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I am Shiro, guess a pretty known Spriter through the Sites DragCave and ProjectNyoka.
On DragCave, i made there Dragons like Seasonals, Dorsal, Balloon and more. (just look for Spriter Name ShiroShitoro)
On PN, i made Disharos on my own. With Colab: Majestic Icewolf, Ascella Wolf, TNC and TDC (omega only), Petite Whalithan (Icons only), Glacial Flare Serval, Royal Ash Wyvern, Purple-top Meduse (small edits, no big deal)

Anyways, i decided to exit on DC and PN as Spriter (because of some reason) i still have left lots sprites which i might upload here as well!
I'm still a spriter thought, i can't let my Hands off of it.
Till now, i am doing lot Fakemon Sprites, i like the style, it's easy to make (thought i love to make big sprites, i kinda can't be friend with the 96*96 size XD)

How ever!
Have fun viewing my Arts!

But one thing: Don't use my Sprites, don't edit them or anything o_o

~ Your Shiro


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Sorry, but this will be a week where i won't upload anything. I'm not feeling good, i have to cure first till i get better. I'm really sorry that you all waited a week to see something new ;3; But i promise i will upload next week a new Pokemon. See ya next week 83
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I feel pretty tired since 2 weeks x___________x Well, was a pain thought, i should start relaxe a bit! Haha, anyways, i also should probably start to sprite new pokemon, really, slowly i go out with them o_O But...getting ideas for new Pokemon isn't that easy, even thought because of the problem...i can't draw every sort of Pokemon (like human-like Pokemon, crocodiles or such o_O') Damn..i gotta get new ideas...and probably i should stop dooing so many legendaries! (even thought i love dooing them! PAIN!) |D anyways, i hope till then you all will enjoy the older pokemons i did, maybe i will show later also drawings to them..or sketches?
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Weekly Stuff!

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Wuiiiiii~ *slides in* Weekly Stuff is in the house~ *ahem* Yeah, that Week was hard work and the next will be hard work also. Finally i have a new Laptop which takes now over the Place of my old (still living!) Laptop. Sheesh, my poor old Acer allready starts to make my life harder because of bad internet conections, also it has problems with his memory. o_o He is thought allready over 10 years old, i guess Silver (like i named him years ago) can start relax now, even thought i love to work with him |D (especially spriting!) Gotta start be befriended with the new Guy here x_x and putting all the stuff i have on Silver over here. But don'
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I adore your sprites <3
hey there ^^

some of your pokemon sprites are really great. My best friend liked your Lapis and the evolution stage
You do not want to draw one with a mareep? :D
thankyou so much for the watch! :'D *throws confetti around*
Thank you for the favourites, I appreciate it very much. :)
OMGies, Cony? O3O