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Rhodochrosite Court Application: Rhodolite by ShiroShototsu Rhodochrosite Court Application: Rhodolite by ShiroShototsu

Character Theme(s):…

Gem type: Rhodolite

Rank: Knight


Pronouns: She/They

Clothing: A vest with the white diamond insignia with a costume that wraps around to make the lower part of the diamond. This is held together by a belt on the waist. She also wears soft, tight boots.

Height: 4'1"

Hair color: Light pink

Gem Location: Left shoulder

Weapon: Spear with one sided blade on the end

Special abilities: 
-Super speed
-Super Strength
-Can put self or others into a type of stasis to recover without having to reform in gem
-Energy pulse (Healing)
-Energy pulse (Damaging)
-She can use both hands to create an extremely powerful pulse which can take down massive gem monsters at close range. For it to work, she must be close to the weak point of the opponent and must be within a certain range. It has a large radius of effect. This pulse will take up a lot of energy and can either weaken Rhodolite to a point she can't walk or she will go to her gem form. The latter is about 80 percent of the time.

Fun fact: Rhodolite likes to think of herself as a loyal, refined servant, but can go quite overboard on violence if there is a threat to her leader.

Favourite Quote: “I am willing to serve for as long as I can."

This is an application for :iconrhodochrosites-court:

More detail about abilities and clothing and such 

Rhodolite reference sheet by ShiroShototsu

Mandyrez Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016
They are one fierce gem, they are lovely! Ó v Ó
ShiroShototsu Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much~!
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March 8, 2016
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