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Green Opal [REF] by ShiroShototsu Green Opal [REF] by ShiroShototsu
Name: Green Opal
Nickname(s): Sparkle Moose, Opal
Alignment: Earth/Neutral
Pronouns: She/her 
Relationship status: lol none  
Gem Type: Opal
Gem Location: Left forearm
Body Type: Thick thighs and muscular arms with a large chest and a pretty flat waist, not always, though.
Weapon:  A shield that can split in half to become much bigger
Bouncy and psychotic (probably the best mix), loves explosions and destruction. Her shield is see-through when it splits, so she is able to watch explosions safely. Her gem is transferred onto the front of the shield when it's out, though but it is strengthened when the shield splits. 
Synchronizing Style: Classical violin remixes n stuff i spose or pirate metal?? Or even something western sounding.
Other: She really really really likes Pink Lady apples. Like REALLY likes them. Also, she's bad with human children, those being one of her only fears.

Backstory: Was one of the many workers under Yellow Diamond for many years on Homeworld, but was never able to connect and fuse properly with other Green Opals. Homeworld was a place where she did not fit in, but a commander, an Amethyst, treated her quite well. When he'd been rumoured to have been with the rebellion and was shattered by one of the diamonds, Green Opal sided with them, becoming one of the smaller parts of the Crystal Gems rebel forces.
When they were fully transferred to Earth, Green Opal pledged her allegiance to General Rose Quartz of the Crystal Gems. She felt she belonged to someone at all times, until she realised that there was eventually going to be a point where she was going to be alone. After this, she become more independent, but she still served Rose Quartz until the war had more of less ended on Earth.

I wanted to make a backstory and ref, don't judge me.
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February 23, 2016
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