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Rainy Season - Look Down

By shirotsuki
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Process - [link]

Project 5! And more strange things turning up here in this place. Also, I stumbled over a somewhat different approach to the digital coloring part of this process, one that relies way more heavily on the watercolor original, and not quite so much on steamrollering over it. I hope it helps freshen this illustration up a little bit!

Edit note - wow the thumbnail version of this looks really, really gross. is anyone else having this problem with their image uploads, or know any way to fix it?
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May I ask, what is this device/machine she is looking at?
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I love the colors and angle in here. Fantastic imagination!
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Wow! The fish really does seem like it's made out of water. I love how it gracefully flows through the river, slipping quietly into the background as smooth and elegant as the nature surrounding it. A very calming and lovely image! :heart:
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Excellent work.
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I loved the colors and you style is very cute ^^
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The lily pad in the upper left looks like it's a folding piece of paper, the foreshortening of the character is jumpy and awkward, but the colouring is, as ever, amazing. I do like the fish, too, but I can't tell where the stream ripples begin and the whiskers end, nor is there any rippling of the shadows or the shape of the fish. I must say though, your lines have become so good that I've just ignored them. Very natural palette choice with the blue-green-brown.
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I heard cat fish are pretty good pets
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Mmm this is nice. I like the original quality.
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Beautiful like always
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I love this!!! I have a thing for fish and underwater things... I really enjoyed this series.
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I really like the interplay of colour in the water with the fish. It kind of reminds me of jellyfish-fish. I think my only sticking point with this peace is the girls arms seem totally out of proportion to the point that it took me awhile to realize that she was actually holding the camera(?) in her hands and not having her arms crossed under it.
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Utterly stunning ambience to this image - however given the predatory habits of catfish and the sheer size of that specimen I can't help but worry for the safety of the photographer...

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Reminds me just too much of Mushishi, but that's a good thing ^^ Great work, beautiful in every way.
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So soft and beautiful!
I feel a lot of peace while looking at this piece.
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There are so many things to admire in this piece.
-The colors, so rich and vivid even through the washed fade, very striking and yet serene.
-the odd little details, do the almost glyph like swirls on the rocks mean anything?
-the ethereal effect of the fish in the water
-the amuses sympathy of seeing the photographer's mistake, we've all been there!
This is one of those things I'd happily hang on my wall.
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Great color scheme!
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Those hues are amazingly beautiful ~-~
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I feel so drawn in by this picture. Brings a whole world to mind, and to life!
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amazing catfish :D
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Oh wow, I love all the amazing detail :squee: Those colors are beautiful and it's so creative and inspiring! :la:
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