(9) Briar Airaldi - 28 - Warlord - Rennd
"A Pria Knight who fell from grace, she is known as 'the Lady in Red' for her frightening prowess in the battlefield. Despite the title, she acts as an older sister to the younger members of Aurea Draconis."
(10) Akira - 26? - Ninja - Akiba
"Called 'the Heavenly Dragon'. A stoic exile from Yokai Island who has speaks little and leaves a trail of white feathers behind him."
(11) Noir Stairaird - 32 - Cardclasher - Verteroche
"Known as 'the Black Card', he is a man of many regrets and many admirers. Despite his sorrow, Noir always finds joy in a good game of cards."
(12) Azriel - 44 - Dark Caster - Mortem
"The ever-wandering deputy guildmaster. A mother figure to Skylar and a very old friend to Aeron, she is rarely seen at the guild except when there is trouble. Little is known about her ties to Dage the Evil."
(13) Erja - 37 - Assassin - Kaze I'nei
"Lady of the guild and Skylar's counterpart, she looks after the Hub and the members of Aurea Draconis silently and gracefully."
(14) Dror - 71 - Loremaster - Gulgin Daar
"A wise, knowledgeable Orc who serves as the librarian and loremaster of Aurea Draconis. Dror enjoys learning new things, but also sharing his knowledge. He is always on the lookout to add new books to his collection."
(15) Finnian Snow - 35 - Rogue - Icefall
"Aurea Draconis' spirited bartender. Though he is a half-Risar of icy drinks and exuding coldness, he is a very warm chatter who always gives nicknames to his customers."
(16) Zoraida - 38? - Druid - Ilduran
"A capable alchemist and druid, Zoraida used to be Reik's mentor. She always has fantastic anecdotes to tell, though one suspects not all of them are true—even if she indeed is a communicant of the Earth Lord.."
(17) Reik - 24 - Alchemist - Swordhaven
"One of King Alteon's 1st Class Alchemists, he faithfully serves his king as much as he charmingly approaches women."
(18) Marjaana - 22 - Monk - Arvorendil
"Of little magical talent, Jaan grumpily does well with her fist alone. Because of her explosive temper, she tends to avoid people outside the guild."
(19) Thais - 26 - Scholar - Lorendale
"Also a member of the New Dawn, Thais enthusiastically works on a bestiary of her own, as she collects information and depicts monsters with great talent.."
(20) Raleigh - 29 (201) - Enforcer - Felroad
"Raleigh, of House Ravier, is one of Queen Safiria's enforcers, seeking to impose her law over all other vampires and doing her bidding, no matter the task."
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