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Fido, you're an animal.

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee done! er, wow, i hope i didn't kill it ; ;. i swear, ive been all too jittery about arting lately. but i do like how this came out, so green and nice! it makes me think a little of a magi nation pic i did waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. well.. not too far back in the day, but still.

them's my friend's ragnarok characters, KD the assassin, and Fido, the assassin cross. ah, i missed ragnarok. im finally playing again myself, i thought that would never happen. anyhoo, the characters are theirs, the art is by meh of course so please dont use it without permission! done on a piece of card stock, inked in open canvas 4+, and colored between photoshop 7.0 and open canvas 4+.

edit, damn! that is a tiny preview window oo;
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Aaaaah, I remember my gunslinger days! :stormtrooper:

RO is a great place to hang out, I find it more fun than wow :)
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I really like the colors and the liberties you took with their design. I also like the faces hidden in the image too. It makes it look both magical and a little bit creepy.

I have a thief that I was planning on making an Assassin Cross and a Hunter, but I ended up quitting after some... circumstances involving my RO fiancee. Soo... yeah anyway. ^^;
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Rofl, what a great sleeping pose xD Beautiful colouring ^^
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Love this! I'm going back to my private server AnthemRO soon.
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Really enjoyed looking at this piece, love the hidden details.
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From the ghostly girl to the twists in the tree, this is a great picture.
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I really like the colors- your coloring is so good!
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How can that guy's leg bend like that? It doesn't look natural at all. ._.;
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This is what I want myself to to able to draw someday.. I just love the soft lighting on your older work (not that I don't like the new ones..:P), it makes me feel a bit soft too.

Just amazing :) If you'd like, go check out my gnome rogue sketch, and tell me, what should I do with it :P But ofc, not forcing you.

I hope to see more of you in the future *watch on*
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really great draw!!!
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Reminds me of falcoon! so that means its good :D
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hey this drawing is on a Ragnarök server did you know?
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Cool!!! love the colors
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wow, so beautiful! It's a gorgeous setting and great poses! (repetetive me, much?)
Beutiful as always, Anna! =D I Love your art <3

Hope i'll see u soon again!
//Kex (=Anna, hihi)
Woosh, sorry, wrong painter (=said wrong name) x)

But still.. Your art is freakin amazing!!! Kepp up the good work!
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Nice drawing! I particularly like the composition of the image. Great coloring as well.
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two lovely assassins in 1 pic?
*__* that's too much for me = p

Really cute!
Fav plx!^^
wat program u use to make this? kinda new to this
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This is so amazing~!
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This is so beautiful! So smooth, and the positions are great!
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WOOT their just chillin! The colour detailing is GREAT! Really nice and has a good foresty feel XD. Keep it up!
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