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2500 Hits - Tutorial Intro



Thanks everyone who has visited my page for 2500 hits! To celebrate, I'm writing this tutorial for everyone out there who enjoys bondage with their loving partners in real life. The only thing you need for this tutorial is a lengthy rope, and a sub willing to be tied up. Only use this on subs who consent to letting you tie them up, be safe, and have fun.
Now, I'll turn it over to Christine and Kate, who are eager to begin.

Christine: Hello! My name is Christine, and I'm here to explain this tutorial, and standing next to me is Kate, who some of you are already familiar with.

Kate: Hello everybody!

Christine: We will be demonstrating how to tie a "Bikini Harness" to your sub. This harness is both restricting on the sub, and visually pleasing. I understand that it's ShiroIshigaki's favorite too!

Kate: Sounds fun!

Christine: Are you ready to get started, Kate?

Kate: Yeah! Let's show 'em how it's done!

Christine: First, let's take our rope, and put the ends together. Then we will run our finger between the two ends, pulling the ends through until we find the middle of the rope. Once we have the middle, we can begin!

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