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sketch: [link]

These are the ghosts of ordinary objects. Why or how they exist is unknown, but they can be fun to collect if you know how to keep them.

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A-young-soul's avatar
very beautiful 
Kayisok's avatar
haha brilliant!!!
AkumaEnpitsu's avatar
I love this drawing,the lights and shadows are so well  handle!
Good job^^
ThEgr8sAcKiE's avatar
the lighting is beautiful :0
GoldenKp's avatar
Love this picture its help inspire a drawing of my own
pronkyou2's avatar
So very much... DETAIL. One colour palette with some edge hue gradient, but so much detail. It may simply be a trick of the texturing, but it's the feeling that counts. It's like nostalgia, but warmer, a proper reminiscence. I can't complain about the character or any of the work in the glass jars. Love it.
Nira-chan-X3's avatar
Magnifique aussi, celle-là!!! ^^
J'adore les effets noir-or entre l'ombre et la lumière!! =3 Et en plus, je l'avais encore jamais vu!!! X3
enmesarra's avatar
Seriously, this is one of the coolest concepts I've seen in a long time.  And beautifully drawn.
HelenQuarter's avatar
Poor little ghosts. I'm glad one is finding a home.
You have really great ideas and a beautiful dreamy style. I really enjoy your art :)
allyhodges's avatar
Reminds me of the hidden grove in The Little Mermaid! Beautiful use of of light and limited color! :)
inezuu's avatar
Love it, look at that soft coloring <3
Gorgeous work!
GillianAlexiel's avatar
Gorgeous concept! <3
d3aph's avatar
I really like this concept!
pandapuffz's avatar
It hasn't loaded yet, and it's a little different but that's deffonitly Shirotsuki.... -loads- yep... that glow <3
Fernstream's avatar
Wow... one drawing creates an entire story here, and I absolutely love the lighting!
PGeekianLobo's avatar
Too cool for words but still I liked how the lighting show makeing the girl as a foreground really cool! X3 Crap I wish I had good at shading and lighting like that XT lol
SomethingMoreThanMe's avatar
This is gorgeous, one glance and I had a story bubble up in my head. I like how you've coloured it so the mundane objects in jars stand out more than the girl, even though she is in the foreground. It makes you look twice at the entire picture.
ARTabstraction's avatar
I love the lighting! Jeez! And I also love how the jars look in the background!!!
Gadvac's avatar
The lighting here is FANTASTIC!
RukahTsubasa's avatar
beautiful style and love that glow!
Vestras's avatar
That is simply beautiful!
NeddieDavid's avatar
This is gorgeous. The concept is absolutely original and imaginative and I LOVE the tones you've used and the atmosphere you've created. :heart: So lovely!!!
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