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Fantastic Machine - Anime USA



: D

Next time I say 'let's do a steampunk carousel', somebody hit me.

OHHH But this was fun. It came out way late and it took a very long time, not to mention it butted heads with pretty much everything else I have going on right now and I haven't slept much since it's completion.. but ... but...



This is the program book cover for Anime USA, next month. WHICH YOU SHOULD GO TO. If you can. It's gonna be great! I'm hoping I can make new art for the show (besides this), but so far my schedule looks like a gnarly pit of soup and doom... so that's.. probably not likely to happen on any great scale. BUT STILL YOU SHOULD GO. It'll be a prodigious shindig.


Um! This is a gigantic pencil drawing I made that I colored in photoshop and open canvas, as per usual. It took eleventy billion years. And I tried out a few other things I don't usually do to make it less murshy and a little more supple, without compromising the dreamy aesthetic so much. In general i've been in a bad spot with my digital art lately.. I kind of don't know what to do with it anymore. So it's a good jumping off point, and I have hopes for whatever comes out after this.

Homework now. Gaaahhh > <;
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That is a beautiful carousel!