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Fanart?! well okay, I've been needing a new dev ID for a while. And i was making a bunch of designs to be new buttons, this one in particular inspired by charlie the unicorn and animal that really bizarre fruit by the foot commercial with the nanimal tongues. So I was all 'hey, I wanna use that as my new devID'.

Also i like zelda games! Though to be honest, i haven't personally played one since link to the past.. But it just seemed like the thing to do 'v'.

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haha this is cool
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This is too sexy...
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Oh My God... This is Amazing
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Great picture :D .
Do you like Zelda ?
Then visit [link] :) .
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oh my god is beautiful
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Tongues! I loved that chapter of Charlie the unicorn and with Epona this is hilarious xD

By the way, is a really cute style :heart:
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HAHAHA this picture reminds me of [link] >.>
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omg!! Midna is so cute here! And they are adorable! :love:

Watch my :gallery: here!--> [link]
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omigosh this is so cute!! :D lol.
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I love this <3
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Ahahahahaha, this is lovely. :iconsawthatplz:
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Yeah I'd be scarred for life to. O_O
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Epona: Quick, Link, grab onto my tongue!
Link: What??
Epona: Mleaaaahh!
Link: ....ew. Dl
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Quickly grab on to ou tounges! mleaah~ XDDDD that was an epic episode~
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this is so fine,
I love the hatching lines, and coloring
your rendition of these Zelda characters is unique and distinct to you style
I like
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"Quick Link! Grab hold of my tongue!!"


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Haha oh goodness that's EPONA'S TONGUE. The face is hilarious!
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I love Link to the Past!!! It was my all-time favorite! :woohoo:

This is hilarious. I love it.
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ROFL This just totally made my day
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