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MURDER by ShiroShototsu MURDER by ShiroShototsu
As I lay there suffering, my cutie mark ruined and my legs bleeding, I saw a shadow engulf my body. I looked up, whimpering from the pain in my legs and flank.
That was the moment my heart stopped for just a moment.

I could have sworn I saw the angel of death himself.

"Pinkie..." A quiet but stern voice said. "I need to get out of here... I can't stay locked up forever..." 

"Flutters..." I managed to whimper out before coughing. "Why...?"

She bent down to me, putting her hoof to my cheek. "Because you said to kill anybody in my way... And I can't get out with you around... You wouldn't understand..."

"Flutters--""I LOVE the outside... With all the animals... And I'll have plenty of ponies to play with..."

That was the moment I realised. I was so scared of losing my only true friend... So scared that I wouldn't let her out... If she started playing with them... "Oh God..." I muttered.

"Pinkie... I never wanted to do this... We were partners... But now you're gone, I can be free..." She said, almost too quiet to hear over my own breathing.

"Flutters..." My front hooves gave way and I collapsed, hitting my cheek against the hard, cold floor of the room. "Don't worry about me, Pinkie... I'll play your party games with Ponyville for you~ I like the games we play~"

She put the blade of her cleaver against my throat, pushing very slightly. "You've lost too much blood to be saved anyway..."

"Flutters... Don't... Please..." I finally knew how Twilight felt when she was begging for her life, me laughing at her little surprise party...

"Flutters... Please..." Tears rolled down my face, looking into her now cold, blue eyes. "Please don't beg Pinkie... That's why I respect you. You usually enjoy every second of this..." She shook her head slowly, tears finally emerging from her eyelids. I hushed her. "Flutters... Please... Be careful... Don't get caught murdering some old ass, okay? It's probably old Doodle blabbing on ya'..." I smiled as I struggled to see through the tears.

"Bye bye... Pinkamena~"


Soooooo... Yeah. A very short and very sucky fanfiction~ Anyways, Pinkie doesn't want Fluttershy to get out mainly because she thinks the Flutters would end up missing a double tap and making sure the victim was dead (Which she has done before).

Sooo... Yeah. This was what sounded so epic in my head and just came out so... Blech... same with the picture... MyPaint is really inconvenient for lefties... 
Ravenmala Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
butchershy looks pretty cool the way you drew her here~  your getting really good at ponies
ShiroShototsu Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ravenmala Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
Vehehhe welcomeeeee~
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