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Eruka Frog Cosplay Hat Tut

Please excuse the cruddy photos. It was late. :XD: But here is a step by step on how I made my Eruka hat. If you have questions feel free to ask. Also I have the tut up with larger images here. [link]
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I wanna see this with the costume do yo have pics?
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I don't have many good pictures of it.…
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Eruka is one of my favorite soul eater characters! Now I need to make this hat and go random places wearing it!
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I wore this hat to work on Halloween and all the little kids would just sit there and smile at me. So many people got a kick out of it. ^^ So be warned, this hat may cause smiles. 
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Thank you for tut. I will be cosplaying Eruka in the futur.
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Wow, great! It looks really good once it's finished, and this is exactly what I was looking for!
I was wondering, though; in your Eruka cosplay, did you make your own dress or did you buy it?
Anyways, great job on the hat AND the thorough tutorial! <3
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I made my dress actually. XD Once the dress was done to the point of adding the zipper I spread it all out and painted all the dots on it.
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Oh, I see! Thanks! :)
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How exactly do you dye the fabric?
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This is really helpful! Thanks so much for doing this!
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Thanks this really helps! But is there anything else i can use for the eyes? thanks ;)
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Possibly Styrofoam covered in modge podge. it would be lighter, but less durable.
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:3 will be put to use in the near future
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Oh em gee! So helpful! <3 Now I might be able to cosplay her. :la:
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thank you very much :D
I hope I can get those things in Germany ;D
I'll cosplay Eruka next year :D
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I appreciate the insight. Going to making my own for AWA 2011. :)
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Oooo! Awesome! Glad I can help. Would love to see it finished.
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I like the yellow. XD At times her hat looked more yellow then orange to me.
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a very useful tut :)
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