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8 Dream themed adopts! by ShiroShototsu 8 Dream themed adopts! by ShiroShototsu
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First come first served, will hold onto them if you need time to get points.


You do not have to keep reading from here. Just go and enjoy your life or something. visit Tumblr or something. Make yourself laugh at things.

Okay, recently I've had some problems with stress, but I assure all of you I am completely fine. My drawings just might be a little... Off at the moment. Anything I have promised for now may have to wait because when this happens, I can't draw from reference. I just need to draw it when I see something or when I sketch something that looks ok.

I'm sorry about everything taking so long but everyone's on my back about taking on responsibilities and how the stress is making me sick all the time. I am completely fine, I mean stress is something that happens to everyone throughout their lives so when there's ONE problem on my shoulders, people complain about me getting stressed. If it was a problem, I'd say it myself, kay?
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