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Also known as 真白 夜桜 (Masshiro Yozakura) aka The Honky Rider, Shiro Ouka is actually just simplified version of the forementioned name

A huge idol hell fag, i'm a fan of µ's, 777Sisters, Walkure, Vocaloid, 765Pro, 346Pro, HinaBitter, Battle Girl's IGAS, Utaite, UTAU, ect ect, basically i'm deep in idol fandom and music in general

Aside from that i'm also a huge fan of alot of free RPG Maker Horror game, from CHARON, to Tsugu no Hi, to the the four powerhouse that is Yume Nikki, Mad Father, Witch House and Ib, i've played quite alot

Finally, i do fetish art, "Damsel in Distress", basically a light version of "bondage", tied up girl-, all DiD arts will the marked as sensitive so you should have no problem if you somewhat want to enjoy my art but without DiD, although none of which is R-18, all will be R-17, no nudity and such.

If you decide to click on ANY, of the matured filtered picture, and COMPLAIN about it, it's your decision to do that, your fault if it's ideologically sensitive to you, and you should in any case LEAVE the gallery IMMEDIATELY, no need for a discussion.

That alone should describe most of my content here, i also do alot of OCs involved art, it'd be nice if you guys check them out to not get confused!

You can contact me at, LINE at honky_rider (真白 夜桜) or through note for business inquiries, and click the image below for commission infos:

Below are external sites that i also post art and other things that you could follow


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I got alot to talk about, so let's get started

For the sake of easy navigation, here's a table of content, press Ctrl + F and type just type in what you want to read!

- Table of Contents-

1. Community Update
2. Contents
3. Relationship


1. Community Update

I haven't been updating the deviantArt community with infos for quite sometime now, more than half a year actually, around last Christmast i embarked on a personal journey to improve my art quality for about 3 months, i cut off any online contact during that period, and when i came back, i did posted alot some works i've been working on, but more often than not when i come back alot of commissioners urge/ask/rush me to their comms, i feel guilty for making my commissioners waiting for so long, so i vanish to do the commission that they urged/asked/rushed me to do, most of which i did not want to post (we'll get back to this later)

I'm bound by this dumb contract that i signed last year, which i whole heartedly regret, to do sketch/concept art illust for a scriptwriter for an unnamed movie, it was gonna be something short for me to make a quick buck because i need money at that time but turn out it wasn't, it took alot of time away from me, plus family issues, dramas, i'm a college drop out to be an illustrator full time so family obviously didn't trust me that much, so on and so on, it's really stressful and time consuming, so until this contract end, which i think is sometime next year, and i can prove to my family that this can be a stable job, yeah, i'm gonna HAVE TO take my time with the commissions, sometime it get so stressful it make think of.......unpleasant thoughts, i tend to overthink and worry alot, so sometime i want to just.......not have to think about anything, the easy way out, y'know, but i have something to lose, something that i don't want to lose, and the responsibilities i left behind too, so i just slap myself in the face and get over it, by all means there is nothing wrong with the commissioners, but please understand my shortcomings as well, i always try to do my best, sometime it's not enough to worth the wait, and i'm terribly sorry about it, in that case i recommend other artists that's faster and with a more reasonable price, but hey! I have confident in what i do for a living and i believe the quality of art you paid for back in the day has now doubled, the longer you wait, the better i get, i think w. I rather have some result to show you rather than make up excuses and disappointing news, so i hope by saying this, you guys can understand the problems better in my perspective.

Another thing keeping me from updating is, well, as least on dA, not everyone is like this, but most of which are very ignorant. As long as it's bondage, it'll attract alot of attention, no matter what context, who is it. I'm trying to create something original, fetish is one thing but not everything i made related to this original thing is related to bondage. You came for the bondage, and that's fine, but seeing that make me think that this website is not suitable for creating original work at all. 

Someone once said "The people who are drawn in by fetish art generally have 0 interest in anything you do non fetish wise no matter how good it is", i call BS on this (excuse my language), Mishima Kurone love white hair and look at where he is now, Anceril Sacred became one of the most beloved original character ever, you can even see her within Sistine design and personality wise in Akashic Record, Ore Twintails, Saekano, look at where they are now! It's simply ignorant. I don't have this problem with Pixiv or Twitter however tho, funny huh

On the topic of that, it feel really lonely here, i'm huge on NND pop cultures, aidoru, music, RPG Maker Horror games, mobage, i put in alot of efforts in picures i made that related to those topics, but not alot care, again most attention come to bondage and even if i put in easter eggs in bondage pictures, no one seem to ever understand it

2. Contents

Let's get this out of the way, no, i won't abandon deviantArt, alot of people supported me, i wouldn't get this far without you guys so just because of those problem and i leave this site is just plain bad, so no, i won't leave, just there will be a priority switch, i'll be more focusing on update my Twitter and Pixiv more than deviantArt, so if you really want to follow me, you might as well just follow those sites

Because most of my viewers on dA seem to not know much/care about the things that i'm interested in, things like bondage of Asuha and Misaki from Battle Girl High School, if you guys know/remember that pic, good for you! Things like that will be exclusive to Twitter and Pixiv only, i'll only post mainstream bondage content here.

Along side with that, i made a mistake of removing non-bondage from my gallery because it seem like no one really ever care about them, but i was wrong, i should be pushing it to reach more new and intended viewers instead! So expect alot non-bondage, both old and new being uploaded very soon

In addition to that, i've removed ALOT of my old arts, and arts that's not related/reflect me in any way, when i started i post just about anything, but now i want to regulate my content more for better quality, my original arts, fanarts of things that i like (if it's not something that i like or know it's something i deemed worthy of being up because of the quality or some other reasons), commissioned arts that i feel proud of, fanarts for close friends, those will be up and around, the rest are gone, and i have NO INTENTION, of putting them back again. So yeah, most of the commissions i did not post are because they did not fit to any category above, i don't post anything doesn't mean i don't work, i just don't post them

3. Relationship

I've been actively seeking and reaching out to people that i'm interested in, most of which are newcomers like me, and i tried to reach the higher people as well. Personally i believed that no matter how famous someone is, that someone still just a person, a human, if we have the same interested in a field, we can talk to each other. This was taught to me by Hige Driver - the composer of the infamous Unbreakable Machine Doll ED - Maware! Setsugetsuka and Yuyoyuppe/DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING, legendary Luka composer known for his VOCALOID work like Leia. I was fortunate to be a staff at a local convention that they attended as guests/performers, i was pretty darn nervous working with my idols but they being so down to earth and were so friendly, it's not an act of professionalism in front of fans or workers, they're just being themselves and i gave you my words on that, on stage or off stage, it shattered any awkwardness and gave me a whole new perspective, musicians are artists in their own field as well. So it gave me the courage to pretty much talk to anyone famous ever since.

I..........might have been chasing alot of.........cold shadows? Let's just say that, i was way too confident and i reached to some higher people, i always wanted to talk to them, i eventually got it, and I always know that not everyone is open and friendly but i was so blinded, i blindly chased them, i ignored so much other small newcomers to chase behind them and the result suck, i learned something i already know the cold hard way. Hmm.

If being famous is about being cool, cold, mysterious, politically correct, being an image to other people, yeah, that's never gonna be me.

I values online relationships a little bit too much, most of my successess came from those relationships, i started getting profit from my hobby since i was in Grade 8, because of online friends, i have my common sense to guide me, so i don't think that's it's a bad thing, but so far i have lost quite alot of "so-called friends" on dA, everyone want a free drawing i guess. Not all cases lead to that, other just pissed me off and then just went silent on me because they couldn't say sorry.

Not alot of people on dA are into NND cultures, aidoru, music, mobage as well so it have become incredibly lonely on dA for me, more reasons why i don't hang out on the site often anymore 

I'll probably look out for newcomers again, and reach out to those i accidentally ignored while blindly chasing cold shadows, look out the little guys once again

4. Future 

Since you got here this far, either by just scrolling to the end, if so, shame on you, lemme give you a treat of what i've been working on! Some positivity!

I working to be able to announce YumeFes, hopefully within the next month, YumeFes is something that have been going on for a while, basically just me and my friends draw alot of my original characters together, Ruko, Akarin, and Yumeo's Owner birthdays are all within July, and Ryu and Yumeo have birthdays near the end of the year, being December and January, so i host YumeFes twice a year, being in July and December, because i want to make Yumeo Owner happy, without Yumeo's Owner, there's no Shiro Ouka, she created these colorful and lovable characters, and been mentally and physically supporting me in real life, so this is hosted in honor of her, and our characters.

Like i said, it've been going on for a while, but just in my group of friends, this year i would like to invite everyone to the party! Feel free to write/draw anything related to any of my girls, with your OCs, just them or just one character, it doesn't matter! I will make a separate post to announce it, and i will be showing off all of the YumeFes arts from last years and this year, with weekly new content being released every week! At least that's the plan, here are some samples!

New Canvas by ShiroOuka

Aside from that, other project i'm working on include "Ouka Premium Art", i don't know how will i distribute it yet, nor a released date, but here are some samples as well

New Canvas by ShiroOuka

Other project include a game, yes i've been wanting to make a game for quite sometime now, we have most of the gameplay mechanics pinned down, general map, and created a custom body sprite to benefit the game aethestic, leave us open about this tho since it's a pretty ambitious project and only two people are working on it, therefore, it will take time, hopefully not as long as Half Life 3

Agag by ShiroOuka

Finally, two doujins are in the work, all of which are RPG Maker Horror related, namely, a Witch House doujin and a Yume Nikki doujin, both are around 18 pages, i still don't know how will i distribute it but yeah, that's about it!

Thanks for reading


Sisters Bonding - Part 2

Second part of this -> 

Sisters Bonding - Part 1 by ShiroOuka

This is also technically the first appearance of Ryou in any of my stories, she appeared before tho, most notably in my 1st Year Anniversary picture, she's the big sis of all girls, super stronk and cool, everyone adores her, we often joke that this is Ryou's harem story www, more of her coming very soon tho

Special thanks to :iconheavenandearth80: for the story, it's actually who funded me to make this a thing, the story is quite nice as well, please give it a read!

Ryou, Yumeo, Akari, Ryu, Ruko are all my OCs, you can find alot of arts and infos related to them in my gallery, please check it out if you're new to my art!


At least Akari managed to make a bit of progress. She managed to free her ankles, which enabled her to move around her legs but also to sit up, something that was impossible when she was still hogtied. After this, we both moved towards one of the walls by wiggling around as much as the ropes allowed us to. We’re at least able to sit up and lean against the wall now.

I wonder if there are still people in the arcade? Maybe a staff member will walk past this door and save us? But doesn’t that mean that we should try to make as much noise as possible to make our presence known? The idea sounds nice, but my body feels sweaty and heavy, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep that up for long.

I lean my head against Akari’s shoulder. Although I’m really scared, I feel at least a bit better with her right next to me. I close my eyes and sigh.

“Hello? Anyone here?”

My eyes open wide, and I have to blink a few times. Did I doze off or something? I look next to me and find Akari still struggling to free her hands.

“Huh, a dead end? That’s weird, they’re supposed to be here…”

A voice? It’s faint, but I’m pretty sure I heard something. Don’t tell me those creeps are back?! I close my eyes, trying to make out what they’re saying.

“They did say that they were heading to the arcade, but why would they come here? Didn’t it say ‘Staff only’?”

Even though the wall is muffling the sounds too much to be certain, I don’t think it’s them. These voices sound female.

“Well, something must have happened to them, because both of their phones are out of commission. I don’t believe for even a second that both of them forgot to charge them.

But why are you so certain that they’re here of all places?

Ah, Akarin gave me this new toy last week. It’s supposed to work like a GPS-system, and it’s telling me that both Akarin and Ryu are supposed to be right here. I don’t see them though, so maybe it doesn’t work properly after all…”

Akarin? There’s only one girl in the entire world who calls Akari like that. It’s Ruko!

“What? You’re telling me Ryu might have entered a place where only staff is allowed to go? Don’t tell me Ryu has gone to the dark side?!”

“Geez, you know Ryu wouldn’t do something like that, Yu.”

But it would be fun, right, Ryou-nee-sama?”

“You’ve been reading too much manga lately…”

”Well, we did the same thing just now…”

B-But that’s only because I’m worried about those two!”

Yumeo and Ryou are there too?! Are we going to be saved?! 

“Mmpf!” I nudge Akari’s side.

The twin-tailed girl turns to me with a cranky expression on her face. “Hm?”

“Hmmpgh!” I turn my face towards the door and cry out with everything I have.

Akari raises an eyebrow. Doesn’t she know what I’m trying to tell her?!

“Mmmpfh!” I rock my body back and forth, hitting the arcade machine next to me with my shoulder time after time in order to make as much noise as possible.

Wait, do you hear that?!”

“Mmph?!” Akari turns to me with big eyes. It seems like she finally heard Ruko’s voice. “HMMPPFH!”

It’s coming from this room! Don’t tell me they’re in here?!

The doorknob is being turned, but the door doesn’t open. They locked it before leaving!

Both Akari and I continue to cry out as much as our gags allow us too, while stomping our feet on the ground.

I’m going to ask for a key!

”There’s no need for that.”

“Huh, what do you mean?”


The door is slammed open, enabling some light to enter the room, blinding me for a moment.

“Ah, Ryou-san, don’t destroy it!”

“You wanted to look inside, right?” Ryou enters the room and stops when she sees us. “Ah…”

“Do you see something?” Yumeo stops right next to Ryou, looking at us with a surprised expression on her face. It doesn’t take long for the surprise to be replaced by a blush and a slight smile. “Okay, I didn’t expect to find the two of you like this.”

“What are you guys talking about? Are they he—?” Ruko enters the room and stops functioning when she sees us. Eventually, tears form in her eyes and a big smile forms on her lips. “A-Akarin? Ryu? You’re really here?!”

“Mmmpph…” Akari grunts, looking annoyed.

I can understand her feelings. Instead of gawking at our tied-up forms like that, they should work on helping us!

“Nnghh!” I mutter through the gag.

Ryou seems to understand us. “Uhm, shouldn’t we work on freeing them first?”

“Oh, right!” Ruko runs towards us and starts to work on releasing us from our binds.

Ryou stays in the entrance. “I’ll keep watch. You girls work on freeing them.”

“Wait, let me take a picture first!” Yumeo takes out her phone and aims it at us, before a flash blinds us. She looks at the screen and giggles. “Yep, I’ll make sure to save this one.”

I’ll definitely destroy that picture later!

Ruko continues to work on untying Akari but doesn’t seem to have much success. “Come help me with these knots, Yu.”

“It’s a shame though,” says Yumeo as she gets down in front of us. “Both of them look pretty cute like this.”

As expected, Yumeo manages to untie the knots much faster than Ruko. That’s a bondage lover for you.

“Bwah!” I take a breath after pulling the tape off of my lips and jump into Yumeo’s arms. “Mou, what took you so long!”

Yumeo holds me tightly. “Well, it’s not like we knew you two were tied-up like this.”

“Umu…” I dig my face into her chest.

“What happened?!” Ruko asks us, as she embraces Akari tightly. “Are you okay?”

Akari sighs and looks away. “We were tied up by two creeps.”

“They didn’t do anything to you, right?!” Ruko asks, freaking out.

Akari shakes her head. “They didn’t really do anything. They were about to take us somewhere else later though, so I’m glad you came to our rescue. Thanks.”

Ruko smiles brightly. “You know I would do anything for you.”

This causes Akari to blush. “Don’t say embarrassing stuff like that, you fool.” She pauses for a moment before continuing. “How did you find us, anyway?”

Ruko shows her the device around her wrist. “I followed the yellow and red dots.”

Akari stays quiet for a moment as she looks as the two devices on the floor – the ones the perverts didn’t want to take with them. A smile appears on her face. “Well, it looks like my experiments were a success then. They did their job well.” She pats Ruko on the head, before picking up the watches, broken phones and the Handy Crab. “Let’s leave this place. I’ve seen enough of this room by now.”

I break my embrace with Yumeo. “I’m sorry, Aka-neechan. It’s all my fault that you got tied up. I should have watched where I walked an—”

Akari tilts her head. “What are you talking about? Only those damn perverts are to blame. I can’t wait to get my sweet revenge on them.” She clenches her hand into a fist.

I shake my head. “B-But they were only after me. If you would have just stayed out of it, you—”

Akari places a hand on my shoulder. “Isn’t it only natural for me to try to protect you?”

“Aka-neechan!” I wrap my arms around her and place my head against her shoulder, letting all of my lingering tears fall.

“There there.” Akari pats my back two times before pushing me away. “Enough crying for one day. Let’s get out of here.”

Ryou suddenly appears between the two of us and places her arms around our shoulders. “Let’s go, you can tell me about what happened along the way.”

“Hey big boss, you’ll help me with my revenge, right?” asks Akari, nudging Ryou.

Ryou sighs. “How many times do I have to tell you not to call me big boss…?”

Feeling safer than ever before with both of my big sisters, my girlfriend and my best friend by my side, I leave the dark room.

Wait, talking about that girlfriend, where did she go? I turn around, only to find her searching through the drawers of the table.

“Look at these ropes and rolls of tape. There are some cuffs too.” She looks our way. “Do you think they’ll mind if I take some of these with me?”

“Yu…” Akari growls, pointing the Handy Crab her way.

“I was just kidding… Hahaha…” Yumeo drops the items and runs our way. Akari rewards her with a bonk on the head as soon as she reaches us. “Hey, what was that for?!”

Akari places a hand on her forehead. “You really have to ask…?”

I can’t help but sigh, while Ruko laughs and Ryou looks at the girls with a confused expression on her face.

Sisters Bonding - In Another World~
A gag alt, more of less, of this -> 

Mature Content

Sisters Bonding - Part 1 by ShiroOuka

But i added in a Yumeo shadow, i'd like to think that, in another world, Yumeo is having some fun with both sisters (pretty brave for Yumeo, considering both sisters will scold Yumeo for at least a week for this) wwwww
Sisters Bonding - Part 1
Oh look, a bondage post

Special thanks to :iconheavenandearth80: for the story, it's actually who funded me to make this a thing, the story is quite nice as well, please give it a read!

Part 2 -> 

Mature Content

Sisters Bonding - Part 2 by ShiroOuka

Alts -> 

Mature Content

Sisters Bonding - In Another World~ by ShiroOuka

Mature Content

Sisters Bonding - Clear View by ShiroOuka

Yumeo, Akari, Ryu, Ruko are all my OCs, you can find alot of arts and infos related to them in my gallery, please check it out if you're new to my art!


A victory tune resounds through the arcade. Sadly, the upbeat melody doesn’t come from my side of the dance simulator, but from the side of the girl next to me – one of my best friends and my so-called ‘big sister’ Akari.

I hang my head in defeat. “No, I lost again!”

A confident smile adorns the bespectacled girl’s face. “How many times does this make now, Ryu? If I counted correctly, this is my eight win of today, while you haven’t won a single one of our games yet.”

“There was one tie!” I object.

Akari chuckles. “True, I forgot about that one. But that was only because I used only one hand during our duel, wanting to give you a handicap. Do you really want to count that one?”

“A tie is a tie...” Even though I say those words stubbornly, I can’t help but look away shamefully.

The two of us have spent most of the day playing games in the arcade now. It started with Yumeo, Akari and Ruko coming over to hang out at my place. After watching some movies and having lunch together, Ruko and Yumeo went shopping. Since both Akari and me didn’t really need anything in the mall, we decided to go to the arcade instead.

“One more game!” I tell her, not wanting to go home winless. “I’ll definitely win at least once before the end of the day.”

“Hehe, so naïve, but who am I to deny my little sis her wish?” Akari places a hand in the pocket of her jacket and takes out three coins. “I need more coins though. I only have three of them left.”

I check my own coins and realize that I have only five of them. “Umu, I need some more too. Let me get us some.”

Akari nods and points to her left. “Sure, I’ll just check out that new fighting game over there until you return.” She once again places a hand in a pocket of her jacket and takes out a small device. “Take it.”

I tilt my head. “What’s that?”

Akari pushes up her glasses, something she always does when she’s going to explain something. “It’s a little something I made a few days ago. It basically works like a GPS tracker. As long as you wear this, I’ll always know where you are. Well, that’s not completely true. The maximum distance is one kilometer.”

“You made this?” I accept the small object and check it out. It resembles a watch, but I don’t see any time or date displayed on the screen.

“Yeah, I’m quite proud of it. If you press the button, you can see where I am as well. Ruko has one too, so if she’s close enough you’ll be able to see her too. Of course, the plan is to give one to Yu as well.” She presses the button on the right side to show me how it works. “You see these colored dots? My dot is red, yours is yellow, Ruko’s is green and the one of Yu will be blue.” Akari makes her point by taking a few steps back, which causes the red dot to move away from the yellow one in the center of the screen of the device. “You can zoom in and out using these two buttons on the left side.”

I can’t help to be amazed by my big sis. It wouldn’t be farfetched to call her a genius when it comes to inventing things. She has made some very interesting stuff in the past, like the Handy Crab – a device that has two steel arms with claws at the end, which can be controlled with a simple controller. The length of the arms can be extended to provide a helping hand with various house chores. She often uses them to get stuff from cabinets that are too high to reach without standing on a chair.

Her genius side can be dangerous as well though. There have been multiple cases of her devices going out of control. I can still remember how Ruko told me about the time when the Handy Crab malfunctioned, causing the arms to tightly embrace her, binding her arms against her body and thus making it impossible for her to escape. It was a good thing Yumeo wasn’t there to hear the story, because she would love to have a device that can be used for bondage purposes.

“…It doesn’t have any special functions, right?” I ask timidly.

Akari raises an eyebrow. “Not yet, I am planning to add some when I have more time though.”

“Umu.” I guess that means that it’s safe for now. I place the watch around my wrist and turn around, heading towards the counter.

“The maximum distance is one kilometer, so don’t stray off too far,” Akari cries out behind me.

I pout and look over my shoulder. “I’m not a little kid…”

Akari sticks out her tongue. “You’re my little sis though.”

 Mou…” I shake my head and continue my way. Doesn’t she know how embarrassing it is to shout something like that in an arcade filled with people? Akari always does that, treating me like a little sister, but that might be the biggest reason why I look up to her. I feel safe and comfortable with her near me.

It doesn’t take me too long to exchange some cash for extra coins. It has gotten quite busy in the arcade, so there are lines practically everyone right now. I can’t even see the other side of the arcade anymore because of the people. I might as well use the device Akari has given me to find her in this chaos.

I press the button on the right and see two colored dots appear – a yellow one in the center and a red one a bit to the northwest. I continue to walk while looking at the screen in order to find out which way gets me closer to the red dot.

Because I’m so focused on the watch, I forgot to take something important into account – checking my surroundings while walking through a room filled with people.



I land on my buttocks because the impact. At the same time, I hear the sound of coins landing on the floor. “Umu, that’s going to leave a mark…”

“Can’t you watch where you going?!”

I look up after hearing the angry voice and see two guys in front of me. One of them – a tall skinny boy with spiky blonde hair – is laughing, while the other one – a smaller but more muscular boy with neatly trimmed raven hair – is sitting on the floor with an angry expression on his face. Both of them have tattoos on their arms.

Did I bump into this guy? How stupid of me. 

“Hahaha, how could you cry out like a sissy like that?” the blonde guy exclaims, not even trying to contain his laughter. “Don’t you see how tiny the chick you bumped into is? You even dropped all of your coins!”

The raven-haired guy grunts and stands up. “Stop laughing already, fool!”

His friend pats him on the shoulder. “It’s your own fault.”

“I’m sorry…” I apologize while I stand up.

The raven-haired boy shakes his head. “Sorry won’t cut it. How about you start by picking up my coins for me.”

He sounds really scary, which causes the people near us to either look away or leave. Knowing better than to go against scary people like these, I get on my knees to pick up the scattered coins. Once I’ve picked them all up, I hand them over to the guy. “Then I’ll take my leave now.”

“Wait one second.” He places a hand on my shoulder and pulls me back. “I don’t know if that’s all of them. Let’s count them to be sure.”

What is the problem of these goons? Of course, I’m too scared to tell them off. “Umu, I’ll wait for a bit then…”

“Oh, we’re not doing it here,” says the blonde, smiling mischievously. “We have a special room in the back for matters like these. You’ll be coming with us.”

“U-Umu, I—” Before I’m able to say something in return, I’m being dragged to the back. “H-Hey, let go!”

“One more word and you’ll regret it.”

“Umu…” I quietly follow behind them after seeing their scary expressions. Looking around me with a desperate expression on my face is all I can do in order to try to make people to help me, but nobody does. “Aka-neechan…”

We enter a door with a sign that has the words ‘Staff only’ on it and walk through a long hallway, before stopping in front of a door at the end. They unlock the door and drag me inside.

The place is dark – most likely because there’s not a single window in the room – and filled with dust, cobwebs and empty cans of beer and energy drinks. It can’t be much bigger than five by five meters. Graffiti drawings are all over the walls and there are some old arcade machines against the walls. Finally, there’s a small table in the middle of the room with two chairs surrounding it. It looks like a small storage place that hasn’t been used in a long time.

The light is turned on, blinding me for a moment. “Now, start counting.”

“Umu…” As I’m counting the coins one by one, dropping some of them on the floor every now and then because my hands are shaking. In the end, I decide to play along with them for now. Hopefully, they’ll just let me walk after I finish counting. I mean, they wouldn’t try to do anything funny with so many people close by, right?

When I place the last coin in the bag, I sigh. “There’s thirty-five in total…”

“Thirty-five?” says the raven-haired guy. “Didn’t we have at least fifty?”

The other one nods. “I’m pretty sure, yeah. So, you’ll have to give us some of yours to make up for it. The fifteen we lost because of you and another fifty for the trouble you caused us.”

“Fifty?!” I cry out, slamming my hands on the table. “I know I gave back all of them. I’m leaving.” I turn around, ready to leave.

“Wait one moment.” They block my way, by standing in the door opening. “Who said anything about leaving? You’ll either pay up or stay around to play some games with us.”

I take a step back. “No!”

The muscular one chuckles. “Then pay up. How much do you have on you?”

I look away from them. “Twenty coins…”

“That’s not nearly enough. You’ll have to pay with money then.”

I move back to the wall. “U-Umu, I already used everything I have…” 

“Well, then it’s settled. You’ll have to pay us by entertaining us.” The raven-haired thug laughs and closes in on me. “Close the door, would you? We don’t want her to accidentally run away.”

“Sure th—ugh!” The tall guy falls on the floor.

“W-What happened?!” The black-haired man runs towards his friend, only to be hit in the stomach by a steel claw. “Gruah!” He falls to his knees, clutching his stomach.

I can’t believe my eyes. “W-What’s going on…?”

“So, there you are, Ryu.” Akari enters the room, holding a small controller in one of her hands. A short steel arm with a claw at the end sticks out from the controller.

“The Handy Crab…?” I quickly run over to Akari and hug her.

Akari lets go of me and sighs. “I take my eyes off of you for a few minutes and you already managed to get into trouble. Do you actually attract trouble?”

“No!” I shake my head. “Well, at least I don’t think so… I was just a bit clumsy and—”

Akari stops me. “You can tell me about it later. Let’s leave this place first.”

“Who said anything about leaving?”

“Huh?” I look over Akari’s shoulder and notice the blonde guy coming for us. When did he get up?!

Akari turns around, but she’s too slow. The controller is hit out of her hands, and it falls on the floor. She tries to pick it up, but the raven-haired boy blocks the way. “Shit! Get out of the way!”

“You most certainly surprised me with that little contraption of yours, but you can’t do anything without it, right?”

She growls. “Want to find out?”

While both me and Akari were worrying about the black-haired guy, his friend closed and locked the door, making an easy escape impossible.

“U-Umu, please let us go!” I beg, bowing my head. “It was an accident!”

“It’s a bit late for that now, don’t you think?

Akari steps in front of me. “At least we can use our brains! All you can think with are those tiny things between your legs!”

The raven-haired guy chuckles. “You want to find out just how tiny it is?”

“Sure, how about you show me now, so I can crush it and make you cry out like the little sissy you are!” Akari exclaims, her fists shaking out of anger.

Why is she making them even more angry?!

“You really have a way with words, don’t you?” the boy counters, before turning to his comrade. “Shouldn’t we work on getting these girls more comfortable? What kind of inhospitable guys are we for letting our guests stand?” He opens one of the drawers of the table and takes out items I dread more than anything – rope and adhesive tape.

“Do you even know what inhospitable means?” Akari makes sure to keep enough distance between us and them. 

“Nope, and we’ll be staying here for a while.” Using his long arms, the blonde pushes Akari away, separating us.

“Aka-neechan!” I’m about to run to my big sis, when I’m pulled back by a big hand. The tall guy holds my wrists behind my back with just one of his hands and continues to move his other one towards my skirt.

“Who gave a swine like you permission to touch my friend?” Akari stomps towards me, only to be grabbed from behind by the muscular guy. “L-Let me go!” She swings her arms around wildly, trying to free herself.

He moves his face closer to Akari’s. “Nope, we’re going to have some fun.”

“Let go already!” Akari cries out. “Do you brainless monsters really have fun feeling up girls like this?!”

The blonde guy laughs. “This chick sure knows how to burn people down. I like feisty chicks like her. I can’t wait to play with her.”

Akari grits her teeth. "If you want to play, how about you just play with yourself, like you always do behind your computer.” 

“Hahaha, another great comeback!” The blonde winks her way, before holding me much tighter than before. “But words alone won’t get you anywhere. A dog is only truly scary when it can’t only bark but bite as well.”

Akari, who seems taken back by the boy’s action, clicks her tongue. “Do you want to find out how sharp my teeth can be?”

The boy chuckles and moves his face close to mine, licking my ear. “Bite me.”

“U-Umu?!” I rock my body back and forth, hoping to escape the boy’s grip, but he’s just much too strong.

The action is enough to send Akari over the top. She does everything she can to wrestle herself out of her captor’s hold. “I’ll bite you so hard that you’ll never walk again!”

He chuckles. “You’d better listen to us or we’ll hurt your little friend here.”

“Ryu!” Akari cries out, her eyes wide with shock. 

“I love your feisty attitude, but you don’t seem to realize the position you’re in right now.”

Instead of listening, Akari kicks the shin of her captor. “Perverts! Help! We’re being assault—hmmpph?!”

Using his free hand to handgag Akari, the raven-haired boy shakes his head. “Crying for help as a last resort, huh? Although it’s a good plan, we can’t have you do that. There aren’t any camera’s in this place either, so we can have all the fun in the world over here.”

“A-Aka—mmpgh?!” I’m unable to finish my sentence, because a hand is clasped over my mouth as well. “Ahhmph!” I try to scream, but the hand muffling my voice isn’t budging, no matter how much I struggle. These guys might be dicks, but they’re really strong. 

“Let’s teach them a lesson in the closest hideout.”says the pervert holding me. 

The other guy lowers his face to come close to Akari’s ear. “Let’s play a game with the four of us. It’s called ‘How to punish girls who don’t behave’. It involves two cute girls, two dangerous guys and a lot of rope.”

“NNMMPFH!” Akari screams in the hand covering her face. Her face, with an expression that can only be explained as true anger, is as red as her jacket now.

“Let’s start with that feisty one.” The boy holding me pushes me to the corner of the room, letting me go. “You’d better stay quiet when we’re busy with your friend. For every sound you make, we’ll give your little friend over there a single spank. Sounds like a fun game, right?”

I cower in fear. “U-Umu…”

“Oh, that’s one,” he says, walking towards Akari and spanking her hard.

“MMPGH?!” Akari cries out, her entire body shaking.

I jump up. “Aka-neechan!”

“That’s two.” Another spank follows.

“NNGH!” I can see the tears form in her eyes, but she doesn’t let them fall.

This time I force my lips together. I can’t have her go through even more pain because of me.

“That’s better. Seems like you finally learned. Now, hold her still while I work on tying her up. Let’s start with shutting her up more permanently.” He holds the tape in front of her face and smirks.

As soon as the hand is removed from her mouth, Akari cries out. “You’ll definitely pay for thi---mphh….” The tape is plastered over her lips and subsequently wrapped around her face three times, making it nearly impossible for anything more than a soft grunt to leave her sealed lips.

Is there really nothing I can do but watch?

“Hold her still while I check her clothes for more weird devices.” As the bulky man holds Akari tightly, his friend pulls her jacket down slightly, revealing her bare shoulder and upper arms as well as the black shirt with white borders she wears underneath her jacket. “Ah, just like the other one, she’s pretty small in the chest area. We’ve got two flat ones here. Seems like we’re out of luck.”

Akari struggles vigorously, as his hands move all over her body and enter each and every pocket to make sure there’s nothing out of the ordinary. But even now, I don’t see a single tear rolling down her cheeks. It’s the complete opposite – she looks pissed off.

“She’s in the clear. I only found a phone and some kind of watch in her pocket, but the watch seems to be broken. The time doesn’t even show.”

“Just throw them away. I’m not planning to take any junk with me.”

The tall guy drops the phone and steps on it, destroying it, and throws away the ‘watch’, before giving his comrade in crime one of the bundles of rope. The latter starts at her crossed wrists, winding rope around them several times to bind them together tightly, before pulling the long rope between her legs and up again at the front. The same rope is then circled around her body, just below the chest area, and her arms multiple times, tying everything together. They didn’t even bother to pull up her jacket before covering her in a web of rope.

“That should be enough for the torso. Let’s work on her legs now.” As he says this, he pulls off both her of shoes and throws them on the floor. The other guy pushes Akari down to the floor, using force to keep her legs in bended positions. Another length of rope is used to tie the upper parts of Akari’s calves to the lowest parts of her thighs, making it impossible for her to stretch her legs anymore. To finish it off, they tie her ankles together with a third rope, before connecting this rope to the one around her wrists.

 I know exactly what this pose is because of a certain blue-haired girl – a hogtie. With her wrists and ankles tied together, she won’t be able to get up and with the rope that’s pulled between her legs, even struggling just a little bit will cause her intense pain. It’s the perfect way to immobilize someone.

 “Mmpgh…” Akari grunts on the floor, trying to stay as still as possible, knowing that she’s powerless to resist them. Her ice-cold glare is the only way she’s able to express her anger and displeasure now.

 The two perverts then turn my way. “Come over here, little squirt.”

 I close my eyes, hoping to wake up from my nightmare.

 My action doesn’t make me popular. “Come here now! Or do you want me to punish your friend?”

 “U-Umu!” I quickly run over to them.

 The raven-haired man grins. “Oh, that’s another spank for your friend.” As he says this, he lands another slap on Akari’s buttocks, causing a muffled cry to resound through the room. The slap caused Akari to move around and the so-called crotch rope to activate, sending even more pain through her body.

I bite my lip, feeling guilty for not being able to keep my mouth shut. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel too bad when they start by gagging me with the clear adhesive tape.

Then, after removing my shoes, destroying my phone and throwing away my ‘watch’, they tied me like they did with my friend. They way they tied us up is slightly different though – they left out the ropes used to bind together my thighs and calves and to connect my wrists to my ankles, instead choosing to tie my ankles to my thighs, and they winded more rope around my shoulders and upper chest area as well. They sadly didn’t forget about the crotch rope, so even though I’m not hogtied, I can’t move around without the risk of sending spikes of either pain or pleasure through my body either.

“Well, isn’t this a pretty sight,” says the tall blonde as he stands in the door opening, wiping some sweat off of his forehead.

Our other captor nods. “I can’t wait to take these chicks with us. We’re going to have so much fun playing with them. Let’s go to the hideout get the car ready. We can then pick them up after closing time.” He turns around and leaves the room.

The light is turned off, leaving us in an almost pitch-black room aside from the bit of light that comes in from the hallway. “I hope the two of you aren’t afraid of the dark. Be a pair of good girls and patiently wait for our return. Cheers.”

“Mmpffh!” I try to stop him, but the muffled cry does nothing to stop the door from closing, leaving us in nothing but pure darkness. I can hear the sound of the door being locked, which means that there’s nothing we can do to get out of this room, even if we were to somehow break free from our binds.

It’s even hard to see the girl who’s tied up next to me now. Not only that, but it’s stuffy and hot in the room. And when a lot of the water in my body is leaving it in the shape of tears, it won’t take much longer for me to completely dry up.

I feel so guilty for pulling Akari into this mess. Is there really nothing I can do to help her after everything she’s done for me? I guess slowly trying to untie these knots is all I can do for now, while praying for outside help to arrive.

Time seems to move forward slowly in the dark, with nothing but the sounds of us moving every now and then and an occasional grunt of Akari reaching my ears. I wonder how long we’ve been in here now? It feels like an eternity. I’ve tried loosening the ropes around my body all this time, but even after wasting most of my energy, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be untying any knots any time soon.


DgpfCziUcAA8IL1 by ShiroOuka
These were made about a year ago, for sale at a local event www

I designed these without a BG in mind, as you can see, therefore it's hard to do BG for them now, but i managed, for the better or worse, somehow-


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