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November 15, 2021
[31DoS]Gearco 062 - Howls of Inferno (PENDING) by ShiroTheWhiteWolf
Featured by Astralseed
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[31DoS]Gearco 062 - Howls of Inferno (CLOSED)


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Kinda sad I didn't manage to finish it for Halloween, but the 31 Days of Shadow will continue anyway!

~~31 Days of Shadows is back in a slightly changed form!~~

I'll be doing a total of 31 designs, each one of them with Shadow status (meaning all shadow traits are automatically unlocked) BUT I'm not gonna force myself to do one design a day if I feel like I can't keep up. This means some of those may be posted in November or maybe even beginning of December! I'm planning to make some of the themes claimable before those designs' reveal too, but we'll see how it goes! Some shadow genes will also have their name changed, other might be merged/split so I can finally create an easy-to-follow guide!

1. Baphomet [Morphet/Flameborn] SOLD
2. Patchwork Cerberus [Impling/Abysshound] OPEN
3. Devil's Advocate [Unidrak/Poisoner] SOLD
4. Winter Werewolf [Morpher/Frostborn] SOLD
5. Vampire Bat [Gearco/Troll] OPEN
6. Basement Ghoul [Pandra/Desert Nimble] OPEN
7. Lost Soul [Morphet/Gustborn] SOLD
8. Howls of Inferno [Gearco/Demon]

This character is playable at DrakonianPalace ARPG!


  [DP] Welcome to Sakhengell - Size Comparison by ShiroTheWhiteWolf
Check out Sakhengell species size comparison!

What are gearco?

Gearco are one of the prime races and a native species of Sakhengell. Gearco have the nature of fighters. They love duels of all kinds and they don't mind getting hurt as long as they can prove their strength and skills to others. Proud, independent, and reckless, they symbolize the fighting spirit and the endless strive for self-improvement. 

Gearco possess two unique inner magic abilities (inner magic comes from the spirit of its user and it's specific to a species and its type/subtype)
1. 'retractable', enchanted claws/nails - claws/nails which can grow/change shape (final shape differs depending on gearco type)
2. soul-bond - an ability that lets gearco transfer a small part of their soul into one item, animal spirit, or magic element. Those so-called "bondlings" stay with gearco for the rest of their life. Even item bondlings are sentient and can be capricious, so it may take months or even years of training to perfect the bond between gearco and their bondling.

Read more here:
GEARCO - Basic Anatomy Lesson
GEARCO - Basic Types Lesson
GEARCO - Inner Magic Lesson

#062 - Howls of Inferno

Species: Gearco
Class: Drakonian (prime race)
Type: fire elemental (rare)
Subtype: demon

Ears: regular (demon)
Horns: regular (demon)
Tail: regular (taurine)
Horn/orb matter: stone (common)

Shadow genes: any (multi-limbs visible in the art)

Status: shadow

Owner: Flanngo

Auction rules:

-Paypal only - do not participate if you can't pay within 24 hours after accepting your bid
-No refunds - simply because you're buying a finished product that doesn't require shipping
-Do not edit/hide/retract your bids - this may result in you being temporarily banned from future sales and auctions
-Reply to the highest bid in the chain - this will make our lives easier
-Do not bid if your account is less than 2 weeks old unless you can provide a link to your older account

SB: 50 USD
AB: 120 USD

The auction ends 12 hours after the last bid (+1 hour snipe guard if the last bid occurs less than an hour before the auction ends)

-New owner is free to change/add accessories, manestyle (hair), mane (hair) color(s), and scarring.
-Each design gets masterlist entry at SakhengellCompendium
-Masterlist image is full-size. I'll be sending additional files to the owner only if they request a non-shaded version.

Drakonians are closed species by ShiroTheWhiteWolf
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paraade's avatar

love the expressive colours and the anatomy. very crisp and very pretty. congratulations on the daily deviation!

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Congratulations on getting featured 😊

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Beautiful work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
CAT-BOAT's avatar

I LOVE this kid, really nicely done!

I don't get paid for another couple of days or I'd bid! XD I'll try to catch another one!

Ascynd's avatar

Ooh stunning!

ShiroTheWhiteWolf's avatar
Flanngo's avatar
ShiroTheWhiteWolf's avatar

Hello! You won this auction! Since I have your paypal I'll invoice soon c:

Flanngo's avatar

Paid, thank you!

Flanngo's avatar

Super, thank you! :D

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