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So hey guys, I'm opening up some commissions to help pay to get my 3DS fixed because it went super KAPUT the other day.

These commissions are of Aperture Science Test Subject Identification Badges.
There are FIVE slots. It is first come first serve, once they're full, they are full. I may open them again, please keep watching my page to find out.

>Morrogh Drakken (Finished)

Here are some examples:

Here are the rules of this commission:

Each commission is $25 CAD each. To order a commission you must note me via Deviantart and tell me you would like one. Once you do so I will add you to the list above, and make a quick sketch. Once you are happy with the sketch, you will need to pay me through my Paypal (which I will send you via note reply) the full $25 CANADIAN. Afterwards I will proceed to complete your badge and send you the PNG file and PSD file via Email. NO HARD COPIES WILL BE MADE. I'm sorry, but I am not skilled enough to print out, laminate, and add a clip to all these badges. If you wish to have a solid real life copy, you must do it yourself.

Please make sure you send me money in CANADIAN DOLLARS not US DOLLARS or any other form of payment. I apologize for the inconvinience, but it's far easier for you to do the conversion once than me to do it multiple times and lose money.

You may describe one character of yours to be put into the badge. You can dictate the pose, how they wear their aperture science uniform, and what objects are included with them.
For the sake of aesthetic, I am limiting your choice of objects to 1 other object + the portal gun. This means your character can be seen with a turret and the portal gun, or a companion cube and the portal gun, but not with say a personality core, a companion cube, and the portal gun. There may be exceptions to this rule if you feel you have a good idea. If that is the case, please note me. The portal gun itself is optional if you choose not to have it, but doing so will not automatically allow you to have another item in it's place. 

Also, I shouldn't need to say this, but remember to keep these PG. these are not adult commissions.

As for corrections. I have heard horror stories about people keeping artists on a continuous loop of corrections over and over again. To avoid this I am limiting people to one round of corrections. This means after you have received your badge, you may point out anything that needs to be corrected then and I will do so. After that I will not be making any new corrections. I will be open to making corrections on the corrections, but if you didn't mention it the first time, it cannot be that important. Please make sure you state all the changes you want made as early as possible, to ease the correction process. Even as early as the sketching stage will work.

On Refunds. If I give you a sketch and you are unhappy or find you do not have the funds, let me know. From there you won't need to pay, and I will stop working on your badge. If you have paid in full and have NOT RECEIVED YOUR BADGE and you find I am taking too long, or you find yourself in sudden need of the money, I will refund you. if you have received your badge, you are not eligible for refund. 

As for posting. Please let me know if you do not want me to post your badge online. I would like to post it so I can show others my skill and hope they will want to commission me themselves. But there are obvious reasons that people will not want me to post them, if this is the case, just let me know ASAP and I will refrain from posting it. 

thank you for your time! 

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