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Bleach Gashapon Series 1: Renji Abarai

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Renji Abarai from the Bleach Series 1 Trading Figures 24 Gashapon set from Bandai.

Renji Abarai and Bleach are copyrighted by Tite Kubo and Shueisha Inc. I claim no ownership to the character or to the franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

The trading figure depicted here is my personal property. I used no other image in this deviation.

Renji Abarai was created by Tite Kubo and first appeared in Chapter 51: DEATH 3, of the manga, Bleach which was published in Weekly Shonen Jump*. Renji is the brash and cocky assistant captain of Sixth Company, serving under Captain Byakuya Kuchiki (Rukia's brother-in-law). They are sent to retrieve Rukia and bring her back to the Soul Society so she might face justice for losing her Soul Reaper powers. Of course, Rukia's friends will not let that happen and they set out to rescue her, no matter the consequences!

* The appearance of Renji Abarai and Byakuya Kuchiki happens in Chapter 51 but they are not identified until the following chapter, Needless Emotions. Also, I don't know the release date for this chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan but I guess it would have been a late summer 2002 issue.

Renji is depicted wearing his shihakusho and with his zanpakuto, Zabimaru.

Bleach Series 1 Trading Figures 24 Gashapon Lot by Bandai
Design: Based on the art of Tite Kubo
Sculpt: I don't have that information, sorry.
Approximately 2.5" H
Minor assembly required
Release Date: November 2007
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