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The moon is just the moon.
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summer stargazing


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summer stargazing


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Suddenly Appeared Out of Nowhere

Monthly Glory

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Fried Noodles


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r e m i n i s c e n c e


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See ya

Drawings and Paintings

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AMAZON RAINFOREST - Paper cut bird


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Soul of Gold

3D Art

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[TWWM] Environmental Changes

Tucked away from the bustle of highways and glare of city lights that polluted the view on even the darkest, clearest of nights, the cool breeze tore a bronze leaf from it’s hold. It twirled and danced as it fell, carried far from its branch. Eventually gravity won and as it landed in a shallow stream, its journey continued, swept along in the flow. It slipped through a crack in a decrepit log that stretched the length of the shallow river. Wedged between the rocks, the annual rise and fall of the water level did the log no favours. It’s waterlogged bark flaked off in chunks, moss carpeting its surface with a colony of emerald beetles calling it home. In stark contrast, its hollow was amazingly neat. Or, it was until the leaf caught on the wood with a faint, wet slap. At the far end of the hollow, nestled in a bed of feathers, dried bryophytes, and fabric scraps a dark ball of velvety fur uncurled. It’s nictitating membrane withdrew, revealing deep ruby eyes that look around blearily


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Exclusive-Bust Statue

Wonder Stocks

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clovers pixel


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light and color stuff

hi i just wanted to quickly put together some basic things about how i think of light and color that i think are important to be mindful of in order to make meaningful decisions about these things in your pictures. it's not going to be very fancy, but i hope its useful to somebody. im not good at writing stuff so please bear with me. to see anything we need light. light is emitted from a emission source. after that, as i see it there are basically 3 ways light reaches your eyes 1. it is reflected off of things (such as objects) 2. it is transmitted through things (such as air) 3. it is scattered by things (such as air) reflection. let


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Out of Darkness into the Light CONTEST - CLOSED

As the days are getting shorter we do our best to lighten our mood with lamps and candles, trying to keep the darkness at bay. This darkness can be literal or more of a metaphor (for anxiety and depression), same with the light. For this contest, I want you to choose at least one of my stock images and create a photomanipulation with darkness and light. You do not have to limit yourself to images depicting night scenes with candles or lamps (though those will surely give you a great opportunity for high contrast images), you can also think about other light sources in other (dark) settings. For example moonlight, magic / fairy light, an eclipse, a dark cave, sunlight shining through trees, a sunset,... The only thing I would not recommend is a full on daylight scene since there are less opportunities for showing darkness when the whole setting already is so bright. Also do not limit yourself to just actual light and dark - you can also use the concept to convey a mood, an idea or a


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Halloween Hunt: Clown Conversion Attack...WINNERS

UPDATE WITH WINNERS: The clowns have been defeated thanks to your valiant efforts! However, something fishy is going on over here, so be sure to check that out: Welcome to the Freakshow! SlytherclawPadawan ( has impressed us once again and is the grand winner of the game! They therefore win 2,000 :points: ! Azurelly ( wins the team-player prize, for their well crafted poem to the clowns and the 6 puzzle pieces they managed to find. 1,000 :points: for them! I randomly drew the name of another who was able to complete the puzzle, though they were not the first. The lucky drawn winner is Flammenfeder ( who now wins 500 :points: for their effort!


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Commission Info [CLOSED]

Okay commissions are closed as of 1st April 21, and will open again when I clear my queue. In the meantime, feel free to ask to be added to the ping list! PLEASE READ MY TOS BEFORE COMMISSIONING ME My prices have changed a bit, but I've been juggling the time and effort and also just paying bills. They may change in the future too (not retroactive obviously). Feel free to ask for a quote any time, or just be added to the ping list. No set number of slots, I will update this journal when I'm closed. TERMS OF SERVICE (TOS) By commissioning me, you are agreeing to abide by these terms of service All prices are final upon invoice. I will quote you a full price before invoice is sent. Completed work will not be delivered until full invoice is paid. I use paypal invoices - you will need to provide a paypal email that I can send it to. Commissioned work is for the personal use of the commissioner ONLY I reserve the right to used commissioned work for personal advertising and portfolio


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DDs I Suggested

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[TWWM] Esktober 10. Obligation

Dedications and Gifts

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A REALLY Tall Contest entries

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[Closed] Art Trades

TWWM/Esk Only!! Hello! I'm planning on some transformations but my esk are short in GP. ;w; So I'm looking for art trades to get there. All trades offered to me are automatically accepted, and I'm very likely do them in chronological order upon receival of the arts. :'D see below for the to-do-list. looking for arts for this lady, as she still needs tons of GP. I don't necessarily stick with any style, but here's some examples: more art examples in gallery. If you're interested please comment below, or dm shelybear#3164. Please also state which esk you'll draw and up to which level (shaded, with bg

Art Trade

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Stock Use Feature - 2020

Here's a small selection of the beautiful works created with my stock in the past year :heart:


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The last breath of this world leaves my lungs, The life leaches from my limbs. Making way for darkness- In my empty body… But my soul is still bright. I am still here, Though not. The shell I once inhabited, Has been left behind. Abandoned in the world I knew, I now move forward. I do not know this place… It is dark. Though it welcomes me with open arms, Embracing my fragile existence. Where I am now… It is dark, But warm. I am cloaked, safe, Hiding in space, Where there is no more danger, No hurt, No pain. I feel it as it begins: New flesh, Forming over me. I can feel every cell, Every part of me


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