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Eyes for the Ocean

By shirotsuki
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wheeeeeee! pulled this together for , for our art trade ^^. this is her character Kilara, from her original story Xiro Myth. and... i got really carried away. i never really intended to go so far with the background, it was just supposed to be character shots and all... but i had fun ^^. kilara is drawing asura for me, squeek! i havent done an art trade in eons, so i figured it was about that time.

kilara is copyright to kilara! boy does that ever sound confusing.. but she is! and the art is mine, well.. this pic is, though it's done for her, yeah.. now im even more confused. anyway dont take it without permission! done in my sketch pad, inked in open canvas 4+, colored between adobe 7 and open canvas.
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hey shiro, sorry to ask but, got any tips on how you did that grass? its amazing and something i'm not good at. so any advice would be welcome? <3
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I really love her expression
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It looks like link from LoZ!!! I love it :D
Krokuta's avatar
I loved the coloring on this :)
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Eets bootiful ALLIEEEEEEE!!!! Jamie and I didn't even recognize your style at first! Very lovely! I'm going to be working on your image that I owe you and hopefully finish it before classes start! Now where did I put that sketch book.......
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Wow, awsome perspective. Slight vertigo sickness but overall really cool.
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this is fantastic work.
CherryBlossom006's avatar
ohhh i love this!!!!!!!
i so want to be there!!
love the angle!!!! looks so refreshing!
XO-OrangeART's avatar
This is amazing even after not looking at it for years.

Just think that her head is a little too far back, but as a whole, the picture is extraordinary and surreal.
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I love this so much! :+fav:
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At first I thought that the water was just a pool of water until I realized there was a cliff. I think the perspective's interesting, although that neck angle looks slightly awkward/painful for the kid. The only thing that throws me off is how there doesn't seem to be enough depth to convince me that there /is/ a cliff in the first place.

The colors are wonderful, though.
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I love the atmosphere and the... nevermind you know what? I love all of it :love:
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Fantastic coloring .. nice view too .. and congrats on the DD ;)
Neurquadic's avatar
I love the colors used in this. The blues are amazing. I envy your obvious amazing-ness in Photoshop.
PriKP's avatar
love it oO

I really dont know what else to say.

your drawings are just perfect
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wow wonderful...great job ...nice

hello from Germany
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Great picture! I really like the perspective!
FuzzyEye's avatar
wow thats a beautiful colouring job
bubbles101101's avatar
wow :wow: thats amazing. so cool
CybyCheetah's avatar
OMG Z KUHWAII!!!11!!Shiftyoneeleventy!

Ahem. Back to speaking like the intelligent, mature asylum patient that I am, I must say, very, very good. ^^ I hope I can draw like that some day. All I can do is make little scribbles with a piece of flint on the wall of my rubber room.... -dreamy sigh-
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this is really pretty
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