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What I'm up to:

- Still, still, working on my video game. I would love to be done with it this year (so I can start the next).
- AIA Triangle / BEC Committee Volunteer Work
- Oil / Acrylic Painting
- Oculus Rift Development / VR (Google Cardboard)
- Working on 3D render commissions.

What I'd like to get accomplished this year:

- Children's book illustration / publishing
- Family crest illustration 
- Actually start blogging about my video game
  • Listening to: M86 + Seven Lions + Lindsey Stirling - Kpop - Jpop
  • Reading: Reddit (Always)
  • Watching: One Piece (Only 700 episodes to go!)
  • Playing: Trudging through Mass Effect 3
  • Eating: Thai
  • Drinking: Coffee
What I'm up to:

- Still working on my video game (addicting space puzzle action!)
- Finished the Durham Map.  I might do one of Raleigh + Chapel Hill to complete the set.
- Completed my website (finally).  Now I need to start adding blog updates.
- Putting my foot in the professional photography door.
- Working on 3D render commissions.
  • Listening to: M86 + Seven Lions
  • Reading: Reddit (Always)
  • Watching: Kill la Kill / GoT
  • Playing: Dark Souls 2
  • Eating: Pork buns
Here's what I'm currently working on!

1. Learning Unity + Javascript for Game Design
2. Working on oil painting techniques!  Stuff takes forever to dry (6 months!)
3. Entering this competition:
  • Listening to: AWOL Nation
  • Reading: Reddit
  • Watching: Breaking Bad
  • Playing: Dead Rising 2 , Batman AA
I'm sorry I don't visit DA as much as I used to.
  • Reading: Catching Fire
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: Red Dead Redemption, Portal 2
  • Eating: Sweetart Jellybeans (Always)
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew (I wish)
I'd be pissed if they put me on the wrong team.

They got it right fortunately.  Jacob > Edward

Anyone want to help me figure out where I hosted my 7 year old avatar?

  • Watching: Dexter Season 3
  • Playing: Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2
  • Eating: Sweetart Jellybeans
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew (I wish)
Today I passed my LEED exam.  For those of you who don't know what LEED is, it is a system of validating green architectural design.


It is a scary test ($300 scary) that took a long time to study for and it is an immense load off of my shoulders.

It literally has been consuming all my time as of late, so now I can resume my personal Art/Architectural pursuits again (aka my life).
  • Playing: Dead Rising
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew
My absence is largely due to school as well as major events taking place in my life.  I have uploaded quite a bit of the work I have made in the last few years and it may come as a surprise that not much of it is space art.  That is partially because I am an Intern Architect now and architecture is another passion that I have.

I love architecture and I am hoping to get in contact with more deviants who share that same interest.

That has not to say that there will never be any Space deviations again, I am actually currently working on one (for the last 3 years).  That is to say, a good friend asked me 3 years ago to make him a CD cover and it has taken this long to get to where I am now with it.

Currently working on:

Architectural movie presentation
Another architectural competition entry

Work in progress:
Space CD cover
CityRacks design competition:

It is great to be able to put more time into Deviantart again!
.....................................................coming soon...

Again, like the other tgv day, this one was devoted to traveling back to paris.  Theres not really much to say honestly, it was just a train ride back to paris.

When we arrived, I went walking with 2 friends of mine and we were talking about how we werent really hungry and were going to wait for dinner to eat.  And as we were walking (they were shopping of course) we passed a pizza place and the smell just made all 3 of us instantly hungry.  It was called Petit Gaulois (i have the coupon) and if you live in paris its a great pizza place.  Its rather small, but the pizza was definately awesome.

Anyway we walked back to the hotel, and the plan was to go to the eiffel tower and actually go on top this time (since everytime before we woudl get there too late and was not able to go to the tippy top)

Unfortunately, lots of people dont know how to use the metro, and it was placed onto my shoulders on getting like a bunch of people there.  First off, alot of people that came with were guys and girls i havent hanged out with at all on the trip.  I think like 4 people came along that I personally knew.  So it was like a follow the leader type thing me leading everyone to the metro, getting their tickets, figuring out how the trains to take, and such and such.  The metro really isnt that hard at all once you figure it out.  When i left paris i felt like a metro pro simply because i cuold go anywhere I wanted without any problem.

So anyway picture this, me (dressed in black) leading a large group of VERY american looking people who stood out like a sore thumb since we looked like a gang, getting on a metro, and riding all the way there.  Btw, these guys were rather obnoxious too, and simply didnt "blend" into the culture.

I think these are the same people who complained alot about things, simply because they wanted their tastes catered to I suppose.  Anyway we finally get to the Eiffel tower and Im able to take some pics in the daytime and we rode all the way to the top.  Unfortunately NONE of my pictures came out when i took them on top.  I didnt have a tripod and i was getting 2-3 second exposures that just did not come out since i couldnt stay still (it was cold and i was kinda shivering).

The view is magnificient.  Its the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Like you can litterally see the entire city surrounding you.  We were lucky to see the sun go down, as well as everything getting dark.  Paris is definately beautiful when lit up.

After we'd been there for a while, and after they decided to take forever to shop for gifts, we headed back on the metro and i lead them back to our hotel.  I dont recall really doing anything else that particular night.  Im pretty sure I just stayed in and went to bed early.  Theres really not much to do other than go to a bar or a club at night.  Everything is pretty much closed.  Im just not the bar/club type person I suppose.


On this day my group of friends id been hanging out with decided to make the best of the day.  We decided to go to as many things as we could.  Our itenerary included alot of things, but we were so tired after 3 things we went back to the hotel and rested later that day.

Our first stop was back to the Paris Cemetary.  I know it sounds odd to go there, but its just beautiful.  Its unlike any american cemetary.  There are monuments and just houses of stone meant for families to be burried.  I got some great shots of a few of the statues there, and plan on uploading those ones soon (you can browse through my gallery and see my pics!!!!!)  Anyway, we also visited Jim Morrisons grave which is pretty much what every american does when they go there.  Its like one of the most visited graves, and there are alwyas flowers and stuff put on it.  

Our next stop was Notre Dame, and we took the metro there and it was very beautiful too.  I liked it just as much as Chartres cathedral, but there are differences in just the way it was built.

After that we decided to go to the Gallerie Lafayette and shop around there.  The Gallerie is like a huge mall, thats around 9 stories or so.  I have a few pics of that too (gonna upload them!).  I bought most of my gifts while I was there.

After that my feet were kiling me, and I was essentially exhausted.  Our group split off into two, those who wanted to go visit something else, and those who were tired and needed a break.  I headed back to my hotel and took a nap in my room.

That night there was a plan to have most of our class go to this italian place called Mayas.  Since it was our last night, I decided to splurge and just spoil myself in terms of what i got.  I got an awesome pasta platter, and a big dessert.  We had a big group in the restaurant, but they didnt mind since other students had gotten to know the manager before hand, and told them that we were comming.

That night I didnt go out or do anything again.  I guess I was just kinda sick of people, and just preferred to be alone at night.  Alot of people grew sick of eachother and certain bonds kinda wore out between people.

Well thats pretty much my entire trip.  My next day consisted of just getting home through the 9 hour flight to atlanta, then another hour flight to charlotte.  It was a wonderful trip, and definately plan on going back to france the next chance I get.  Id also like to travel to other european countries and just experience what they have to offer as well.

I definately reccomend travel like that to anyone.  Its just a new world and its something everyone definately needs to experience.

On this particular day our tour was focused on the artist named Cezanne, his work, where he lived, where he painted, and what he painted.  I am familiar with Cezannes work, but Ive never been totally thrilled about it.  Its probably best explained by calling it "abstract impressionism mixing with expressionism" pretty much categorized as "modern art".  Thats best way I can explain it.  Here are some examples of his work so you get a better idea:…

Yes, I know I whore google like crazy.

We got up rather early for the tour, and drove straight into the main area of AIX again.  It was just like the night before, but of course, with a boring tour guide.  This guy was really knowledgable, but man, he was just so hard to listen to at times cause he was just so monotone.  He talked about AIX's many fountains and architectural history that remained in the city.  We visited where he studied, where he grew up, and learned about his family and heritage in the city.  

After walking around AIX for a while and seeing certain sites that are attributed to Cezannes history, we took a break for lunch (lol i just skimmed over 3-4 hours like nothing, believe me, it wasnt that quick.  It was long, and borderline boring)

We also shopped around a bit, and my feet hurt like crazy from standing so I went to a small sandwhich shop, grabbed a sandwich and sat on a bech in front of the main fountain.  It was nice just to relax and watch everyone driving and talking.

The experience of just BEING there is so amazing.  Its like an alien world, and yet its just so beautiful.  AIX is an amazing town (although small) but it is definately worth a trip while in Provence.

After our break we met up with our tour guide on the bus and drove up to his Studio which was very beautiful and tucked away off the road within some trees.  Very beautiful and just relaxing to be there.  The studio was cool too and very large as well.  It was neat being in the same place where he painted famous paintings like his series of the Bathers and still life with fruits.  He really didnt paint long in this particular studio since he got sick from trying to paint scenes with rain.  He eventually died from not resting from this cold also. (he was rather old though, int he 80's i believe)

After that, we drove near the mountain he painted alot, called La Montagne Sainte-Victoire.  Its a very beautiful mountain that overlooks AIX as well.  I have some pictures of it also, and should be up really soon.  I got all of my pictures back (19 rolls total) and I went through all of them and put them into an album.  

That night I really didnt do much.  I decided to stay in that night and just chill in my room alone while everyone else went and drank as usual.  I just didnt feel like doing that all over again.  I enjoyed watching the matrix in french though.


This was a day devoted to Van Gogh and his works, where he lived, and where he painted many famous paintings.  We traveled all the way out to Arles, France, where he spent alot of his life and painted quite a bit.  This town is very beautiful as well, and our tour guide walked us to differnet locations where Van Gogh actually painted scenes of people walking.  I was also at the very exact spot where he painted Starry Night over the river.  Van Gogh was never interested in architecture or buildings.  He always wanted to capture the way of life of people and do it in such a different way.  He mimicked alot of artists and played around with color in such a way that was revolutionary.

We also went to the insane assylum where he spent alot of his time (he was never commited, but he just stayed there) and painted more people and scenery.

Unfortunately if you know anything about van gogh, you knew about the serious depression he went through in his life.  He painted so many paintings, around 1000, and only sold 1 in his lifetime.  He had so many issues of depression and just loneliness that eventually led to his suicide, where he shot himself in the stomach, missing his heart. (bad aim)  He only died a few days afterwards, having an unfortunate painful death.

I dont believe I went out that night either.  I was so exhausted from the tour that I just didnt feel like staying up late and drinking or whatever.  I believe I went to bed early and got up nice and rested the next day.

All that is left is 2 more days, then my departure from france.  Ill write about that in a few days.

Hope youve enjoyed reading my journal :)

On our third day we had a trip planned to go to see Chartres Cathedral.  Ive always wanted to go see a cathedral since we study them so much because of their amazing art in all respects as well as architecture.

heres a pic of it if youre interested…

It was awesome.  Its just really HUGE.  Youre so used to seeing pictures of them in books, and they just dont nearly seem as big as they truly are.  Its just amazing to think it was built by tons of people over the centuries.  Often having to be rebuilt because of fires or destruction.  Chartres was one of the lucky cathedrals because of the "fire" that included a "miracle" in terms of the shroud of mary being saved.  So of course, funds poured in to repair it at the time.

Inside its really dark, just the way I figured it would be.  Its really hard to take pictures inside it too, and barely any of mine came out when i took pictures.  I was getting like 1-2 second exposures and just hoped they would come out.  Id say 1/3 of them came out inside.  I wish i had a tripod quite frankly.

Our tour guide was rather snobish and quite frankly really into himself.  He kept referring to his book (so youd buy it of course).  Im not saying he didnt know what he was talking about, but we were on a rush 1 hour tour since our bus was late arriving.  From what we saw and learned, he pretty much just told us what the windows and rose windows meant in sequence.  We also saw the left entrance and he talked about the statues there.  We didnt get a full tour, but it wasnt ab ig deal since we walked around ourselves and looked at stuff on our own.

When i get all of my picutres developed, ill be sure to upload some shots I made (as well as photos i made during the trip, considering i took 19 rolls while i was in france)

That night we traveled to the latin quarter (we actually jumped off the bus on its way to the hotel to save time) and I was with the original group I was with in paris the second night.  We went and eat at a great restaurant in front of some of the university buildings.  The waiters always hit ont he girls I was with though.  Apparently theres one rule in paris: If you dont have your arm around her, shes fair game.

Most of the girls were engaged and stuff, but it was still kinda funny.
I think that night some of us traveled to the eiffel tower again just to see it again, and took some more pictures of course.

Also to let you know, most people speak english in Paris.  NOT EVERYONE DOES THOUGH.  Its a very good idea to brush yourself up on common things to say, like how to order, say thank you, and other common things you say in english.  Do not automatically assume they speak english, they kinda almost see it as a bother to speak it sometimes.  But it just depends on the waiter.  Some waiters outright spoke english to us (mostly in the latin quarter since most students speak english) and some on the right bank were a little less willing.


This day was pretty much traveling.  The tour plan was to stay in paris a few nights, then travel to southern france to get a different experience of the country.  We packed our stuff and traveled to Marseille which is in souther france.  You can see it on the map here.…

The tgv was really fast, and can clock up well over 500 miles an hour without any passengers.  I think we only went from 250-300 mph.  The trip only took like 3 hours just to get to Marseille.

Just to let you know, this area of france is called Provence and was the first Roman settled area of France.  Another interesting thing is that they plant their trees in rows often around houses or farms.  This is meant to protect their homes and property from the Mistral, a terrible and violent wind that blows from the north east.

Since marseille is a beach town, it is absolutely stunning against the water.  We really didnt see the best part of Marseille since we really didnt stay there in a hotel, but from the side we saw, paris was a lil cleaner.

We stayed outside of Marseille in a town called AIX (pronounced axe) which is a beautiful town full of fountains and artistic history.

The same day we grabbed dinner, and had a chicken sandwhich where they press it in a heating thing.  Its like a toasted on-the-go sandwhich.  Rather basic, but it really tastes good and is a common snack.

I ended up walking around AIX with 2 other friends of mine and we just kinda explored the city on our own.  Again, Ill upload some pictures when they all come in.
But to say the leat, the town is beautiful and just old.  It has beautiful restaurants and beautiful buildings that just scream history.  Since there wasnt really anything to do in the town at night, we just decided to hang out in our rooms and just drink some and pass the time.  The people I was with decided that we should go to a bar (after they were drunk of coures) and that was rather fun.

Although people get weird when they drink, or silly, it seems to increase my satirical humor and I just get funnier (no joke im not the one just saying this) and we just had a fun time.  We got some looks from other people in the bar (trying to enjoy a nice meal at 2 am no less) but it was still fun.

In provence people do NOT speak english.  If you plan on going anywhere outside a big city, I seriously suggest learning the language some more before.  

Like, in AIX a friend of mine was trying to buy a bottle of champagne just because the bottle was pretty.  But the 2 older owners (wife and husband) wouldnt sell it to us cause they couldnt understand why we wanted a crap bottle of champagne.  (well from what I could tell, i dont know french, but from what I could pick up on, that seemed to be the case).  They kept pointing at other bottles of a much finer wine and trying to sell that instead.  We looked so stupid trying to say "bon" bottle and things like that.  It was really humorous actually.  On our way out (failed attempt at buying the bottle btw) they said we should try and learn more french, and they should learn more english (i can decipher some french).

It was all in good fun though, they werent offended, and were laughing with us.

Anyway Ill write about the next few days later
I arrived in Paris around 8 oclock Tuesday the 13th of May.  The 8 1/2 hour flight to paris was extremely long and Ive never flown that long in my life.  We also had a 4 hour layover in Atlanta airport, which wasnt that fun either.

Since I couldnt fall asleep on the plane, it was the equivalent of me having to stay up 2 days since we essentially were up at 6 am Monday and arriving in paris 8 am tuesday, and having to stay up till that evening as well to avoid jetlag.

I dont know if you saw this in the news or not, but the day we arrived there was a huge strike planned in Paris.  We were the last flight out of Atlanta and all other Paris flights were cancelled.  When we got into Charles airport it was pretty much empty, and we had no customs to go through since most of the people that day did not come to work.  The metro underneath Paris was not functioning as efficiently as well because of the strike also.


Our tour guide took us from the airport and showed us around Paris for about 3 hours.  We saw major locations like the Arch de Triumph, Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and just other places to kinda introduce the city.

We arrived at our hotel around 2 or so, and checked our baggage in.  The elevator was small and there was a line, so I opted to take my baggage up the long spiral stairs.  It wasnt that fun, but at least it was quicker.
The first day in paris was not that fun really.  When we were allowed to go out on our own that day, many of our groups had problems in terms of ordering food and stuff.  I remember walking into this restaurant and pretty much sitting there for 15 mins not being served.  It was probably because we stood out as being American, but Im not really sure.  
We got up and left and opted for another place to eat.
We returned to the hotel and most of our class took naps simply because we were all exhausted.  We probably only slept a few hours just to get rested again for dinner.

Going out for dinner was a more positive experience since my group of 4 found a nice Brasierrie (kinda like a bar/sandwich shop) and the waiter was nice.  We returned to our hotels and rested for the next day.


Our plan for this day was to go to the Louvre as well as the Musee de Orsay.  At first the Louvre was not sure it was going to open up because of the strike, but someone convinced them to open and we were allowed in.  Our tour guide showed us many famous works, and it was so awesome to see Venus de Milo, Winged Victory upon a Battleship, Leonardo Divinci's paintings, as well as a handful of other extremely famous works from france and throughout the world.

After we toured there we went and eat at the Louvres mall and from there we went to the Musee de Orsay, where we saw many  more famous works from Manet, Monet, and Van Gogh to name a few.

After a few more hours there we went back to the hotel and we were free for the night to go out.  Our group (me and 4 girls) decided to walk to the Latin Quarter and find dinner there, and the night pretty much ended up as a long walk through Paris at night.  It was really fun, and we werent really scared to be out that late at night considering all the people walking their dogs or just walking about.  It only gets dark around 10 oclock at this time.  We also walked all the way to the Eiffel Tower and saw it at night.  We were unfortunately late and could not go to the top however.  We rode the metro home that night as well, and figured out how it worked on our own.

Write now im gonna take a break, and finish writing this another time.  Ill probably take it in days, and it wont be hard for me to recall since i have a pretty good memory.

Just in case you were wondering, we werent really treated all that bad (us being Americans in Paris) however the culture is extremely different ie. smiling isnt a prominent thing since emotions are not shown as much.  I met many friendly french people, as well as a fair share of rude ones as well.

Ill update this story in another few days.