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Sorrowful Symphony
"If you could travel back into time and speak with yourself just one time, what would you say?

If it were me, it'd probably be; thank you, and I'm sorry. Know that I'm sorry because I have not become the great man you envisioned yourself to be. I'll make mistakes that shouldn't have happened, lose people that shouldn't have gone- fall in love with faces I should've forgotten. I'm sorry, I'll crush your heart then scatter the pieces across the earth so you'll struggle to trust and love again. I will torture you more terribly than any villain, and drag you over oceans and mountains. Into battles I will scar and strip your ability to see the difference between right and wrong. 

I'm sorry you won't see mom anymore, all because of me. I won't be able to protect you from the impending weight of destruction and failure. I'll be too weak to stand back up, too afraid to try harder. I miss you- or me- or whoever it is that was once pure and full of possibilities. If I told you that I was afraid to meet you, would you believe me?

But thank you, for trying harder than I could ever muster. For being more brave and honest than I could ever honor. Thank you for smiling and failing over- and over, never giving up on yourself when heaven seemed further. Cherish your mother, and be careful when you run- you'll trip over your tails and get scolded."
I wanted your true heart
With the gentle waft of wind to boot, subtle raindrops fluttered down exposed spots of my skin similar to a curious butterfly with nonexistent attachment. It hovered down my flushed cheeks, cascading with a ticklish touch. Like gemstones they rolled in shiny and delicate beads; where one was never the same from the last, each had a unique shape and cut. 

Was it the oddly placed sunshine that fought cloudburst or the warm drizzle discretely staining my cheeks; I couldn't help but wonder between quiet inhales, which was blinding my eyes tight? Each breathe that carried down my throat meant an aching throat and clamped chest, they hit me like a paining obsession that thrived off my existence. 

You once told me that you weren't afraid of the storm, because underneath it's gray skies was a chance for hidden release which no one could ever suspect; unless they stood right besides your face. The puddled earth became your bedroom of comfort as you could walk through it's streets and inhale scents mingled of enlivened trees and water down cobble. No one would notice. Tears didn't have to spill from your heart in order to bring you ease, because heaven's tears were enough.

I wonder, how much times have you hid your tears and suppressed your cries for help from me? 

I felt silly as my colorful umbrella which seemed more pastel than it really was, due to sunlight, begun to tip off my shoulder, as my fingers made it's way to shield the prickly feeling of the rain- as I prayed to no one in particular, for my heart to reach yours. I felt silly as a sudden puff of wind ruffled through my hair the way your cold fingers would, and I told the quiet of my mind that no one could match up to that soothing sensation you brought. I felt silly as warmth rolled down my cheeks because it was no longer from nature's arrangement of a tingling shower. I felt silly because I begun crying in the rain.

A sliver of sunshine that crawled it's way through my lashes had me hopeful of a time where you would be more kind to yourself- more loving, and more carefree. Like the warm droplets that rained down without any feeling of regret- without any certainty of a safe landing, I hoped someday you'll trust me with your true self; the one which was raw- exposed, and fragile. How silly do you think I felt, when I told myself that I wanted your true heart? 

Dear You,
(Yes, you reading this)

Wow. You are outstanding. I admire you so much more than you can fathom. Your soul is beautiful- shining (brighter than my future), glorious, breathtaking. Despite how much times you chuckle with your satire humor about the pitch black planes stretched beyond your pellucid glass windows, situated at a small corner of your cramped room, being almost as dark as your cracked spirit- I can never pull my line of vision from your radiance. You have survived so far- up until this point in your life 100% of your bitter cold hours—wow, how much years is that? You beat all of it. This seeming to be circle of unimaginative routine- the real world, it is going to get better, I promise. Your hard worked efforts that thieved your blood, sweat, and tears are not in vain, the ones- the efforts that sometimes you wonder if it's even worth it because no one even knows or can fully understand how persistent and hard you fight to accomplish them- you will find successfulness and content in your decelerating heartbeat.

On certain days you'll chime into the string of words above and throw your head to the side, gazing upon me with your exhausted orbs- who at this point just wishes with undeniable pang to break into tears and fall into mindless slumber. You wonder with a tinge of ridicule, "What efforts?". The moments where you loafed around in an idle presence- ignoring the world as depression engulfed your berated existence presses against the bleak plane of your mind as though sneering. On those certain days, I respond to you in a low impromptu whisper as though an enchanting secret between us, "The effort it took for you to get out of bed, to smile, to move on, to love, to be there for others, to paint your artificial happiness over your fractured grin that radiates brighter than the stars hovering over us as though a UFO sending signals to our planet about a future alien invasion," I follow the string of words that sped up in an exhilarated fashion as I neared the end with a much too humored laugh after catching myself getting carried away once more in a cord of supernatural fantasies. "The efforts it took for you to live and be strong, those efforts." I seal my sentence succeeding a melody of inelegant laughter creased into the still folds of our rotating earth. Affluent silence slips into the comforting space segregating the both of us.

And I know; I understand that at that moment anything besides believing my saccharine strand of words would come to you as truthful comfort. The mellow fragrance of the demon who sleeps within you- who embraced you when no one else would, when you were afraid, alone, and hopeless- graces my sense of stifled scent you would sometimes joke about being overdue for a belated doctor’s check up. I understand it's difficult, and through your exhausted pair of orbs, seemingly impossible- to let go of what built you up then broke you down. But then, after a comfortable pause, I will incline to your side and whisper into your cold bitten ear, hoping from the depths of my pleading despair that you will have confidence in me this one last time through this closing line, “I believe in you, and I care about you.”

So dear You,
(Yes, you reading this)
Because the world isn’t as bad as you think,
Thank you, for existing.


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You could call me a lost soul, constantly wandering through the endless depths of the galaxy in search for my alter identity. Contrary, I believe I've found her already. I simply am unable to wake her up.

I lack the ability to art, rather my speciality lies in stalking and admiring others gorgeous work. My occupation is a full time dreamer and adventurer. My motto is; "If I don't have to do it, I won't do it. If I have to do it, I'll make it quick" (Ah, don't I sound interesting). I strive to live a listless, energy conserved, personal best, average lifestyle (Though, I'm always up for a wicked adventure). I tend to contradict myself a lot. I absolutely am in love with roleplay. My love for roleplaying stems from my love towards anime, manga and fantasy related items. I am a sarcastic (Well, I try), blunt creature that keeps to itself many a times. I rather enjoy my own company, however I do cherish all of the people around me. I approach art- and other things of the like, in a very experimental past time manner. Here on my page you'll find a cluster of unmethodical creations strung together through a cord of unusual expressiveness.


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