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Hello world

First drawing of 2014! 0w0

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saw this on a video! Awesome :heart:
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Oh nice background! It's really beautiful! 
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#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
  printf("Hello World!\n");
  return 0;
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I like your drawing. it reminds me of something that I really love: the music.
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Love this! It's just simply awesome, the setting, the moment captured. Excellent!
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Beautiful art, so vibrant!
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Your Miku art is so beautiful! I really imagine all of them as Youtube Vocaloid video picture backgrounds! 

What would that white grass-like bottom be?
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Probably because some of them have been used for just that. With her permission of course. Check out the songs "Sagittarius" and "Straggling" on YouTube (make sure to add the word "Miku" to those searches as well).
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fricking amazeing!!!!!!!!!!1 WHy do you have so little comments on this pic whe it is bloody BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up the work!!!!!!!!!
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looks lovely ^^
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Absolutely amazing but why so small? FullHD version would be EPIC!
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New desktop background.
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Miku is best  vocaloid.
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H-hello! *O* such a beautiful picture!
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The background is beautiful! I love how her hair is spread apart! Clap 
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