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A Christmas Dream


Made using Photoshop CC.

Thank you in advance to those who favourited!
Critiques are welcomed.

Happy holidays, everyone! :D

Model: Anastasiya by anastasiya-landa
Wall: Old wallpaper texture pattern by Enchantedgal-Stock
Floor: Bamboo Texture pattern wooden plank floor wood by TextureX-com
Dangling Glows: Dangling Glows Brushes by redheadstock
Stars: Stars Photoshop Brushes by redheadstock
Star Texture: grainy texture by dyrk-wyst
Rays: redheadstock
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Special feature for you :love: 
On our group: aRt's Creation Magazine n6 - Special Feature and on our magazine:…

Happy Holidays! Heart
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Thank you so much! Happy holidays to you too! Love 
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awesome <3 such heart-warming piece ^^
*the lighting on the girl's dress doesn't need to be so bright, cos the star's relatively further to the dress, so the light should be dimmer?
**i feel that the glow for the stars are too absolute and shouldn't be having this angle cos they're stationary...
Huggle! Heart Heart Heart 
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Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, and also for taking time to tell me what's wrong with this piece. :D I'll try to edit it tomorrow! About your second critique though, hmm... what do you mean by the glow is too absolute, and what angle do you mean? 

Thank you again! Merry Christmas! :D 
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no problem at all :huggle:
oh erm something like I can see the edges of the glow pretty clearly? and all of the glows seem to slant from top right to bottom left diagonally. which seems a little strange to me since your stars are relatively stationary and not like shooting stars (travelling at a high speed)
is that clearer hehe :P
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Ah, the edges. I don't really have any idea how to soften it, but okay, I'll try. (: oh, as for the angles... I guess I didn't do that well either. I wanted to make it like those kind of lights where the surface of it causes the light to diverge in that way and reflect on the wall. I'll see what I can do about that too.

Thank you so much!! :D 
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about softening the edges, maybe you could use gaussian blur, that's what I usually do hehe (:
hmm I don't really understand the reflecting part, not imagining it right now >//< 
if you have a reference for that, probably I can see what can be done? 

always welcome my friend <3
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Oh, yes. That completely slipped my mind. Okay. I'll try that out too. As for the reflecting part... I think I'll just let that slip. Before I finalised it, I alr tried many blending modes and still couldn't get what I want, so... argh. It's okay. I'll let it slide. :D 

Thank you so much for all your help! You're awesome. Hug 
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hehe no problem at all my friend, glad to be of some help <3
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Aw, Gorgeous artwork, well done ! :clap:
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Thank you so much! :D 
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This is gorgeous Heart
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Thank you so much! :D 
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Very sweet!
:merry christmas: Merry Christmas Sign snowmote 
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Thank you so much! :D Merry Christmas to you too! 
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very sweet
the stars are a little bit too bright and her shadows a bit off just a suggestion Hug 
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Thank you so much! I'll try editing it again. :D
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u are very welcome my friend Hug 
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