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The Butterfly Opera

[link] - process sketches/ink progress
[link] - traced with pen tool
[link] -color progress
[link] - finished

I ran out of potatoes ._.

Better make new ones!

Figured this one could be labeled as Fantasy, so finally the vexel art is in the vexel category. I am way too concerned about this = =. Textures used are from
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Such a wonderful style! I love this! It makes my imagination run wild! :heart:
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Nice. =]
So jelly of your tallent.I think I've fainted. 
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She looks amazing <3 like a shining moon :3

- Mietzy
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Interesting and gorgeous :heart:
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Hi I was wondering if I could please post this artwork on my tumblr blog as a creative writing prompt? I would credit you and post a link to your deviantart.

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looks like it could be a disney movie :)
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The style of this is so gorgeous. I love it! 
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Aww, so pretty! :love:
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I love how you painted her, looks like a dream :meow:
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how beautiful this is.
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So gorgeous :heart:
I love the colors and the contrast between the lady and the dark background is very nice!
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Wow, incredible ! Alls thoses details and the colors ! Really god job !
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Love <3 I'm an opera singer lol, love the opera glasses :)
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This is just breathtaking. I love the concept behind the picture, and the coloring is amazing. The background as well as the lineart looks stunning. It looks so amazing! :D
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Early 20th centrury poster art meets modern painting tech.
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Woooooooooooooaaaaaaa *-*
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That's beautiful! :heart:
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I can only imagine the story for this. Lovely job in creating a mood! :D
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